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  1. Is one of those Donald Trump?
  2. That would be an ecumenical matter..... -------------- All of the 121s had no handrails once repainted from grey to black'n'tan, but during the currency of that livery gained them. While the livery officially changed to "Supertrain" in 1972, black'n'tan ones would still remain in traffic for a few years more - with handrails. I am unaware of any being repainted into "Supertrain" livery still without full handrails. The first time I saw repainted ones, they had them - and the pair (on the front of a Cork train of Mk 2s about to leave Heuston) were both straight out of the
  3. Saw that. Nice little video.
  4. Almost inevitably singly in the 1960s (grey / yellow and black'n'tan versions), but usually, and laterally inevitably "paired" either with other 121s, 141s or 181s after 1972 (black'n'tan and all later liveries).
  5. Must have looked amazing especially with every single loco bar the three 800s in plain grey for over twenty years! Thirty years in the case of this type.....
  6. It is - "tippex" livery with "set-of-points" logo instead of the "3-pin plug". Thus, 1987-mid 1990s.
  7. Pre 1914, I'd say. During the first world war, there would have been newspaper posters all over the place with the latest developments. If I could make out what lettering style and garter logo are on the side of the tram, I could pin it down better. I can't see properly, but I think that the trams are bogie - though not covered upstairs. That might suggest late 1910s, maybe within the 1909-1912 period at a wild guess. Tram livery appears to be dark blue & white, so that would fit that period. The grey with yellow lining was, I think, earlier, and the green obviously later.
  8. It’s preserved in working order at Downpatrick.
  9. WOW! I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing THIS one develop!
  10. Look superb, David - and I love your attention to detail! The little Timoleague locomotive is a superb job too!
  11. Yes, I've been on to them too. They only have to worry about two Irish liveries, unless you also go back to GSR, and if it was me, I would not be sure of a market for that. CIE's 1945-55 lined green, and 1955-63 lighter green would be all they'd need. Here's hoping!
  12. Well, that would work as the “Quiet Man” loco is exactly that - a GSWR 4.4.0! As for others, there was such little in the way of standardisation that a generic 4.4.0 chassis would be unlikely to be possible. The Hattons “Genesis” project 6-wheelers (not the 4-wheelers, though) are coincidentally not unlike several GSWR types, so if they can be persuaded to do some in CIE livery, we have suitable carriages!
  13. "Whiteheaven" - I like that! It's been said before, of course, but a "WT" class 2.6.4T is probably the best idea for a commercially viable Irish steam loco, or maybe one of the GSWR 4.4.0 classes.
  14. Confession time; a Murphy or IRM-standard 80 class would be welcome in my house, even though in real life I saw them as too modern, dull BR design and NOISY and rattly to travel in the power cars! I could be persuaded to take a two-car 2700 too, quality permitting, and fertiliser wagons I thought long and hard about. Each to their own, of course. We always have “steam-deniers” in our midst!
  15. I'm not one bit ashamed to say that in the late 1960s and onwards I often applied my creative juices to finding ways not to bother the people at the border with the nice white hats, with extra paperwork. As the generation before me had done; and I will happily pass cultural traditional skills onwards, if it becomes necessary!
  16. I've just phoned the DSPCA to investigate all such instances, and a report has been submitted to the DPP......
  17. Superb stuff - yes, I've a copy of that somewhere! With the Covidpox, there's no way of knowing when the new one will open again. You're right, it wasn't remotely close to being the biggest in the world, even then. Nowhere close to it. There's a Russian businessman with a layout so vast that it takes 35 people to operate, and extensive training is necessary first. He has it in a vast warehouse he owns, and which he had to extend. There's the thing in Germany, plus numerous privately owned layouts - especially in America. I saw an article in an American model railway magazine many yea
  18. Yes, I'd seen that before. The opening scene is indeed of an 800 arriving with what appears to be the up day mail from Cork, judging by the train makeup. The carriage our heroine is in contains the standard black and green floral upholstery used by the GSWR (rather than the GSR!), and obviously its a GSWR coach - or is it? The coach number seen on the inside of the door as they're getting out is not of a type that corresponds with that type of interior, so may be a set-up in a studio. The exterior of the REAL coach they get out of retains its GSR maroon livery, but without lining. Ei
  19. Towards the end of this livery period, before they were taken in and given a decent BODYWORK makeover as well as the grey paint, some were in an awful state - either like this or rusted and filthy.
  20. To my late male parent, anything which wasn't steam was about as interesting as a wet February Tuesday morning in Tuam! Each to our own...........!!
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