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  1. brianmcs


    thanks Hurricanemk1c.
  2. brianmcs


    Hi folks , anyone got RAL numbers for painting IE autoballasters , specifically the Yellow.
  3. brianmcs

    the future

    might be better than the new bus lanes proposed for Dublin. Think of all the gardens which would be saved !
  4. brianmcs

    the future

  5. brianmcs

    Tales from the carriage shops

    very nice work Mayner . Does this mean the 650 class kit is going to be released ?
  6. brianmcs

    barrow street

    fabulous work . Herbert Simms would be delighted I am sure.
  7. brianmcs

    barrow street

  8. brianmcs

    Plywood Plywood and more Plywood

    It is the nature of plywood that it will warp of it's own accord if not well supported/fixed For some years I have been using ply on flat roofs where it is expected to survive at least 30 years. We always regarded 416mm as the maximum safe span for 18mm ply. So I am not surprised at the 9mm cupping. The " hardwood" ply sold here in Ireland is visually very pleasing but now has a bad reputation in the roofing trade because it tends to delaminate . The birch is usually very good quality ( especially the scandinavian ones ) but it still needs to be well supported/fixed
  9. brianmcs

    Luas Breakdown

    A very good post . the current problems in the city centre show the great weakness of tramways - they have to share the road space with other users. A proper underground system will always be difficult and expensive to build but worth having .
  10. brianmcs

    Luas Breakdown

    the port tunnel was built to allow HGVs easy and quick access to the port . same could be done for commuters et al. Money is not the problem.
  11. brianmcs

    Luas Breakdown

    The LUAS is the poor man's metro . Dublin needs a proper underground railway . The port tunnel shows there would be no problem building it.
  12. brianmcs

    Painting baseboards

    chances are , the adhesion between the PVA and the paint would be more than enough for the cork and or ballast. After all , there is very little load on it .
  13. brianmcs

    Painting baseboards

    the paint would inhibit the PVA because it would prevent it soaking into the ply .
  14. brianmcs

    A Class locos

    Hello guys , came across this on you tube. so for anyone who has not already seen it.
  15. brianmcs

    Granby bus ads

    Thanks guys , especially Broithe for the photos.

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