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  1. David

    Class 800 Gauge O CNC Parts

    The balance weights on the fore and aft drivers are approximately the same size and since the rear axle only deals with the coupling rod, it is probably reasonable to conclude that the forward driver weight only equates to the coupling rod it supports.
  2. David

    Stored Oil Tank wagons

    Railer, My guess is they scrapped all the useful stuff(locos, mk3s, bogie flats) to make Irish operations unattractive to private enterprise.
  3. David

    dcc voltage too high for 12v motor?

    Hi Controller, No, there shouldn't be any issue with that. People have been hard wiring older locos for years without issue. The only thing to watch out for is to make sure the old loco is running freely and smoothly on DC before fitting the decoder. If the old loco is running badly then there is a chance it could fry the decoder. DCC is AC so the effective voltage is less than 14V. Additionally, the output that the motor receives is almost certain to be 12V or less
  4. Hi Kevin, I have built a number of brass steam loco kits including some from SSM/TMD. Like you, I initially liked the idea of a donor chassis to 'plonk' the body onto. It seems logical. If you go down the donor road, I suggest a tender drive Hornby School class 4-4-0 as this has almost identical wheel size and spacing. Other 4-4-0s such as LMS 2Ps and Compounds are too short. As others have already explained, the donor idea has possibly more challenges than building the kit chassis. The main issue being that the finished loco body will require serious surgery to accept the new chassis, especially if it's a loco-drive unit. The other issue is that, in my opinion, the body and tender of the loco kit probably represent 85% of the effort and skill while the chassis is around 15%. The way I see it, you have two options: 1. Build the kit as designed. I suggest you get wheels and crank pins from Markits, as suggested above, rather than the Gibson ones supplied by SSM as they are WAY easier to fit. Or 2. Buy a full Hornby Schools class(tender or loco drive) and use the the parts from the SSM kit to clad and convert it into 85 Merlin. I want to try doing this with SSM GNR S class parts on a Southern T9 4-4-0 at some stage.
  5. David

    De Dietrich Enterprise train sets

    I've replied to your message just now James.
  6. Hi All, NIR Caf Railcar Respray for sale, selling for a friend. He is looking for 325 euro for it. Please email dmmodelmakers@gmail.com if interested.
  7. Evening all, Murphy Models MM0142 CIE 141 Class No 142 in Supertrain livery for sale. Mint condition having only been on display. Price is 115 euro. Please email dmmodelmakers@gmail.com if interested!
  8. Good evening all, MGWR J26 for sale. It is the SSM/TMD kit professionally made and fitted with a 21mm gauge chassis. Can be converted to OO gauge for a charge. Asking price is 250 euro but feel free to make an offer! Please email dmmodelmakers@gmail.com if interested.
  9. David

    Sleaford Exhibition - Lincolnshire.

    Probably the De Glehn atlantic
  10. David

    Bantry Town Station 1950's

    This layout is well on its way to becoming one of the greats! Keep up the good work.
  11. David

    Sleaford Exhibition - Lincolnshire.

    Yes me too. The 2-6-2T. Any more info or photos of the model? I think it was a one-off based on Woolwich parts?
  12. David

    Return of Model Irish Railways

    With all due respect Fran, how do you know what I know or don't know? Have you discovered a way to clone customers? What will you do differently that all the model shops and Murphys Models haven't done to shift stock? Also get it right. It was Noel to took the thread off topic. There are very few threads here that stay oh topic. You guys just use that phrase to end arguments you don't like.
  13. David

    Return of Model Irish Railways

    It took 2 years to bring out the Ballasts. Bubbles and Taras are nowhere to be seen half way through 2017. I'm not criticizing the rate of production at all. I just think your plans are unbelievably over optimistic. After 2018 you'll have to take a ten year break to shift all that stock you've accumulated. 141s were still in the shops 7 or 8 years after manufacture, you can still get a lot of the 201s and 071s too. These being the most popular Irish models anyone could produce short of an A class. Anyhow this is another thread spiraling off topic so I'll say no more about RTR. Delighted to see MIR back on the go. Plenty of room in the market for kits.
  14. David

    Return of Model Irish Railways

    Alternate universe? It seems to take years to produce each individual factory RTR wagon. Prove otherwise but if not then we all better hope we live 100 more years. Meanwhile, if someone actually wants to get on with modelling Irish, they will combine the excellent RTR models available with kits.

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