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  1. Wow, had to look twice at these photos. They look so real to life .Well done
  2. Brilliant project and look fabulous to boot. well done
  3. Noel, Very interesting video. Just wondering how you got the magnet to uncouple the kandee . I'm confused as it looks to me that the magnet would pull down instead of sideways. Maybe you could post how you did it. Paddy
  4. Congratulations lads, a great achievement with brilliant models to the market both in Ireland and Uk. Well done to all.
  5. Many thanks Noel and Dart 8118 It worked a dream and did it on the programming track, again many thanks
  6. What should the setting on cv29 be to reverse direction as when I went to change mine it was saying cv29=062
  7. I was wondering about that myself. Although the McGowans had a bar in Stoneybatter before they came to Phibsboro.
  8. Dapol KTA / Intermodal Container Pocket Wagon + container c/w lock handle detail pack. I am looking for a lock handle detail pack for the container, anyone with ideas has to where I could find one. The container is bigger in height to the normal 00 gauge containers.
  9. Brilliant workmanship
  10. Many Thanks to Paddy Murphy for all he has done for Irish model trains in Ireland and abroad
  11. PJR

    SSm website

    Tried myself today and can't the site
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