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  1. Good luck with the launch on Saturday, hope all goes well and you all enjoy the day.
  2. No Video David, saying its private
  3. That's a brilliant resource. Well done
  4. Goods arrived today , top class service and no extra charges. Thank lads .
  5. I for one would be really interested in buying some models provided that could be bought on an Irish site and avoiding all that customs stuff. Any chance of that ever happening?
  6. PJR


  7. Hi Lads Are IRM selling the little yellow lugs from the container liners. I'm cant keep up with my lost rate . Badly needed as spares
  8. Must be a thing with us train fellows and retirement at 55. I also retired at that age and was involved in Irish skills team some 45 years ago
  9. Do the Baby GMs have speaker built in
  10. Looks good Noel keep it coming
  11. Yes must agree NIR, it was a very entertaining show with some fantastic photos . Well done to Jim.
  12. That weathering looks superb. well done
  13. I also would love to see more photos please
  14. PJR

    Gort workbench

    Great stuff, really taking shape and looking forward to seeing this layout develop.
  15. Return to sender, as the song goes.
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