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Bell container colours

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Robert Shrives

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I bought 4 unpainted 40 foot boxes from Arran at C rail the other week  and Bell transfers from SSM 

For painting I have found that the Bell magenta is a good match to P297 Precision paints First group Magenta (dull)

The blue I used P140 BR electric blue and this matches very well to the 20 foot container to my eye 

The roof is P151 BR rail grey.

Pictures to follow when all dry and masking removed.  

The door gear seems to have started magneta as well but also just plain galvansied grey/silver so will do two in each .

The blind end and door end and sides to 10 ribs in Magenta, checking several on line phots. 

When transfers land I will do a final pic.  

Hope this helps somebody else in time


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Hi,  I am certain Arran you got the right colours  but I was trying from my large stash of tinlets to get close, perhaps not close enough on the blue but masking was such a faff I think they will stay.  I look forward to more 40 fts from C Rail stable in time - meanwhile this does for me and can always get used as scenic land fillers.   

Thanks for great pic - weathering really useful  and a good find of the box. 

happy modelling 


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I came across this one today whilst sorting out some Swiss negatives. Rather faded or possibly lighter paint on the Container

end. Some 6 years after Bell Lines folded.

EDIT Another one at Goschenen 26 May 1988 20 foot containers , white roofs but possibly one grey or just dirty.


Goschenen 11614 27may88 img283.jpg

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20 hours ago, Robert Shrives said:

  JHB, If I may  thread from BC  shows Bell in White/ light grey  but also a one in blue on the same  wagon so anything goes !  Have to say not so sure about the quality of the walkway on the Tanktainer - I suspect I can model that very easily ! 


I’ve no idea about the “tank-tainers”, Robert.....just the ordinary ones. Yes, you’d get white and dark blue at one stage on roofs, both weathered of course, but not grey painted. Originally all blue, then white gradually replacing them, thus a mixture of the two as you suggest.

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