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  1. I think the problem is remit. The display in the castle purported to do 2 things . 1. show off Fry's models - the Casino display now does this very well. 2. Tell the story of Irish railways using models - this is a much bigger challenge . It should be done in a national transport museum , but that is another argument........... looking forward to seeing the Lartigue in the Casino.
  2. made it to Malahide this morning to see it . It is smaller than the display in the castle . Got a bit dizzy admiring 800 - because it is on a revolving shelf ! The museum tells the story of Cyril Fry very well . His models are fabulous. The OO layout is beautifully done . well done to all involved .
  3. looks great ! Is the Lartigue model on display ?
  4. Hello All , it's been a long time but I finally restarted work on these.
  5. Hello folks , is there any planned release date for the IRM weedspray train ?
  6. Hello Mayner , the parcel arrived this morning in good order. The postman did not demand any import tax. The kit looks so good it seems a shame to spoil it by attempting to assemble it ! Next on the wish list are some MGWR 6 wheelers to go with it . Many thanks , Brian.
  7. Hi folks , been away from these fro a long time .am making some progress.
  8. Philip Dix in Dublin sell a lot of small tools for the jewellery trade which would also be of interest http://www.dixequipment.com/
  9. looks great john , I would be interested in one . I think it would be best to get the parts you mention direct form the uk . ( before Brexit !! )
  10. thanks Hurricanemk1c.
  11. Hi folks , anyone got RAL numbers for painting IE autoballasters , specifically the Yellow.
  12. brianmcs

    the future

    might be better than the new bus lanes proposed for Dublin. Think of all the gardens which would be saved !
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