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  1. Proposed oo layout

    Hi All, Please see attached proposed layout for OO scale. Available space is approx 11 x 5, plus a couple of inches. Any thoughts\comments\suggestions welcome. I am new to the railway modelling scene, and I am not striving to be 100% prototypically accurate, or aiming to model any one particular era, but would still like to build a layout that makes reasonable sense and provide various running opportunities. Looking forward to any comments. Cheers from Westport
  2. Layout size

    Hi All, Am currently trying to design a layout for OO scale. The space I have to work with is 11' x mostly 5', (the last 2 or 3' drops down to 4' width). I would like to avoid having an access well if possible. If I can work it so i have access from both of the long sides, do I still need a well? Or is this plan simply too wide not to have one? The proposed height would be about 40". Any advice welcome Cheers Westport
  3. points/turnouts

    Hi all, new to modelling and doing plenty of research on the net before starting. One subject I cannot seem to get a simple explanation for is the differences between small/medium/large turnouts. Are they just different lengths? ( the straight sections). Will 2 points in s/m/l set end to end still automatically give double track spacing? What about curved points, going from one curve to its parallel track? Any advice appreciated. Many thanks
  4. New Member

    Hi All, I am new to the model railway scene, and I would be starting literally from scratch, i.e. I do not have a layout or even anything to run on it, but this is what I would like to end up with. I am handy with DIY, electrics etc. I have always had an interest in railways, but probably more on the "social history" aspect of them, the people, the routes, permanent way, old closed railways etc, as opposed to different makes of loco, rolling stock etc. With this in mind, where would be a good starting point to get building? Regards

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