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  1. A potential 'problem' with that might be the portrayal of the swastika on the smoke deflector. There might be some ways round the restrictions in Germany, but it might just be felt easier to not do it there? It might also be felt that, for international audiences, the use of the symbol may be more important to the narrative than the use of the right locomotive?
  2. This reminded me of an event that happened in the filming of the excellent Private Schulz. Michael Elphick, as Schulz, and Ian Richardson, as Major Neuheim, were required to be filmed, from a distance, appearing to be on foot in the foothills of the Alps, somewhere in Austria. It was felt that could be be done adequately in a Scottish glen, so they set off up there. Schulz and Neuheim were in full uniform and walking along one side of the valley, with the rest of the crew on the other side - by means of signals, they managed to take a few shots before a drizzly shower closed in the visibility for a while. As they waited for it to clear, sheltering under a child's pink umbrella, two hikers appeared in the distance, unable to see the film crew, because of the rain. As the hikers approached them, they felt it necessary to speak, and possibly to offer some sort of explanation. Then, they discovered that the hikers were actually German and seemed content to carry on as though it was a completely normal thing. Pleasantries were exchanged and the hikers went on their way. It's a great shame that the encounter wasn't recorded on film.
  3. This bridge, close to Junction 3 on the M8, is known as The Woodenbridge - the decking being made from old sleepers. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Rathdowney,+Co.+Laois/@52.8534538,-7.4618162,197m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x485d1e368d613f97:0xa00c7a997318630!8m2!3d52.8557157!4d-7.5867228 There are three steel beams, one at each side and one central - with a steel chequer plate on the road bed, to reduce abrasion of the wood and provide a bit of grip in wet weather. The road across the bridge has a 3 tonne weight limit indicated at each end,
  4. Rumour has it that it may have something to do with a Disney film..?
  5. For those who like to record livery variations.
  6. If you stand at the end of the runway, you can sometimes get quite a close look at them...
  7. There's a good bit of interesting footage in this - it passed me by at the time.
  8. @jhb171achillis actually quite well known in some rather niche sporting circles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kudu_dung-spitting
  9. Not just East European staff on the Cork run... Don't sit in his seat...
  10. It is often a bad idea to watch a 'factual TV programme' about anything that you have more than a passing knowledge of. In terms of enthusiasts parting with money, there can be a general tendency to make the "Will I? Won't I?" decision easier to take as the distance from home goes up. It can become an "It's now or never" choice. On the Big Island, I live about thirty miles from the Severn Valley Railway, but I've never been there - because I can always go next week.... (Well, in 'normal' times I can)
  11. His own channel has a good bit of railway stuff on - mostly UK, but some continental places from various tours.
  12. There are a few well-known ones - Pete Waterman, Rod Stewart, Nail Young, etc., but there are others. Here's two, from the opposite ends of the musical spectrum. Antonin Dvorak - http://music-toronto.com/train-spotting-with-a-famous-composer/ Captain Sensible.
  13. Further events as part of the weekend of yellow festivities are occurring.
  14. Shortcuts westwards over Donegal were not actively discouraged. There were many of the coastal signs, some are being re-established. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Mayo,+Co.+Mayo/@54.3267829,-9.3462255,138m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x48595d749ddbec0d:0x91b3fcc43f2cb67c!8m2!3d54.0152604!4d-9.4289369
  15. An ambitious bike ride today had a zigzag return path over the bridges to the northeast of the station. This first one is 173, on the R434 Durrow to Borris in Ossory road. From here, you can see 174, barely a hundred yards away. It seems odd to have built two bridges so close together, when a small road realignment would have meant you could get away with one - maybe there were "important land owners" in the area at the time? This is 173, seen from 174 - it's a 'standard' stone arch structure. This is 174's rivetted girder structure, with 173 visible in the distance. The bridge crosses the track at quite a shallow angle, perhaps felt to be too much for an arched structure. The end piers are in the same style, though. The southwestern side has a parallel farm-access 'footbridge'. The northeastern side is more open. This bridge would be known locally as The Skew Bridge at one time. It can also be seen from Bridge 176, to the southeast. Bridge 176 seems to have had a 'new' parapet some time in the past, the remains of an original one can be seen at the ends. Two bridges can be seen to the southwest - the nearer one is a farm access and the further one is the M7 - surveying that one on a bike might attract unwanted attention. There are track access gates here, both pedestrian and vehicular. The next available road bridge is 179, just to the northeast of the station, a 'skew' bridge, but not as shallow as 174, so it is an arched structure. Again, a 'new' parapet is apparent. And, lastly, a reasonable view of Bridge 182, at the station itself, that I may not have included before. And, I was warned by the sound of an approaching train, so managed to capture it. I had been surprised by the silent approach of a grey 071 and an empty flat train at Bridge 176 - it approached with remarkably little sound and I had no time to get the camera back out of my pocket...
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