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  1. I have the dapol track cleaner, in mint condition, 70E (i will throw in the accessory pack for the wagon with it as well) Still have the IE Dapol CPW's for sale if anyone is interested in that too (each comes with a container) 50e Each
  2. Wagons/Coaches for sale

    Hi all, Here is what i have for sale in wagons/coaches Looking for 35E per craven/mk2 mk2 restaurant 5411 (galway livery) mk2 generator van 5602 (black roof) SOLD mk2 restaurant 5401 (black roof) Craven 1149 CIE Craven 1504 CIE SOLD Craven 1515 CIE SOLD Craven RPSI 1539 (bottom of is green+ with decals) themodelshop repaint Craven 1523 IE RPSI Mk2 x3 60E for the 3 SOLD Silverfox br Van 3161 CIE 60E SOLD Dapol CPW wagons (modelshop belfast repaint into irish colours) + containers in each one x4 (picture aviable on request) 65E Each Still a few locos left at per this thread http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/6166-Selling-Engine-Collection Lukas
  3. Selling Engine Collection

    Hi All, I decided to sell most of my engines that i have, all are like new very little use (mostly just short test runs if even). Looking for 110e Per 141/181s 145e for 201/071. +shipping which i still have to work out. In a ideal world collection from Ashtown Station/Tallaght or Dublin area would be the best option but shipping could be arranged as well. If someone wanted to buy a few and lives further away i could travel by train and deliver that way. Here is the list of what i am selling. Have some carriage and wagons to sell as well but I will put that up at a later stage. Class 201 (201) Orange Yellow Face Livery Class 201 (203) Original Orange SOLD Class 201 (8208) Enterprise Current Livery SOLD Class 201 (220) Original Orange Class 201 (222) Intercity Livery SOLD Class 201 (229) Intercity Livery fitted with DCC chip (extra 10)SOLD Class 201 (230) Original Enterprise SOLD 071 Class 071 (071) Black & Silver Livery fitted with DCC chip (extra 10) Class 071 (073) IR Livery Weathered fitted with DCC chip (extra 10) Class 071 (078) IE Livery fitted with Model Shop Belfast sound Chip so looking for 210E Class 071 (080) IR orange Class 071 (082) Black & Silver Livery Class 071 (086) Super Train Livery Class 071 (088) Super Train Livery Class 111 (111) NIR Blue Livery SOLD Class 111 (112) NIR Blue Livery SOLD Class 111 (113) NIR Blue LiverySOLD 141 Class 141 (B141) Black and Tan Preserved Livery SOLD Class 141 (142) CIE Black Orange Livery SOLD Class 141 (143) IR Livery SOLD Class 141 (146) IE Livery SOLD Class 141 (156) IR Livery SOLD Class 141 (161) CIE Black Orange Livery SOLD Class 141 (B165) CIE Black and Tan SOLD Class 141 (177) IE Livery Weathered SOLD 181 Class 181 (B181) CIE Black Orange Livery SOLD Class 181 (182) CIE Black Orange Livery SOLD Class 181 (183) IR Livery Weathered SOLD Class 181 (184) IE Livery fitted with DCC chip (extra 5e) SOLD Class 181 (B188) CIE Black Orange Livery Class 181 (190) Black Orange Livery Class 181 (192) Is R Livery SOLD GSR Sentinel Loco No. 281 60E SOLD Bachmann Class 2700 (2 piece) 60E SOLD Thanks, Lukas
  4. Bachmann 37514 for sale

    Hi all, I have this Bachmann class 37 no 514 for sale. Model is new, used only once for testing. Box and all in perfect shape. 70e. Not sure about P&P but i can look into it if anyone is interested in the model.
  5. Hi Lads Sorry if this was allready asked somewhere else but i couldnt find an anwser. Looking to get a 071 DCC sound chip from santa but not sure which one to get. Murphy Models one or Model shop belfast one? Is there any majour differences between them 2 ? Price is the same so need your opinmions as to which one i should get Thanks
  6. Hi All, Didnt see a Topic like that so thought that i might as well start one 2 videos for a starter. 081 working the IWT liner passing the still closed Kishogue station 071 working the Portlaoise - North Wall weed sprayer train IR123
  7. 4464 Bittern at 90mph!

    Now thats quite something!! A steam loco doing 90mph!
  8. Hello Gents, Here's the next part of my per way and freight videos, part 7 is the longest i have made with nearly 15 minutes of juicy action.
  9. Extreme Trains

    Here's a couple of great videos from the "Extreme Trains" Series. All based in the US but a very enjoyable watch. Sadly only 8 episodes were made. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=___rJuGtksk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-6zaT992cg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3XLGT5IAxc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPro4hTyo5U http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u87FVovVzVU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDgQRm-TlpI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xET0okFVDyM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFplM0RER-I
  10. Few Bits For Sale

    Hi Lads I have a few random bits for sale. Since i am into the irish stuff ONLY, i wanna get rid of some of my other non irish stuff that i got quite a long time ago. All of them are in a good condition but unfortunately i have no original boxes for any of them so would have to wrap in bubble wrap and into a box. There is some mechano and Piko stuff in here. 4 piece mechano thalyes 60e. in a very good condition. Few random US wagons, crane + the support wagon 20e. Caboose 10e. All other 15e. All of them are in a good condition Piko wagons, 2 big one's 15e each and small one's 10e each. Mechano Us loco 40e Piko passenger wagons 20each If anyone is interested in any of the bits please contact me and im sure we will work something out. Many Thanks Lukas
  11. DCC Question

    Hi Gents, So i just got a Bachman Dynamis DCC controller and fitted and 071 and a 201 with the chips. Everything works fine but... F3 puts on the cab lights fine... F4 is soposed to do the cab light in the other cab but doesnt work. I am brand new into the dcc thing so havnt got a clue! Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks
  12. 461 on tests today....

    Hi lads, Thought a new topic for this video..... taken today for me at straffan.... 461 doing some great bit of action
  13. Tipperarys Homecoming

    Just found this video on youtube. Have to say thats quite brilliant
  14. Class 071 & 201 Calendar for 2013

    Hi All I am sorry if i am not allowed to advertise this but I thought I'd give it a go anyway. So I will be making class 071 and 201 calendars for 2013. I will be selling them at them Raheny show this month over the bank holiday weekend. It will be a nice proper A3 Calendar and the I am planning to sell it at 12Euro each. I think i picked some of my best shots from this year and i hope you all will have interest in getting one and you will like it. Adding a photo of the back to show what photos you can expect. Folks who cant make it to raheny show and are interested in one please email me at luki9875@interia.pl P&P Price will be 4euro for Ireland Many Thanks Lukas

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