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  1. Thanks. It is probably a bit late now, as all the coach packs are sold out.
  2. Horsetan

    Project 42 Update

    I'll send you a PM, though I assume that if the liners were sent before Christmas, they're probably just resting in the British postal system somewhere.
  3. I actually sent an order for the RPSI Cravens a year ago, with a cheque, by registered post. The RPSI denied receiving the order. Cheque was cashed, though. I gave up.
  4. Horsetan

    Project 42 Update

    I haven't seen hide nor hair of my B&I liners yet, so they probably won't arrive over here until well into the New Year. Presumably all these snags come as standard. I did receive an IRM Christmas card, though.......
  5. Not a modelling photo, but....
  6. So far, mostly working alright. It went to the recent Coventry Citroën event. Never mind a children's hospital - Crossrail or HS2 would do, or that nuclear plant that the French and Chinese are supposed to be building....
  7. I'm after spending that on my 31-yr-old Citroën CX over the last two years, partly due to gearbox failure. 'tis all relative.
  8. The Class 400 tenders appear in photos to be longer than those attached to the 500s. OT but pity no 400/500s survived; they seemed to have been long-lived engines and quite handy.
  9. Having also been interested in 186's large tender, there are some photos of the same general type attached to "500" class 4-6-0s.
  10. That's an example of an underslung post. More often seen on the other side of the Irish Sea. In model form, SSM produce suitable posts and arms for GSWR/CIE pattern. Failing that, you could also use the Stevens & Co., or Saxby & Farmer spectacle plates produced by Model Signal Engineering
  11. The mental jump to a £600 level for a British/Irish outline engine is quite a considerable one but, if it had been a continental HO model, that price level would be seen as reasonable! I suppose it's all about what you're conditioned to accept.
  12. Very tall driving wheels (5'8"?) for an 0-6-0. Reminds me of MR/LMS "4F", but on steroids.
  13. Small manufacturer bites the dust Presumably IRM / Accurascale are on rather stronger financial footings....
  14. Put me down for a couple of sets of Commonwealth bogies, please.
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