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  1. Great to see this coming together. These are the Burma Road type scenes I think I can just recall ….
  2. Original 1863 era Dundalk and Greenore sign before the Newry extension. I’d say it was a boundary marker with the GN (or to be precise its D and B J R predecessor). Barrack St Dundalk is my guess.
  3. It’s a generic sign often used in the repro/retro market. The only suitable currency for buying stuff like that is €3 notes…..
  4. In fairness, some of those look better than others. Some are just annoyingly and obviously fake!
  5. Thanks everyone. Been a fun experience thus far. Tried out the Clogher loco and coach, and Drewry railcar for size - in between sorting out the buildings of which more soon I hope.
  6. Lovely image Ernie, even if not the most harmonious rebuild ever !
  7. Thank goodness mine is now on the other side of the Atlantic! That’s just gorgeous work.
  8. Some scenic stuff progresses - some views of the same location several days apart - including the addition of a lake stage right ! The sequence illustrates how the backscene gradually fades into obscurity as detail is added. Fair bit of tidying up to do but getting there. Picture 1 proves there really is a railway somewhere in there !
  9. Very nicely observed detail - great work.
  10. Cracking stuff. Will wait eagerly on developments!
  11. Thanks to @ Ernie, we know what such a scene should look like…..
  12. I understand that delayed gratification is a sign of intelligence. Bask in your intellectual greatness DJ…
  13. Donut shaped layout ? They can be terrific.
  14. Lovely sense of time and place Noel. Great work
  15. No use to me but having built and sold layouts myself I can appreciate what a bargain this is. Snap it up quick someone !!
  16. Interesting comment. Thinking about it, that 50s-60s crossover era is arguably the most interesting decade and a bit on Irish Railways. Almost everything was still running in 1950, from Antrim 3’ gauge to the Dingle specials, from 800s to classic 4-4-0s, whilst by 1963 the GM-run railway that all of us remember was taking shape. Great to see trade support for it.
  17. Or the monthly cattle coming out of Dingle…. Roger at Alphagraphix does do CIE travel posters BTW…just to keep on topic!!
  18. https://transportsofdelight.smugmug.com/RAILWAYS/IRISH-RAILWAYS/CORAS-IOMPAIR-EIREANN-STEAM/i-j8xrw4G/A
  19. ‘bright clearing’ - did the person who named Fintona ever actually visit it?
  20. To be fair, Dave, it was much the same in the ‘murder triangle’ of N Belfast, and was only imposed on me later in life. May I pick a window then ?
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