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  1. loco direction

    I have a Lenz Digital Plus decoder fitted in a lima loco. I wired it all up and all is working well, lights, motor etc. One problem is, I would like to change the direction of the motor, as the white lights are to the rear and red front. I want to change the direction via the Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance, rather than opening the loco again . Can anyone tell me how to go about this. Thanks, Controller.
  2. Hi all, I have just purchased a Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance.I programmed all the locos I have and everything is working fine, except my MM IR 201 and 071 head lights. Marker lights and cab lights are all working fine. FO 0 will turn on the marker lights, FO 3 and 4 will turn on the cab lights. FO 2 will turn on the head lights, but only for a couple of seconds. Any advice on what I need to do, to fix this problem. Thanks, Controller.
  3. choice of controller

    Hi Wrenneire, Have a Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance DCCO2 ordered, hope to have it in about ten days or so. Looking forward to using it. Thanks, Controller.
  4. choice of controller

    Thanks Wrenneire, Will have a look at both and take my time to decide which one suits me best. Controller.
  5. choice of controller

    Hi, I have 300 euro to spend on a controller . I have a choice between the Hornby Elite and the Bachmann Dynamis. I have about ten locos. I would only run about two or three at a time. I would like to change the cv on some. I have read good and bad advice on both. Any advice on which one I should choose. Thanks, Controller.
  6. Slow MM 071

    Hi, I bought a MM 071 sometime in 2014. It ran very slow. I brought it back to the shop, as I was not happy with it's performance. They changed the decoder and gave it a test run. They said it ran fine . I have no permanent layout, so I only run the few locos I have occasionally . I ran it today and it ran very slowly. I assume it was replaced with a MM decoder. If I was to replace it with a more expensive decoder would it improve the performance?. If so, any tips on which on. All my other locos run fine. Thanks, Controller.
  7. Hi, On my hst 125 I have a Ringfield motor in the dummy car as well as the control car. Problem is, one of the motors is a five pole, and runs faster than the other one, which is a three pole. Is there a way I can programme the decoders to make the motors run at the same speed, or will I have to change one of the motors. I am using a Hornby Select . Also, can someone tell me the difference between a drive rod and a connecting (control) rod on a steam loco. I have an old steam loco which has none of the latter, and I want to be sure I am ordering the right parts. Regards, Controller.
  8. decoder strength

    Hi all, I have a hst 125 with control car, dummy car, and three coaches. I hope to add more coaches. I have the directional lights on the control and dummy cars working ok, but I would like to light the coaches using an extra decoder in the dummy car. Would one decoder be enough for four or more coaches, or would I need one for each coach?. I am using about six leds per coach. Thanks, Controller.
  9. coach lighting

    Hi, I am lighting some hst 125 coaches. I am using pick-up from the wheels, with springs I have collected from old pens. I have used this idea before, and it works ok. What I would like to know is, should I be using a resistor from the bridge rectifier to the capacitor, or, just after it to the leds?. Also can anyone tell me the correct strength of the capacitor, bridge rectifier, and resistors I should be using. I am using dcc. Thanks, Controller.
  10. side rods

    Hi , all . I have attached a photo (I hope) of a loco, I got from a work mate, many years ago. I has no working parts inside, so I have it propelled by a motorized tender. I have fitted it with a headlight and I hope to fit it with a firebox light. The only thing I need now are drive rods to finish the job. I have looked on a lot of sites, but I am afraid I will buy the wrong size. I would be grateful if some of you real modellers could offer some advice. Regards, Controller.

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