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  1. trainboy

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    Looking forward to the AClass products. Does anyone know the dcc configuration. Assuming a 21 pin decoder. Hopefully, access through the roof to the decoder. Any info ?? thanks, brendan
  2. trainboy

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    I have to say ‘A’ class decision. l’ll be in for five or more of the beauties. Expecting the usual great quality from IRM.
  3. trainboy

    Brendan,Irish layout

    Guys, Thanks for the nice comments. Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for building this layout. I was lucky enough to find it on eBay several years ago. It was built by an Boeing engineer who frequently travelled to the uk on business and got interested in the British railway scene. I did add some Irish structures and added street and building lights. I run MM gm locos with both passenger , freight and some cattle wagons. I bought most of the freight stock from Marks models in Dublin. The passenger cars are Cravens coaches and some Park royals I bought from Irish freight models. On many of my passenger coaches I added people and lighting (train tech coach lighting). These lighting strips are easy to add and are powered by battery. I used woodland scenic led lights for street and building lights. Again, ‘plug in’ type lights that are easy to setup. I also have some of the new cement bubbles and ballast wagons from IRM. Expensive models, but beautifully detailed. All of my locos are chipped running on dcc. I live in southern California, so I don't get to see much of the Irish stuff in real life. Looking forward to the MM 121 class release, and hopefully a release of some metro vickers before the next ice age. Regards and best wishes for the new year. brendan
  4. trainboy

    DCC decoder chips

    Thanks Noel! I'll give it another go.
  5. trainboy

    DCC decoder chips

    Hi all, I have a general question on doc chips for the 071 class. Can I use any 21 pin dcc decoder for the loco? I got a 21 pin TCS 6 function decoder (eu621x) and tried programming it using prodigy Express unit without success. Are there only certain chips that work, such as the Murphy mm0005 or Bachmann 36-557.....thanks, Brendan
  6. trainboy

    Chipping the 071

    Thanks for the info Noel. I'll give it another go when I get some more chips. Brendan
  7. trainboy

    Chipping the 071

    Hi, I successfully chipped several of my locos awhile back- o71 , 141 and 201 class using Bachman 36-557 chips. Recently, I bought another 5 chips of the same kind but was only able to successfully program the 141 class locos and no luck with the 071 class. I use prodigy express to program. The two 71s (NIR 112 and IR 73) run fine in DC mode. I switched the chips to the 141 and they programmed just fine. I could get the Murphy 071 chip ( extra functions but more expensive) but I don't understand why the 36-557 chip does not work on the 71 class. Anybody have this experience? Thanks, Brendan
  8. trainboy


    Picked up this British 1930s era layout on ebay a few months ago. Added a few buildings and Irish trains and I'm now looking forward to making it more Irish. Need to paint the phone box yellow and green for starters... It has two tracks and is DC. Enloy having a beer and watching the trains go by. Very relaxing.
  9. trainboy


    I'm interested in buying one of the IFM cie luggage vans. Kinda expensive... wondering if anyone here has purchased the item and any review is appreciated. Thanks, Brendan
  10. trainboy

    Silverfox GNR DMU.

    Hi All, Does anyone know if Silverfox plan on releasing the aec railcar in CIE- Orange/Black or green snail colors?

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