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    Ex train driver that still loves trains, Layout builder for exhibitions but now only for personal use. Owner and presenter of 1940sradio.com


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    Trains from around the world, 1940s music and events


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  1. All stock sold, thanks on advice but I've used Ebay since 2002 and have above 4000 on feedback
  2. Please keep an eye on Ebay over the next few days as I'm selling all my Irish OO, 6 fert wagons already listed
  3. Thanks everyone, just what I needed to know
  4. As long as it's been done in real life that's good with me for a model railway, thanks
  5. Thanks, did the 121s or 141/181s ever run with them?
  6. Did the 2600 push pull (ex railcar) sets run with a steam heat van?
  7. I am using the metcalfe card kits for my low relief buildings with different shop names and down pipes and window sills added, also roofs are changed to a textured card. My station building is a Bachmann Irish one
  8. Locos have foam between cab end and box foam to stop them moving
  9. Camera case used for Locos on exhibition use. Holes are for A and 121s, spare space at back for something else, also purchasing a second box for my 2 rakes of coaches
  10. Thanks all but they are all wrong period for my layout , so going to keep the dosh for the 121s and A
  11. Hi all, a few RPSI coach sets have popped up on Ebay this morning. When did the RPSI start using the Green Mk2 set and also the Blue/White craven set?
  12. Looked at them a while back, not my thing I'm afraid, prefer the off the shelf and plug in
  13. I used an NCE powercab on my Lincoln Rock Island layout when they first came out and liked its style and simplicity. Have just tried the Piko/Esu smart control bluetooth and that's super nice, expensive though
  14. Hi all. I am looking to buy a new Dcc system, it will need to be able to run 2 Soundlocos at the same time. I have tried a few since 2003 on different layouts but wondered what everyone was using, I dont have a max cost. Also does anyone use computer software like the Railmaster?
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