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  1. Do the Baby GMs have speaker built in
  2. Looks good Noel keep it coming
  3. Yes must agree NIR, it was a very entertaining show with some fantastic photos . Well done to Jim.
  4. That weathering looks superb. well done
  5. I also would love to see more photos please
  6. PJR

    Gort workbench

    Great stuff, really taking shape and looking forward to seeing this layout develop.
  7. Return to sender, as the song goes.
  8. Thanks guys, I have ordered Tamiya X-8 so Ill see how that goes
  9. Hi Lads I'm currently in the process of converting 2 autoballasters to IE type . Can anyone tell me the colour that I would need to spray them please as I have tried to see if it was somewhere on this site but cant find any reference to it. Either a RAL number or name, Thanks in advance. Paddy
  10. That's great news so hope the work out . Everything on hold with the Kadee conversions for the time being so
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