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  1. Small manufacturer bites the dust Presumably IRM / Accurascale are on rather stronger financial footings....
  2. Put me down for a couple of sets of Commonwealth bogies, please.
  3. .... plus some Bell / B+I liners.
  4. Hopefully it won't come to that. I did send my order and cheque in by International Signed & Tracked Post, so hopefully it'll reach Dublin by Christmas Eve.
  5. Hopefully they still have a few sets of the original run left; I'm just after sending in an order......! 🙏
  6. Was there a demand for the Irish Commonwealths in the end?
  7. Presumably the rest will be deemed surplus to requirements and flogged to the highest bidder?
  8. Maybe they should install those rising bollards / ramps directly in line with the barriers?
  9. If they'd built more Maybach "E" shunters, I could at least justify my numberplate......
  10. So a bit like the Ford Capri then - 'twas said there were no two cars that were exactly alike because there were so many permutations / options available to the customer.
  11. Or possibly that, by this point in their careers, there were no two that were absolutely exactly alike?
  12. ....but while there's music and moonlight and love and romance, Let's face the music and dance.
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