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  1. Possibly, but what do you do with them after Halloween?;)
  2. That’s gorgeous Ernie. The gleaming VS at Dundalk is pure GN glory. However, just imagine getting on board that PP and heading to Enniskillen in time for the 7:20….even though I think the PP is pointing towards Derry !
  3. Well done - good effort ! Nice Irish vibe off that
  4. Now that’s railcar heaven. I can almost forgive you for giving me flashbacks to my daily 80s school commute.
  5. Welcome Darius. You will find lots of fans for your work here - having seen it on RMWeb, NIR fans are in for a treat!
  6. Last steam regular working from Belfast to Dublin was October 1966, worked by a WT.
  7. Lovely stuff - lots of delicate framing there! And you can justify an SLNC one as late as 53…. .
  8. http://worsleyworks.co.uk/4mm/4mm_Irish_Standard_Gauge.htm 2 car set here. Will be a basic etch only.
  9. That’s an NCC Mogul. The NCC were the high priests of tablet exchange at speed, 60 mph was regular practice, as the main line north of Ballymena was single track. In mainland UK the practice began in the late 1880s I think http://lmssociety.org.uk/topics/singleLineWorking2.php
  10. Colin, it’s just bad typesetting by the advertiser. All the Irish locos are prefaced by bold type, thus CIE. Unfortunately, BR classes are freely mixed in the list. This is simply a planned UK ‘superdeltic’ - class 51 - which never came to pass. The Irish kit was an E pure and simple. .https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_British_Rail_unbuilt_locomotive_classes
  11. Haven’t you got boxes to pack instead of disputing how many E class can dance on the head of a pin?
  12. Nice plan. I’m leaving the wiring to the experts, but that right hand crossover would probably look better a bit further right - allow a decent 4-4-0s worth of headshunt as a loco release. Otherwise you will have to leave the passenger stock out in the bondu every time you run round, creating a shunting move that would be both unlikely on the prototype and inconvenient to you!!
  13. I think the mystery was more that nobody ever seemed to have seen one of the E kits, as opposed to the well known A class! Mayner has answered this on another thread.
  14. Bet the guys in Avignon were gutted at missing out on a day in Stafford
  15. Enjoy all this quality, ladies and gents - it wasn’t always like this. Received a 1978 Railway Modeller off eBay today (has an article on Castle Rackrent) and clocked this ad…..
  16. He’s too busy to check the list this year. Sorting his paperwork for crossing the Irish Sea …
  17. The hallmark of a good railway book, and a good Flickr site, Ernie!
  18. Afaik this is the handover ceremony for 186 to the RPSI. A special was run from Belfast for the occasion.
  19. Nice. That Portuguese engine has a bit of a Swilly vibe too!
  20. Modesty forbids and all that, JHB, but here you are…. .
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