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  1. Banbridge

    I have only recently started to work on my railway having had a summer of disruption due to much needed house renovations, and it's time for an update. The baseboards were delivered and installed in early June 2017. It took about six hours to unload the van and assemble the baseboards. They are nicely made and fitted together perfectly, coping well with my uneven floorboards and walls! I didn't have the skill to build such nice boards, but the downside to getting someone else to make them was the length of time I had to wait. I discussed the build at the NDMRS Exhibition in Bangor (April 2016!) and later that week I paid a deposit to secure a production slot. A second payment for materials was made in August 2016, with the boards due to be ready in September 2016. The boards with the exception of the helix were built by the end of November 2016. They were eventually delivered in June 2017. They're a nice job, but at 14 months it was too long a wait, especially when seeing on Facebook and the website that other boards were being shipped. Anyway, track laying has begun at Banbridge and I'll show you that tomorrow ...
  2. Silver Fox Models 4w TPO & 6w van

    Hi folks, I picked these up in Bangor today at the North Down Model Railway Society exhibition.
  3. Banbridge

    Hello everyone! I seem to have been a box collector for many years but at last I am about to start building a layout. I had considered designing a fictitious layout but couldn't settle on anything. Then I realised that the station I should attempt to build was Banbridge. Most of my family is from there and they used the railway to commute to Lisburn and Belfast and go on day trips and their annual holiday to Newcastle. It was quite an interesting station as it was a junction with lines to Scarva, Newcastle and Knockmore Junction. It had a double slip and two diamond crossings, and signal boxes at the north and south ends. My dad's primary school was beside the Banbridge South box and the loco crews used to wave at the children. I have found quite a few good photographs taken from the platforms showing the track layout and buildings. However I haven't come across any of the fronts of the station buildings. I purchased this photograph from the Banbridge Chronicle. Would any of you know where I could find photographs of the other sides of these two buildings, particularly the one on the left? I would like to build the station viewed from the left hand side as the turntable, goods shed, sidings and River Bann are on that side. I would appreciate any pointers!

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