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  1. Water tower started . Not enough hours in the day lol. Can’t Waite for tomorrow .
  2. As you can see in photos im happy with progress if it is a bit slow lol. But it’s getting there . I do believe it’s the best hobby in the world .....my world that is . I must say the DCC wiring was a learning curve . But I got the hang of it in the end with the help of the N.C.E pro cab .
  3. I have all the track down and have been testing . Space for station is very tight In 00 scale the rail crossing is as far as I can go before turning . I have been trying to get photos of the water tower at turn table ,but there is always a engine in the shot lol. I might have to make turn table . I have 16 x 11 should have gone the full 20x 11
  4. Thanks David . Have been working hard and no time to do much . hopfully some time is coming my way.
  5. Love them . You made them just the way you needed them and you wanted . Hope my trees turn out just as good . many times i have looked at trees packs and not buy because they are not the way I want them . Thanks for giving courage to crack on .
  6. Ah that's great waffles . That' some tower . If I can find close up photos of it and the table I could crack on . Laying track for the rest of the station at the moment wire for dcc . 17 points . Loving it now it' falling into place . Thanks very much great help .👍👍
  7. GLad to have you on board Broithe. Got you thinking . I have studied most craves on most of the rocks . For a moment I tough you might be right . Thanks for your input .
  8. Thank you for that detail .yes it was mad of me to think it was a crane . Loads from the sea bye boat . Should have known better . But .......the train came off the other bridge ,on the other side south of the old tunnel . Correct me if I’m wrong .. I thought . And only heard about one such crash . If you would take a look at what I found long ago . Thanks to YouTube .m looks closely and you can see the shapes of the rock forms and the angles . I thank you again .and can’t Waite for your reply . Cause that square is really making my brain hurt lol.. cheers Tintin
  9. Moving very slow but getting there
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