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  1. only copped this part in the article so even more value for us Each triple pack is priced at €199.99 and there is a 10% discount when you order three or more packs.
  2. yes surprised the maroon livery was forgotten as well as rpsi livery
  3. wow great announcement finally will get the Whitehead rpsi mk2 set finished with the generator 8911 and dining car 547 pity they were not announced in the liveries unless its in the future as well as open coaches 300 and 302. It is nice to see NIR stock been done so if these sell well maybe an 80 class is not too far away
  4. online was mainly through facebook and i think he had his email available for orders at the time
  5. wow i would buy it but dont have 200 at the moment could trade you irish rolling stock if you wanted instead
  6. they were launched at the blackrock show and preorders were taken there as well as online at the time
  7. ah now they would never keep up stock levels if they gave us them wonder will irm do a spare parts pack for these with tablet catchers horns and railings in it
  8. great to see the blues finally and it will be great for those that never got taras originally
  9. rip to a fellow modeller hopefully his layout and stock gets enjoyed by someone in time
  10. well suppose that rules out what irm will be doing now and great to see the first rtr mk3 dvt been done at last these should be good sellers for paddy
  11. i wonder could we not claim the slides negs were produced in ireland as they are usually of irish items
  12. just got this from facebook if its genuine which i believe its going to be great for us Great news from Paddy Murphy !! 201 Class locomotives There will be short production runs of the 201 Class locomotive in three different liveries. These will be the most recent Enterprise livery, the interim Black & Silver 'Raccoon' livery and the Intercity green/silver livery with the current IE logo. Exact schedule is not available at present but it is hoped late 2021/first half 2022. Because of the small quantities involved, these will be allocated to model shops on a fair Pro-rata basis. Mk2d Air-conditioned stock The next release of these coaches will be produced in IR livery. Versions will be Full First, Composite, Standard, Restaurant and EGV. In addition, to complement the existing EGV and Restaurant stock, Standard class coaches in the 'Galway' livery will also be produced. Minor adjustments will be made to existing tooling where necessary. Similar schedule to Class 201. Mk3 stock It is over 20 years ago since Murphy Models last produced ready to run Irish Mk3 stock. It is planned to release a brand-new range of CIE, IR and IE Mk3 coaches featuring all new tooling incorporating all the unique features of the Irish Mk3. This will include items such as plug doors. Proposed versions across the liveries will be- EGV, First, Composite, City-Gold, Restaurant, Standard and Executive. It is also planned to produce the suburban version of the Mk3 with the hopper windows as well as the push-pull driving trailer. Craven I am also considering a new production of Craven coaches. This is subject to there being enough interest to make such a project economically viable.
  13. there goes the bank balance
  14. id also be looking at types that may be sold through accruscale the olympian from irbus has done very well with various variants even though id love to see a readily built average price d or kc i think a good option is the av as its got lots of livery choices and a lot went to the uk for operators
  15. i actually bought 2 of those sets in from the us may not be perfect but at least is was more realistic than the hornby steam sets we had before and it could be the way to get the kids into modelling think of the rpsi main market children who will grow up loving steam trains and some might even want one to run on a layout
  16. i assume now that production has started that you have final numbers of each loco and you could technically put up the remaining numbers available after preorders on each loco on the site which may help for people to know which locos to buy before they are gone
  17. all of them I presume now that production has started we might see some really interesting in build pictures to wet our appetites for them
  18. Just thinking Seen as IRM have proved and excelled themselves in the hobby so far with their range of Irish Railways would they do the same for road based vehicles. Rapido trains have proved how they can create a plastic bus similar to Herpa , Wiking and Busch but far better and allowing multiple liveries and registration route choices. Do we think that IRM could do something similar and do an iconic Irish bus in this way or even other vehicles like trucks vans or cars that only operated here. on the other hand would love a LUAS tram
  19. Looking at what IRM has said and others have said steam may be a difficult one for sales . However if a steam loco was done it needs to be a well known seen one as said before no 4 gives options for the UK version so may help that one push ahead. Personally i would love to see 461 or 85 . In relation to numbers I am not sure how it works out with economics for irm but im certain people would pay extra for a proper built Irish loco the OO works U classes and J15 classes showed that . I purchased 2 J15 locos at 295 pounds sterling each so would not have a qualm about paying the same for a proper rtr IRM loco and I am certain theres others would do similar . can a more limited run be done for a slightly higher price than current diesel locos
  20. mphoey


    yes seen it fairly pricey for one
  21. wow with accruscale announcing a steam engine today dont think anyone seen it coming i wonder will we see a similar announcement here later this year. Could you imagine an irish steam loco done by IRM and the good thing is there are a few in preservation that can be scanned easily
  22. mphoey

    80 class

    no this lad didnt use mir as far as i know but sold ready built units
  23. thanks fran i have a lot of oxford stuff already here but its great to have an additonal dealer
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