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  1. Hello all, just wondering if anyone has ever bought the shapeways version of the above coaches ? what is the surface finish like ?
  2. on another post the term "cattle loco " has been used . Which steam loco would be the most usual for a train of CIE cattle wagons ?
  3. Any thoughts as to whether these would be suitable for Irish lines ? https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=895&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=mar-376-hattonsgenesisengineeringsamples&utm_content=top5features&fbclid=IwAR2bcKWi5id7Yq7o9FR55QRkYzcOxcySae-2YJjMimMK6Y7w_1ReA2-oRsQ
  4. Does it use a 42 ft flat wagon ?
  5. Many thanks for your help. there are a couple of photos on this page where the roof of the building in the background matches the one in my photo. This suggests it was taken at the Templeogue depot . http://www.tramwaybadgesandbuttons.com/page148/page149/styled-238/page661.html
  6. The photos are from scouting Ireland's collection . One of them has the number 94 on the back , could this be the number of the loco ?
  7. Hello All , can anyone help identify these 2, or which railway they belonged to ? SW092mod1 (2).tif SW094mod1 (2).tif
  8. super photos . thanks JHB. Hopefully the museum will re open soon.
  9. Hello all , does anyone have any photos of Cyril Fry's blue and white MGWR coaches ? The museum is closed for the moment .
  10. I wouldn't call this " messing "
  11. Hi guys , any body know where the fuel gauge goes on the mk 3 EGV ?
  12. hi guys, found this in a publication from 1934
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