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  1. TinTin

    Greystones Model Railway Layout.

    Love them . You made them just the way you needed them and you wanted . Hope my trees turn out just as good . many times i have looked at trees packs and not buy because they are not the way I want them . Thanks for giving courage to crack on .
  2. TinTin

    Bray late 50s and Hill

    Ah that's great waffles . That' some tower . If I can find close up photos of it and the table I could crack on . Laying track for the rest of the station at the moment wire for dcc . 17 points . Loving it now it' falling into place . Thanks very much great help .👍👍
  3. TinTin


    Love it .
  4. TinTin

    Bray late 50s and Hill

    GLad to have you on board Broithe. Got you thinking . I have studied most craves on most of the rocks . For a moment I tough you might be right . Thanks for your input .
  5. TinTin

    Bray late 50s and Hill

    Thank you for that detail .yes it was mad of me to think it was a crane . Loads from the sea bye boat . Should have known better . But .......the train came off the other bridge ,on the other side south of the old tunnel . Correct me if I’m wrong .. I thought . And only heard about one such crash . If you would take a look at what I found long ago . Thanks to YouTube .m looks closely and you can see the shapes of the rock forms and the angles . I thank you again .and can’t Waite for your reply . Cause that square is really making my brain hurt lol.. cheers Tintin
  6. TinTin

    Bray late 50s and Hill

    Moving very slow but getting there
  7. TinTin

    Bray late 50s and Hill

    Sorry lads 12 o’clock the square block of concrete it’s to high to be part of bridge . Look closely at it and front wall has a window efect . I still think it was some kind of make shift crane , but when did it appear ?
  8. TinTin

    Bray late 50s and Hill

    Moving very slow but getting there . Still cant find what the structure is on the south bank but I keep looking lol.
  9. TinTin

    Bray late 50s and Hill

    Thanks guys .
  10. TinTin

    Bray late 50s and Hill

    Sorry for the Wait . Need help in finding what structure on the south bank . I think it might have been a crane . If anybody can help it would be great help .
  11. TinTin

    Port Cumtha - P4 21mm

    Like what I see .one to watch.
  12. TinTin

    Bray late 50s and Hill

    Thank you Leslie .ive been collecting 00 trains for many years . And this layout is only my second attempt at a railway .My last attempet had mountains but not at this scale . N scale would be best to fit all aspects in . Brunel’s tunnel with bridges ,, wooden trestles would be nice,i was thinking to make the bridges to put in place as they would have stood. The track way and walk way has many tunnels ,bridges , arches , and patch up walls up rights ...concrete patch ups over the years . . Can I ask for some help in finding out what a structure of blocks on the south bank . Find picture .. on the wall below there is a opening. I think it was a make shift crane myself I could be wrong . If you look closely it is on the what was the track bed . Any help in this will be very greatful . With thanks to YouTube for photo ..
  13. TinTin

    Bray late 50s and Hill

    Thanks guys . Track is down and running on dc to test at the moment . Track in bray station still a bit rough as I am using new and used points . and fitting it all in the space I have is turning out to be a challenge in its self . N scale would be the way to go ,as to fit every tunnel in as so forth . Looking for the history on the net ,photos and such I find a lot of the same taken in the same spotes over the years that the beauty spot that it is lol .. with help from Noel’s video clip helped in more ways than one total deferent angle and view ...... Thanks Noel 👍

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