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  1. Weedspray Details

    Hi All, I have a couple of older tanker models at home that have seen better days. In an effort to try resurrect them, I got an idea to use them for part of the Weed Spray train. Their chassis are too far gone to save, but tanks could be put on donor flat to make up part of the consist. What I am wondering is, what is the diameter, in full or scale size, of the tanks on the Weed Spray? Many thanks for your help in advance.
  2. At the October MRSI exhibition in Raheny, UMRC had their layout Wallacetown for sale. I duly snapped it up, and then asked my better half for permission to bring it home, permission granted! A shed has now been ordered for it and this coming January, the layout will go through a transformation. It will become full DCC (track, lights and points) with a lot of detail added to the already existing layout. Below are some pics of the layout as it was at the Raheny show. I hope in the coming year to post up regular updates of my progress in bringing this well admired layout to the next stage. Here is to a successful year, Happy Christmas to all, and plenty of modelling.
  3. Seán's Workbench

    Hi Guys, Here are a few of my latest projects: Rescued some 6 battered MKI from a box at swap meet. repainted to CIE green. Just awaiting transfers and new bogies. Repainted from Blue/Grey MKII Lima Coaches. Only waiting on Transfers. Took on Improving MR141. Some detailing and weathering to be done. Also tried it on the MR201. Some detailing and weathering to be done. Also, just a tip for anyone trying to improve the look with Kadees etc, I used the coupling holder from the loco instead of Plasticard. In the 201, i found removing the coupling armature, easy to do once body is removed, gave the space needed behind the skirt. Many more to follow so I will be posting as I go. Cheers.
  4. New motor(s) for the Hornby APT

    Hi All, I have recently purchased a Hornby APT. It runs Ok with the original motor in it but I would like to upgrade it to a more modern and smooth running motor. I also plan on making other modifications to it like new lights, interiors and DCC control, so it would be a shame for the performance to let it down. Has anybody already replaced one of these motors and any recommendations on best replacement to use? Thanks in advance

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