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  1. brushes and springs

    Thanks Lads, PS65 on order. Controller.
  2. brushes and springs

    Hi, I am looking for brushes and springs for a Hornby Ringfield motor for a HST125 Swallow. I understand these are x8466 (hard to get), but I believe that Hornby PS65 may suffice. Easy to order. Would these be ok for this motor?. Thanks, Controller.
  3. Murphy Models Craven coaches white stripes

    Hi Wrenneire, Thanks for that info. Must keep an eye out, in case they ever come on the market, at a reasonable price. Controller.
  4. Murphy Models Craven coaches white stripes

    Hi JHB, I see that now. All the other coaches have white and orange stripes above the windows, 1149 has only white. Thanks, Controller.
  5. Murphy Models Craven coaches white stripes

    Thanks Lads, I thought that was the case, I just wanted to hear it from the experts. I think I will leave 1149 as she is. Thanks Again, Controller.
  6. Hi, I have a number of Murphy Model craven coaches. Each one has two white stripes running along the length of the coach, one on top of the windows, and the other one below the windows. I purchased Ist. class coach 1149 to finish off the set. This coach has only one stripe on top of the windows. Is this the way it should be for the period when these coaches ran as Ist. class or should I paint on an extra stripe to match the other coaches?. Thanks, Controller.
  7. loco direction

    I have a Lenz Digital Plus decoder fitted in a lima loco. I wired it all up and all is working well, lights, motor etc. One problem is, I would like to change the direction of the motor, as the white lights are to the rear and red front. I want to change the direction via the Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance, rather than opening the loco again . Can anyone tell me how to go about this. Thanks, Controller.
  8. Hi all, I have just purchased a Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance.I programmed all the locos I have and everything is working fine, except my MM IR 201 and 071 head lights. Marker lights and cab lights are all working fine. FO 0 will turn on the marker lights, FO 3 and 4 will turn on the cab lights. FO 2 will turn on the head lights, but only for a couple of seconds. Any advice on what I need to do, to fix this problem. Thanks, Controller.
  9. choice of controller

    Hi Wrenneire, Have a Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance DCCO2 ordered, hope to have it in about ten days or so. Looking forward to using it. Thanks, Controller.
  10. choice of controller

    Thanks Wrenneire, Will have a look at both and take my time to decide which one suits me best. Controller.
  11. choice of controller

    Hi, I have 300 euro to spend on a controller . I have a choice between the Hornby Elite and the Bachmann Dynamis. I have about ten locos. I would only run about two or three at a time. I would like to change the cv on some. I have read good and bad advice on both. Any advice on which one I should choose. Thanks, Controller.
  12. Slow MM 071

    Hi, I bought a MM 071 sometime in 2014. It ran very slow. I brought it back to the shop, as I was not happy with it's performance. They changed the decoder and gave it a test run. They said it ran fine . I have no permanent layout, so I only run the few locos I have occasionally . I ran it today and it ran very slowly. I assume it was replaced with a MM decoder. If I was to replace it with a more expensive decoder would it improve the performance?. If so, any tips on which on. All my other locos run fine. Thanks, Controller.
  13. Hi, On my hst 125 I have a Ringfield motor in the dummy car as well as the control car. Problem is, one of the motors is a five pole, and runs faster than the other one, which is a three pole. Is there a way I can programme the decoders to make the motors run at the same speed, or will I have to change one of the motors. I am using a Hornby Select . Also, can someone tell me the difference between a drive rod and a connecting (control) rod on a steam loco. I have an old steam loco which has none of the latter, and I want to be sure I am ordering the right parts. Regards, Controller.
  14. decoder strength

    Hi all, I have a hst 125 with control car, dummy car, and three coaches. I hope to add more coaches. I have the directional lights on the control and dummy cars working ok, but I would like to light the coaches using an extra decoder in the dummy car. Would one decoder be enough for four or more coaches, or would I need one for each coach?. I am using about six leds per coach. Thanks, Controller.
  15. coach lighting

    Hi, I am lighting some hst 125 coaches. I am using pick-up from the wheels, with springs I have collected from old pens. I have used this idea before, and it works ok. What I would like to know is, should I be using a resistor from the bridge rectifier to the capacitor, or, just after it to the leds?. Also can anyone tell me the correct strength of the capacitor, bridge rectifier, and resistors I should be using. I am using dcc. Thanks, Controller.

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