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  1. mlee2808

    esu ecos 50200 for sale

    Now sold
  2. mlee2808

    Murphy models class 201 with sound

    Now sold. Thank all for the enquiries
  3. mlee2808

    Murphy models class 201 with sound

    Some people have asked so I will add here that I do have the original cover for the 21 pin board so I can sell without the sound chip for 150
  4. I am selling my class 201 no 201 river Shannon mm0201 has been run in only. 30 mins medium speed each direction. model also has momentum programmed to give more realistic running characteristics. Detail pack has been added and one end has air hoses fitted. fantastic model and unfortunately have to sell. €275 ono I will cover the postage in Ireland
  5. mlee2808

    esu ecos 50200 for sale

    hi, unfortunately, i have to sell my ecos. Due to on going health problems it will only go to waste. it has been tested only. it is the version with the colour screen and with too much technology to list. it is in its original box with a 3 pin power supply. payment by paypal and i can post or if you want arrange to pick up in galway. 600 euro ono. i have been trying to upload a few pictures but i can't for some reason
  6. mlee2808

    eigyro's workbench

    If I could a complete set would be the top of my list....Stunning
  7. mlee2808

    Tiny speakers with big sound.

    First post so bear with me if things are not correct. I came across this on youtube and I'm sure it will be helpful to those who are into sound especially on the smaller locomotives like the 141's Zimo LS10X15 Tiny- Speaker
  8. mlee2808

    Amiens Street Terminus

    Couldn't agree more. Stunning model
  9. mlee2808

    NIR 80 Class DEMU

    At a look at her this evening. Stunning model and the quality of work is exceptional.
  10. mlee2808

    A class for Sale

  11. mlee2808

    A class for Sale

    Its was a Q kit white metal kit. Its was built on top of a Roco chassis of what exact model I am not certain. The reason why I used the roco chassis was for all wheel drive and smooth running. As it is a white metal kit built on top of large metal block it is very heavy. ITs a dc only model and I haven't ran the model in years but the last time I did it ran as good as any expensive model due to it weight.
  12. mlee2808

    A class for Sale

    I would be looking from something around the €125 mark. I would have no problem if someone wanted to view the model before purchase but I live in Galway so I understand that could be difficult.

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