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  1. I'm looking at 2022/2023 before everyone - especially those supposedly governing us - calms down
  2. After the divided Germany gradually rebuilt post-war, there was a decreasing need for the condensing 52s. Their great length also counted against them. As for the engines taken to America, it looks like they were primarily war trophies, and thus wasted on the Yanks as very little of the technology was used by American railroads. As far as I understand it, they had all been scrapped by about 1952.
  3. I'm looking forward to Level 5 myself.
  4. Yes, these were the German Br.52 Kriegsloks equipped with condensing tenders and equipment for service on the Eastern Front, as Hitler invaded the Soviet Union. Some survived after the war, being used as stationary steam engines, especially in the now former East Germany. One 52.Kon was taken by the US Army back to the US with a few other Reichsbahn engines (including the unique streamliner 19.1001) for further study and display, before being cut up for scrap when there was no further use for them.
  5. It is what it is. .....although I wonder if Paddy Power might open a book on us living long enough to take delivery? Loads of bad things can happen to us all in the next 8 months....
  6. Ultrascale can supply Irish standard axles on a quicker turnaround time than 9 months, BTW.
  7. Looks like I was right when I thought delivery might be in 2021 rather than 2020.....
  8. At least there'd be less of an argument about the correct gauge....
  9. When the site was redesigned, it became almost impossible to search. There's a GA for the Great Central 9P which I know they have, but MMSI seems unable to find it.
  10. God Almighty, is 279 out already?
  11. Horsetan

    Greenway mania!

    Should that not be "peddling" rather than "pedalling "?
  12. As I understand it, Drumboe's boiler barrel is fine, but smokebox, tubes, tubeplate, inner firebox, stays, foundation ring, etc. will all be wanting replacement. That's after you deal with the bottom half. I reckon it'll be about three million Euro to get it going, allowing for inflation. DRC has always been hampered by not having the land to relay a section of the original line, something they say they will now attempt to address. That will consume many more Euro.
  13. Meanwhile, over here, it looks like even the 2021 shows are starting to be cancelled.
  14. I had understood the "WT" frames to be the Midland standard 8' x 8'6". Do you have something different? Also, the "WT" driving wheels are exactly the same as the LMS "Black Five" in diameter, number of spokes, bevelled rims, etc.
  15. Difficult cars to clamp. Or lift. Which is partly why I have one. But like all Mistresses, she's cost me a fortune, but. Rebuilt auto gearbox One radiator Three alternators (so far) Three batteries (so far) One head gasket and cooling system Can't wait to see what happens next.
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