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  1. Camping Coaches

    Hi all Is anyone aware of the identities of any of the camping coaches used by the GSR? Any other info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Grounded Bodies

    Evening all Surprised that a topic like this hasn't been posted yet. In the past week, I've learned of at least 5 grounded coach bodies across Ireland that I previously didn't know existed. This has got me wondering what else is out there, so a few friends and I have decided to try and compile a list. Some examples that we're aware of are listed below; would anybody be able to add to this, or at least add details? - 6203 and 6205 in Naas - GNR 6-wheeler in Louth - GNR 6-wheeled full brake in Louth - BCDR 18 in Antrim - NIR 771 in Antrim - Half a GNR bogie... Somewhere (forget if it's still there or not) - A couple of GSWR things - Unidentified one... Somewhere - Half of SLNCR No. 10 in Manorhamilton - would be surprised if it's still there Of course, it would be inappropriate to post the locations of some coaches, so mere references - or even photos - would be still very interesting.
  3. Rathlin Island Railway

    Hello all A friend recently told me about a railway on Rathlin Island, used for the construction of the lighthouse. I quote here: "Progress was slow and during 1914 the Board of Trade enquired if the work could not be hastened. When one sees the amount of concrete poured and set against the cliff at Crockantirrive coupled with an inclined railway built at Corraghy so that materials could be landed and brought across to the new station, no wonder the building took so long". Anyone have any info on it? Gauge, stock, when it closed etc.? I would imagine that it was man-powered. In addition, there appears to be this 'carriage' on the island. While I personally think that the wheel on it could be a road wheel, I'd be interested to see people's thoughts on it: http://www.geograph.ie/photo/2474054
  4. Ex-BR NIR Coaches

    Hello all Does anyone happen to know why NIR purchased coaches 752 and 753 from BR, along with so many other MK IIs in the '80s? In addition, is anyone aware of when the two DVTs were built?
  5. D&k 48

    Hello all Pretty vague question here, but is anyone able to provide a bit of a history to the D&K coach in Cultra? A few sources I've read about it conflict a bit
  6. Hello all Is anyone aware of any non-passenger work done by the NIR 80 class when they were in service? I can only think of a few examples - 90 hauling 458 to York Road a few years ago, 67 (I think?) hauling the DHs, and again 90 shunting about 728. Can anyone think of any more?
  7. Hello all Does anyone know which of the MK III generators were re-numbered which for the Enterprise? As in, 9608 was 7613 and so on (that's the only one that I know for sure)
  8. Peace Train

    Hello all Awkward question here, but does anyone know any of the specific makeups of any of the 'Peace Trains' during the late '80s and '90s?
  9. Coach Suffixes

    Hello all Does anyone have a list of GSR (or CIÉ anyway) suffixes and their meanings? I know that M is for MGWR, B for CBSCR, T for T&D, W for W&T, D for DSE, N for GNR, and A for departamental, but there many others? I recently saw a picture of MGWR coach No. 84 in Clifden with its GSR livery showing - the number was 84MS: any idea what the S means?
  10. Knockcgrogery Derailment

    Hello all Quite an unfortunate subject here (but it could have gone worse), but does anyone know any info on the Knockcgrogery derailment, particularly on which loco was involved?
  11. J15 Smokeboxes

    Hello all At what point did the J15s start getting their McDonnell smokeboxes (like 90 has) replaced with the conventional ones currently seen on 184 and 186? I recall that 184 was the last one to recieve the treatment in the 1940s or something like that
  12. Crest Belts

    Hello all I was looking at some nice railway company crests the other day and couldn't help to wonder why a lot of them - GSWR, MGWR, GNR, DSER, WLWR, D&BT, DNGR, CBSCR, etc., etc. - have belts wrapped round them. Any thoughts?
  13. G611s in Green

    This may be of some interest to modellers: http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000305876 611 second from the right, 613 third from the left Doubt they would have left Inchicore like that though - a waste of paint. I imagine February 1962 was before the first 141s were introduced? I recommend flicking through the O'Dea collection, may I add, there are some very interesting photos
  14. Coach in Sligo

    Good evening Gentlemen Are any of you aware of a wooden bodied coach (apparently with a clerestory) stored in a barn or in an alleged museum near Sligo?
  15. Quiet Man Coaches

    At the high, high risk of looking like a moron, can I ask if anyone knows which coaches (as in, just the numbers) were involved in the, "Quiet Man," film at Ballyglunin?

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