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  1. the market is so small here that it clearly would not be viable to manufacture locally . With the exception of ECM trains . The RTR market is peculiar to railway modelling. I have a small quantity of ROCO minitanks. When they were supplied (almost )fully assembled by Herpa , the more expensive ones would cost about 45 euros. Now I can buy a kit of parts for the same model from a shop in Germany (Arsenalm) for 20 euros.
  2. I'm sure you are right , but it might be interesting to know what the cost difference would be.
  3. If assembly costs are a large part of the cost , I would be happy to assemble pre finished kits as per the KATO models example. I have a couple of MM locos and they came with small packets of parts to be fitted by the purchaser .
  4. got this 47' flat from shapeways recently. it will easily pass the 2ft test. , though it does not have large flat panels like a coach would have.
  5. Hello , anyone know what loco this is ?
  6. Hello guys , A friend has sent me these .They are from the 1940s . Anyone recognize the locations ?
  7. Clearly , for anyone who has an existing layout and fleet , it might be a difficult and or expensive conversion. but for anyone starting out it would be very interesting . Other manufacturers like Bemo work in more than 1 gauge .
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QY_mamm09CM
  9. Hello Galteemore, it will be some 00 coaches . perhaps the question is , will brass outlast plasticard ?
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