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  1. I wouldn't call this " messing "
  2. Thanks Glenderg
  3. brianmcs

    MK 3 EGV

    Hi guys , any body know where the fuel gauge goes on the mk 3 EGV ?
  4. hi guys, found this in a publication from 1934
  5. at long last i seem to have achieved some sort of completion with these !
  6. It has taken a long time to get to this stage but finally started the painting
  7. thanks for the offer George , I saw your message too late though and got some paint this morning . You should put them up for sale as the MIR kits seem to be available again .
  8. does anybody know what the colour of the bogie cement tank should be ? white or cream ?
  9. I wonder if his tool box exists !!
  10. I remember reading an article by FRY in the Railway modeller magazine ( in the IRRS library - can't remember the year) . He made it clear that he could not get any RTR Irish stuff and he had to make it all himself . The astonishing thing is the results he got with the tools available at the time.
  11. I remember seeing it on the track in the glass case in the castle and asking myself did it , could it ,actually run ? At the time I was reading some of the little information that exists about Lartigue himself.
  12. great photos JHB . The Lartigue is important. In general , is it reasonable to assume Fry's models are accurate and could be relied on in the absence of drawings and photos of older trains , which he may have seen first hand ?
  13. I think the problem is remit. The display in the castle purported to do 2 things . 1. show off Fry's models - the Casino display now does this very well. 2. Tell the story of Irish railways using models - this is a much bigger challenge . It should be done in a national transport museum , but that is another argument........... looking forward to seeing the Lartigue in the Casino.
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