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  1. GMK005 has J15 no.108 at the head of the train GMK003 looks like 558 from this angle, due to the shape of the last numeral on the plate.
  2. Here's a GSWR 4-bolt chair. Original photo on Brian Solomon's website
  3. I'd suggest that New Zealand doesn't yet have the feral culture that has spread itself over Britain and Ireland during the last few decades.
  4. Managed to acquire a set of the correct P4 profile wheels. The axles are to be replaced with longer ones appropriate for 21mm gauge.
  5. The 'RA boys were always good at hiding bodies.
  6. I've long been an advocate of punishment that fits the crime. Arsonists should therefore be burned at the stake.
  7. Horsetan

    Ken McElhinney RIP

    Sorry for your trouble. To most of us who never met him, news like this is always a shock. Ken provided a number of very helpful drawings and measurements to help the construction of my SSM kit for the 800 Class 4-6-0, making the engineering puzzle that bit easier to understand. I'll always be grateful for his knowledge.
  8. Were they really black? Or were they actually a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very *very* dark blue?
  9. If you're building it for 21mm gauge, P4 profile tyres will reduce the touching flanges problem somewhat.
  10. Will it come with a 3D-printed figure of Daniel Craig, given that he starred in the film of the same name?
  11. The light makes it look nickel-silver, and the instructions look like the later ones. SSM rather than TMD?
  12. Quite funny how there's two generations of the same kit. Same thing with the J26 / E tank. There are two versions of the chassis - original brass, and later n/s - and some chassis parts from one cannot fit the other, due to the wheelbases coming out slightly different.
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