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  1. gavino200

    70s/80s CIE rolling stock in N-gauge?

    Please let me know if you think of the name. Thanks again!!!!!
  2. gavino200

    70s/80s CIE rolling stock in N-gauge?

    You didn't by any chance buy this through an add in the Southside newspaper from an eejit kid who was selling his trains for beer money?
  3. gavino200

    70s/80s CIE rolling stock in N-gauge?

    Thanks so much Noel. That Lima loco, is the EXACT model that I had when I was a kid. Come to think of it I remember looking at the trains in Blackrock Station and noticing that the locos were slightly different than mine. I also had a BR Class 33 loco, and while I have no pictures, I could swear it was exactly the same as the CIE loco except for the paint job and that thing on the roof. In any case, I'm trying to recreate a quite fuzzy childhood of the trains I used to watch as they whizzed by between Blackrock park and the sea. I'm not looking for much authenticity. The only person I need to fool is myself. I would like the quality to be good though. I'm not a rivet-counter, but I do like rivets and I like them to look real.
  4. gavino200

    70s/80s CIE rolling stock in N-gauge?

    This might be a nice base model. http://www.hattons.co.uk/58898/Dapol_2D_001_000_Class_33_0_33030_in_BR_blue/StockDetail.aspx
  5. gavino200

    70s/80s CIE rolling stock in N-gauge?

    The BR Class 33 seems like a good match also for the C. The main difference is the cab front window and whatever that thing on the roof of the C Class is. Otherwise they're very close. I think that's the one I had in OO when I was a kid. Side by side they were almost identical.
  6. gavino200

    70s/80s CIE rolling stock in N-gauge?

    That helps massively. Thanks so much. Great information. Also, your T-Trak work is truly inspirational. Do you mind if I cross-post it? I want to attempt what you have done with the rolling stock. I don't have your modelling skill, so I'll have to get a pro to do the custom painting. I've done that before once. I had a loco painted to look like the loco in the movie "Trainmaster" when by son was smaller. The loco looked amazing, All done with airbrush and custom printed decals. I think I'd do the same thing here. Hopefully, I can do the same thing here. I wont get to this super quick but I'll post pics when I get it moving along. For the time being I'll start trying to acquire base models in good condition. Thanks again. Your work is amazing!
  7. gavino200

    70s/80s CIE rolling stock in N-gauge?

    Something like this would be close enough to pass for a CIE 201 class....with a new paint job. Maybe. http://www.railwaypictures.co.uk/img1445.htm Or this? http://www.cheltmodrail.org.uk/exhibition.php?ExKey2=23http://www.cheltmodrail.or g.uk/exhibition.php?ExKey2=23 https://hiveminer.com/Tags/rmweb
  8. gavino200

    70s/80s CIE rolling stock in N-gauge?

    Thanks for the link. That guy did a beautiful paint job. But the shells themselves are a bit rough. The reason I added this Loco is not just because I remember it, but also because when I was a kid I had an OO model of this in both CIE and British Rail colors. Does anyone know if there's a BR version of this available in N-gauge? Also, do any of you know of any BR or other country's livery carriages that closely resemble the "Craven" cars or other similar cars. I remember the BR intercity cars that I had as a kid weren't far off. Who are the main N-scale companies in the Western European Islands these days? I'm guessing Hornby. Anyone new? Lima still around? Lemke, Arnold, and Fleischmann have mostly continental stuff IIRC. These carriages would be fine too (though I prefer the craven type). Any one of the Orange/Black cars would be fine. How many different types were there btw? Can anyone recommend a good site that lists and describes the various Irish prototypes? Thanks.
  9. gavino200

    70s/80s CIE rolling stock in N-gauge?

    Yes, I agree about the shapeways shells. The detail isn't good. Maybe in a few years the technology will be good enough. But for now I'm putting the Shapeways idea to sleep. Thanks for the info about the "Cravens". That's probably more specific than I need to be. I just took that picture because it looks like what I remember all the carriages to have looked like when I was a kid. They don't have to be that exact car. I'm not much of a 'rivot counter'. Do you guys use that term there too? Anyway, are there other carriage types that fit the same general look? Are the A or C class locos like the second one I showed? Sorry, but I've just begun to work on this. It's been a vague idea for a while though, and I've searched a few times with no luck. I figured I'd try to see what was available generally, before getting more specific. I wonder if those GMs were sold in the US too. If so there should be an American model available that could be customized.
  10. Hi. I live in the US but I grew up in Dublin. I have an N-scale layout, mostly Japanese trains (Shinkansen etc), but I'd really like to get one of those old orange & black CIE trains from my childhood. I know that they're available in OO and that OO is the preferred gauge in Ireland. However, do any of you know of a supplier or good customizer where I could get these in N-scale. I know that unpainted loco bodies are available from shapeways. Unfortunately I don't have the skills to do a good paint job. If I have to, I'll find a professional modeler to do the painting. Does anyone know a supplier where I can get one of these engines in N-gauge, in any other livery (British Rail?) that I could use as a base for conversion. and/or this one And these carriages. BTW what are these carriages called?

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