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  1. Thanks ! I will keep an eye out .
  2. Hi Just a quick one , I cannot see anything of my order - GLS is just greyed out and has a flickering sort of water mark passing on the screen- other aspects of site seem ok. Any chance that if you have an order on the way for ballasts and or gypsums could use the tracker to see if it is working or if it is me ! many thanks Robert
  3. I had but sold on the kit for the 071 in 0 and it was a killer model ! Given the excitement in UK 0 gauge but set up costs would make eyes water in a small part of Dublin and with nothing else to run with it - How to make a fortune in the model railway business , start of with a large fortune! I guess in time ITG will be after a real one or one to become part of the National collection. Totally off topic but I guess the GM201 a bit complex for occasional outings but perhaps Cultra would fine a home for 208/9 when the time comes so future generations can wonder/ be horrified ( other emotio
  4. Ok you win, due to a quick fire sale this end just ordered a bundle , thanks , I think ! Spoil bodies should make a good diorama base if anybody wants to offer. Robert
  5. Going off topic but I have a box with 6 Mk3s painted up and Adam Warr at Electra graphics has the available kit to do some. 3D print 71 available - but a bit weak on details and chassis a fun mod. If Dapol get the N 59 out then the chassis would be a good crossover for a 3D print 201. Sorry modes ! back on topic if sales go well good it all helps clear the shelves!
  6. DJD , Now a bit of N would certainly flat spin the big boys ! but the OO/N market share is a 10/1 so if we cannot get a GSV past the boys then N fat chance ( throwing silk glove to the floor - N 071 anybody !) ( Dapol Mk3s a possible commission but no GV.- £80K for tooling ...... ) Dapol / Gaugemaster GWR HST celeb set arrived today and spot on ! ( sorry off topic !!) Robert
  7. Back on 7th July the first photo has right corner the hint of a problem - the two lift door palletised cements. Hard to find decent pics on the web and on here and RM web allowed a read and view of others and improvements - really helpful to me. Castings on the three wagons varied and I was unable to use the crosshandles for the pallet retainer controls and used some small brass brake wheels to hand - seems quite a few got changed in real life. As a result while not finished progress has been made, couple of pics of work up to this morning. One of the three -all now
  8. cheers lads a great bargain and hope you sell out , sadly all cash on gypsums and 121s - and some N gauge that has been on order for several years now up for delivery the next couple of weeks - so will have to pass ! but would have been useful.. Eating dry bread as it is ! I would like to keep a roof over the boxes of models ! Will save up for the 50% A class next year of course ! or 20 % of the class 80 multi pack Sandite option. regards!
  9. Bang goes eating for a month, no heating or lighting as well given its the month of festive COV19 cheer! Advised ballast pack on its way, hope gyps will follow shortly. . Thanks lads !
  10. A chance to revisit the work pile saw work on 12 items this evening, bogie beets, Bell containers, barriers, 4 wheel taughtliner cement and the IFM 47 footer got a bit of details added. - but as supplied as part of the bogie history project. Some quick pics follow. The 4 bogie beet bodies with on left a BT xx number panel and then a height notice and a "Dublin containers" label, all from the Robert Roache stable ! and readable with good eyes but beat my little camera or what I know about it anyway. Will look good behind a 121/141/181 lash up, yes it should be 13 long but layout w
  11. Des at Studio Scale Models shows transfers for the Intercity legend and has loco numbers - as does Railtec , who also does a very good lining stripes. The SSM logo is shown for coaches but I guess could be enlarged if asked . The respsray does look good and could be refreshed and then varnished - lack of a protective layer as has been mentioned above was a shame and shortened life of the product. SSM also do some natty etches for headlamp surrounds and the like which would lift the front end. When you put MM alongside it is fun to note driving cab end windows differ everso sli
  12. Good luck to the seller! I got mine for £45 from the now closed Ian Allen in Birmingham off the bargains table... I have put this on the watch list just for fun. Robert
  13. Good to see 66s in action, Just a topical thought on the depressed centre PCA should you not be dragging them in sideways !! The RHTT train must be on delivery - only that clean once.. Thanks for showing Robert
  14. Brilliant news , just hope nobody of (in)substance in what might be called the UK government has a bright idea ! - mind you past perf does mean we are pretty safe !!! Sweaty palms at idea of big box gypsums and 121s landing shortly. Can join a MM 201 in Enterprise livery that came this week... might be on dog chews myself .. cheers Robert
  15. I guess anything that stops multiple new border crossings must help in keeping costs under control, I am sorry on a personal level that these changes have been required but it is indeed the "price" of democracy in its many colours at this time. I look forward to IR 121s before three long and hopefully before border doors slam shut.. Sadly A class will incur added costs due this change or "new opportunity" as UK gov sees it in the world of flat spins.. Robert
  16. Dhu Varren - It was the build report and esp grills on yours that inspired me so thanks for showing again! Sadly I guess the sales of rtr fall on the same alter as the weedspray / GSV but by an even bigger margin ... Even a pregrouping British 2-4-0 will sell more if latest news is to be believed ( off topic I wonder if the chassis will be of bigger help to bashers and scratchers out and about / on here .)
  17. As a result the market will cool for a while the implications and ramifications sink in and adjustments made to the lack of easy of purchases. I guess we just had it lucky now the pain that others around the globe trying to trade will be experienced in this bit of the globe. Like the U boats in the early years - the happy days are over. I am sorry that the UK has gone down this isolationist path but at least it does mean it can return albeit a poorer player in future years. Robert
  18. Have to say I got the original dutch van from SF and mugged up the "apendages" and a new end from plasticard and a jouef MK3 donor for the corridor connections and a load of filler - got as far as the grills which to me looked like MK3 Gen vehicle spares - but can you get then on their own - so now looking at how to use suitable plasticard made grills - but having made a start with the Enterprise have enough grill material from the power car bodies - to last a long time or several attempts, this thread could well tempt be to get it out of the naughty toys box for another go.
  19. Good work, some pics show shiny ratchet strap holders - perhaps a later addition but having straps over will give some colour and relief to the bags. I wonder (not looked) if military modellers have anything of used in the way of sand bag walling that could make moulds if the unit train idea gets wings ? Thanks for showing Robert
  20. Noel, Thanks for paint gen Robert
  21. Noel, Just to ask what brand and shade of orange did you use, it looks very good , mine in a Tamyia orange looks to well, orange! Thanks Robert.
  22. Good effort ! And an old ball of course with points and broken wheel, Hope mine turns out as well. Admire the straight handrails - I think better than some had in real life. Thanks for showing Robert
  23. While an example of paypal modelling a lovely example of the 47 footer from IFM rocked up from postie today ( collected from sorting office.) photo later - just needs some numbers and being light as its a 3D print a ballasted container required. While having tanks and cements to finish and other wagons to come I was looking at the rail carriers I have seen some photos - they look quite high decked with cranes and are 62 footers IIRC. - looks like I could use a BR MK I underframe as truss looks similar. Seen pic of just two behind an NIR 111 (0) class loco. These might make a good
  24. Got some paint on these chaps, Mid sea grey on 27504 and Railmatch buaxite, sat on SSM flats - a perfect fit.
  25. I think it is a much smaller power pack - I saw a top down pic a while back with a puny little pipe sticking out of roof towards one end with soot streak on roof. The new larger sealed roof plate suggests original gear lifted out in a one way move. Robert
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