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  1. Alan564017

    Training courses

    yup i'd be interested
  2. I have 4 empty hornby train set boxes, i'll give them away for free, but collection only, im based in Kilkenny. The boxes are: The Blue Pullman R1093, no internal polystyrene, box ends a bit shabby City Freight R1092, internal polystryene intact and in good condition, box ends a bit shabby Goods Master R1070, internal polystyrene intact and in good condition, box ends a bit shabby Irish Freight R1020, internal polystrene intact and in good condition, box partially torn and ends shabby. Owners manual and catalogue included.
  3. Alan564017

    Track bed + ballast experiments

    Noel, brilliant stuff, for a novice like me its great to see how stuff is done. Hope to see more photos soon
  4. Alan564017

    Lever Switches

    Thanks for the info Noel, the hornby controller is the R965, it says on the top the output is 16V. As I said in the first post, this is a temporary layout, which is dismantled and reassembled 3 or 4 times a year. Prior to this every thing worked fine with all the same constitutent parts
  5. Alan564017

    Lever Switches

    I'm having a problem with getting point motors to work. I have surface mounted point motors connected to lever switches R044 (all hornby), all powered from DC off a bog standard hornby transformer. Plug it in, all work fine, once, then all dead, not even a buzz. I have to unplug it for a while before trying again and getting one go again before they die. All the wiring is good and properly connected, nothing touching, the transformer is fine as I connected it to the track and ran a loco. Its a temporary layout and everything worked fine before. Any ideas?
  6. Alan564017

    Tension lock - Uncoupler tool

    nice one
  7. Alan564017

    Class 121

    Anybody have any updates on when the 121's might hit the shelves?
  8. Alan564017

    Track Types/Codes

    thanks all for the replys
  9. Alan564017

    Track Types/Codes

    Can anybody give a bit of direction relating to track codes. I currently have hornby track, but im looking at getting some Peco (threeway turnouts, double slips). How do the various Peco codes relate to hornby track in terms of rail height?
  10. Alan564017

    My new American layout

    thats one very understanding girl friend;) neither wifey or the GF bought me anything train related for Xmas:dig:
  11. Alan564017

    Cutting polystryene

    this might be useful
  12. Alan564017

    Up loading videos

    I have taken a few videos of a temporary layout I have, however they are sizable (over 200Mb), is there any way to compress this and upload?
  13. Alan564017

    Cab Lighting

    I left well enough alone, so far so good
  14. Alan564017

    Cab Lighting

    thanks for the replies, everything is working fine, so i'll leave well enough alone. It was an odd occurance that never happened before.

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