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  1. Killucan2


  2. If it the same person im think about he never joined irm ,(David) connaught ranger sometimes post on f/book.
  3. As Dave said not railway related,put might have a pint on it!
  4. Not been smart but i think your wasting your time,Connolly water tank? How many orders would you get. One thing about IRM its all talk. Best of luck anyway.
  5. Sure this is old news,heljan anounance these back in November 15.
  6. Between the ballast and bubble there has to be difference cost wise,how long before we see a prototype??
  7. Well you did buy D&M curtin side wagons off us ??,and you say you can't find my work input ,just scrol down to manufacture's look under D&M models and you will see my work there along with David,plenty of people have seen my work on there layouts.
  8. Well you quite good at finding A film I have on other site's!!
  9. The big question is were is irishrailway modelling web site going to,all the real modellers ???
  10. Well they won't be getting it or the rest Mr Burke !!
  11. There's nothing definite on future release's,and that includes the 121.
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