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  1. We had one where I worked, it was yellow, but not quite as bright as the picture above implies. There was a generally accepted "crane yellow" that was applied to lifting machines of all types. The driver, Tommy Long, had a real 'feel' for his various machines and could move items that were way over the officially allowable weight. He would often move things by quickly raising them a foot or so, turning and putting them down quickly, a yard or two away, and repeating - with the overload bell clattering and the rear wheels just lifting. I often saw daylight under the wheels, but he never had an incident of over-ambition...
  2. Of course, humans are apes. The internet has failed to throw up a case of non-human apes vandalising a railway exhibition. In general, non-human apes are fairly innocuous chaps - monkeys are much more easily led astray.
  3. Sadly, Cyril Knowles has not been available for long time, he would have been a nice one to tighten up the defence.
  4. Jimmy Greaves may not be currently available for selection, but Martin Chivers could probably find the time to fill any gaps up front.
  5. Really? I'm sure I saw one next to a signal box once.
  6. Stafford, on the WCML, has five platforms -1, 3, 4, 5 & 6. Originally, 1 was a bay platform, now disused for passenger trains, and they just renumbered the through Platform 2 as Platform 1, leaving all the others the same as before. As often as the opportunity presents itself, I tell people that I will meet them on Platform 2...
  7. I understand that there might be some other match coming up at some point, where they might still win something or other?
  8. Broithe


    The only major recent development is the unauthorised installation of a beehive in the roof space. The Hanging Gardens are starting to emerge again for this season. There was some activity whilst I was there.
  9. What - one for everybody in the audience..?
  10. Looks like it - you'll get them for a bit less than that. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dremel-accessories-Multi-Chuck-Keyless-Drill-Bit/263449229438?hash=item3d56cc387e&enc=AQADAAAC4FjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduVC96IKUZ6xIrjNpblUnuM7oSf3OZp1XFlTSjljtS2OYIvHEWoDs2a4lig%2Bo1p8Z%2B2lT6BqTKw84U5dhYQl0F4cC6w9LIDotNKXG%2BG%2FIZ7y2wELWdjircYdbrO2t6WTbTtQHz64VyFFp9TTb6seLj0n6eEHAhYBPvzo2SXS2fGwcIjwWm77BO7inhYKIPMdFyHr3BbyaCx1bg1BO1d4hbRfE5qlfeKOPmrZ5fUYtdM7JUWwCQDw8yubIGy1R62%2F%2FAuqmZYzA2pwczOPYWrmdPN3m%2F2UmBKYbooWwHUja3QFBHBsWIdBgwejrmpkVbYJI86dO2XnUZy5wL64ziSXl3zJMaq5qZ31lxQrA81lvVa8VDf719MOFDqo481GBErX42kbRT%2B3CEb1O7T%2BMKoX8KKXA1F6l4Dd9xuH7XpOjwyFShA9zC09TfXGez20TJHHJ%2BwJf%2FS29nuyQJPvSs35O5nbo6QFr2SBvXfAqgzRyByAiV5g7Sk%2FAFg7G6z1nfTPQj5PaTYAvwbTDPylgX4ErGTIOcKX4hjNKSKShMAvSM94xSSjb6VjISHEEKE3oSaCqp8y8D7M5plmWpIkYMCjn%2FFit0uWJxL4jv7ndsF%2BGw6MfLHozTtZ6UntbAY3k27sa46Yi7yLYjm3KXc6Al30oG6ryIOz2U1G448Hu7rZhnrwzunkALOmLv9NBv6KUX8IAm3WJeh18aUaA7XL1c3uX0TTdA%2BeqLGrvjnHpvg%2BOqIZzPrehiMUQDcu7ByYZ2%2BinuuYDINiFNqaeXRuGdxGjO10X3Z8rHayoGjgIPinQph9tmPHyqE4POFL356Zq06DagCdY1mNaluApeQ6jSj1abhdEbVGiNOfGXFyNLv2yEuLQfSyqvAOOQK2khuIauPmoxLfNl2JzRcSSGhccfLv3x9PX132AgJdi7X56C9ldcC34c%3D&checksum=263449229438cb2c20b81cc54a1ea611e110ab946df2
  11. If, as it probably does, it has the same spindle as their cordless ones, then the Dremel chuck will fit it - handy to avoid collet-changing when using stuff that's not on the 'standard' spindle size. Obtainable for a few quid via eBay.
  12. And individual slates give you just that little bit of realistic unevenness. Of all the stuff that Slaters produce, you might have thought that their slates would be better....
  13. It's a slippery slope...
  14. In the days of the Mk3s, it was my general habit to be in the furthest standard coach when boarding at Heuston. That put you next to the steps up to the bridge when getting off at Ballybrophy - a useful tactic, if it was raining on arrival. Also, any larger items that I had stowed in the EGV would not be too far away upon alighting.
  15. Noted! Put the cone in my parking space tonight - I should be here...
  16. https://www.facebook.com/job_opening/801231266911914/?source=post_newsstand&__xts__[0]=68.ARBLkwE41zHFSqpvwOmE00kaOIfUp0a3vaQM39pumz6qzCBGfjK26eLNPL6YYjq1svvaLPDeAYWQphjVOh4pvGZ4zsp0dvONiU6iYo4sWYCDuzYDse49hCEofHPJHGvFUvZ8_Hd7-KbvOBdZVHxWtf8H_Jd_TrbojsFHVRQ9Xe0bVyzw7TP_8qyMVolPOdogECJb6gsVKKXp5GqdiKBzA4ym-08d4GIBqSj7a09ucNOm-5h01751WmVE-FkGJ93x89sTf54eo71VGxHVwzr1gSQOENcZEU5Latx9E_m17pOWQPn3vAeL8OxoM0O31mcwkJ_-oC7ncw8GEtGuSHtC9E__byU-hSfFY-j-OjnarKcCX4QRZzrlC5xYPcajFaSKvUoYAsY&__tn__=HH-R It's for the 'Railway Kingdom' in Prague - a similar operation to Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg - basically you build kits for them, to an acceptable standard, and they settle up with you once a month. Ability to get by in Czech might be useful, but probably not absolutely necessary. Well worth visiting anyway, if you're in the vicinity and can find the way in.
  17. Possibly a business opportunity....
  18. Nice! The lichen does often seems to favour particular stones over the others.
  19. Sounds like a thriller about a hitman who specialises in removing one of a pair of identical twins in return for 50% of the extra inheritance from the survivor. I look forward to the movie.
  20. The way this is heading, you have to wonder how long it will be before the carriages will have seat reservation displays...
  21. Lovely stuff! I wonder if there should be a little Italian bistro somewhere? I always read your name on here (without the space) as pasta venue....
  22. A man of your capacity should be able to construct a larger letter box.
  23. My automated search for "Murphy Models" often brings up pictures of young ladies of Irish heritage.
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