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  1. brianmcs

    Tales from the carriage shops

    very nice work Mayner . Does this mean the 650 class kit is going to be released ?
  2. brianmcs

    barrow street

    fabulous work . Herbert Simms would be delighted I am sure.
  3. brianmcs

    barrow street

  4. brianmcs

    Plywood Plywood and more Plywood

    It is the nature of plywood that it will warp of it's own accord if not well supported/fixed For some years I have been using ply on flat roofs where it is expected to survive at least 30 years. We always regarded 416mm as the maximum safe span for 18mm ply. So I am not surprised at the 9mm cupping. The " hardwood" ply sold here in Ireland is visually very pleasing but now has a bad reputation in the roofing trade because it tends to delaminate . The birch is usually very good quality ( especially the scandinavian ones ) but it still needs to be well supported/fixed
  5. brianmcs

    Luas Breakdown

    A very good post . the current problems in the city centre show the great weakness of tramways - they have to share the road space with other users. A proper underground system will always be difficult and expensive to build but worth having .
  6. brianmcs

    Luas Breakdown

    the port tunnel was built to allow HGVs easy and quick access to the port . same could be done for commuters et al. Money is not the problem.
  7. brianmcs

    Luas Breakdown

    The LUAS is the poor man's metro . Dublin needs a proper underground railway . The port tunnel shows there would be no problem building it.
  8. brianmcs

    Painting baseboards

    chances are , the adhesion between the PVA and the paint would be more than enough for the cork and or ballast. After all , there is very little load on it .
  9. brianmcs

    Painting baseboards

    the paint would inhibit the PVA because it would prevent it soaking into the ply .
  10. brianmcs

    A Class locos

    Hello guys , came across this on you tube. so for anyone who has not already seen it.
  11. brianmcs

    Granby bus ads

    Thanks guys , especially Broithe for the photos.
  12. brianmcs

    Granby bus ads

    Hi folks , can anyone help with this photo , I am wondering what year it might have been taken. Also would anyone have any photos of buses with Granby ads on them ?
  13. brianmcs

    MGWR train

    Hello Colin , I will try but it might take some time as he IRRS archive is probably closed for the summer.
  14. brianmcs

    MGWR train

    hello guys , thanks for the replies , your knowledge never ceases to amaze me .JHB makes a good point that a scratch built bogie Cusack and 12 wheel diner might lookout of place beside such quality as Mayner's loco and brass 6 wheelers .but if I want to recreate the train in the photo there may be no choice .There are photos of those 2 coaches in the book and it seems I need to make time to revisit the IRRS archive and see if there are any drawings there.
  15. brianmcs

    MGWR train

    Hello guys , I am thinking about having a go at modelling (in 4mm scale) the train on page 46 of Ernie Shepherd's book on the MGWR .I think this could only be done by scratch building or kit bashing .Does anyone have any tips re which kits would be the easiest to "bash " ? PS don't want to put the photo up here because of copyright.

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