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  1. controller

    dcc voltage too high for 12v motor?

    Thanks for that Irishthump, I think I may have pushed the last motor too far, it was not running very smooth. Destroyed the motor and decoder. I will be more careful next time. Thanks, Controller.
  2. controller

    dcc voltage too high for 12v motor?

    Hi Dave, I think you may be right about the loco not running freely. My last effort saw the loco stuttering all the time, so this may account for the blown decoder. The next time I will make sure that it runs ok on DC before I chance a decoder. Thanks for the advice on voltage. Thanks, Controller.
  3. Hi, I am trying to fix up a Hornby 0-6-0 shunter diesel 08201. I am fitting lights and a new motor. The motor which I believe I need is a type M motor,( I see a few on ebay) which I see is 12v. My question is, will DCC 14v burn out this motor. The decoder I am hoping to use is a Gaugemaster DCC27 four function. I have already destroyed one motor already. Will this happen every time, or do I need a different type of decoder?. Thanks, Controller.
  4. controller

    Voltage too high?

    Thanks Dave, No I have never had any problems with any decoders, except for two or three I toasted when I started converting to dcc. The decoder I was using was a Gaugemaster 4 function 1.8 amp . It still works with the lights, and forward movement , but no reverse. I can see a small burn mark on the decoder. I checked all the wiring, and all is as it should be. I was having a bit of trouble trying to get the motor to turn, and when I checked it, there was also burn marks on that . As you know it is only a small motor on the 0-6-0 shunter, so I may have overloaded the whole lot. I will get a new motor and decoder and try again. The motor I am looking for is a Hornby DCC ready 0-6-0 motor assembly (modified),x8809m but they can not be got anywhere at the moment. I will watch ebay. Thanks, Controller.
  5. controller

    RIP Jim Bayle

    Sad sad news, a real gent , he will be missed by all. Rest in peace Jim.
  6. controller

    Voltage too high?

    Thanks Noel, The loco ran fine with the old decoder, this was a new one I had purchased with the lights. I am using a multimeter to read the voltage, so like you say, I may be getting a false reading . I will go over the wiring for the lights once more, perhaps that is the problem. Can't afford to be burning out too many decoders. Thanks for your help, Controller
  7. controller

    Voltage too high?

    Hi, I have a Gaugemaster Proidgy Advance controller. It is giving out almost 18 Volts (17.8) . I was installing lights into a Hornby BR 0-6-0 shunter with a Gaugemaster 4 function 8 pin decoder. When I applied power it toasted the decoder. Is there any way I can reduce the power output, as I am afraid it may damage other locos? The power output on the transformer is 13.8v. Thanks, Controller.
  8. controller

    removal of worm and wheel gears

    Thanks Lads, Managed to get the old parts off, waiting for delivery of new ones, then comes the fun part. Will let you know how I get on. Controller.
  9. controller

    removal of worm and wheel gears

    Hi, I have a Hornby shunter 0-6-0 loco which is running very bad. I have replaced the motor, but I think the problem is with the worm and wheel gears. I have new ones on the way. Can you lads tell me how to remove the old plastic ones. The new replacement worm and wheel gear are brass. Do I need to secure these with some sort of glue. Thanks, Controller.
  10. controller

    brushes and springs

    Thanks Lads, PS65 on order. Controller.
  11. controller

    brushes and springs

    Hi, I am looking for brushes and springs for a Hornby Ringfield motor for a HST125 Swallow. I understand these are x8466 (hard to get), but I believe that Hornby PS65 may suffice. Easy to order. Would these be ok for this motor?. Thanks, Controller.
  12. controller

    Murphy Models Craven coaches white stripes

    Hi Wrenneire, Thanks for that info. Must keep an eye out, in case they ever come on the market, at a reasonable price. Controller.
  13. controller

    Murphy Models Craven coaches white stripes

    Hi JHB, I see that now. All the other coaches have white and orange stripes above the windows, 1149 has only white. Thanks, Controller.
  14. controller

    Murphy Models Craven coaches white stripes

    Thanks Lads, I thought that was the case, I just wanted to hear it from the experts. I think I will leave 1149 as she is. Thanks Again, Controller.
  15. Hi, I have a number of Murphy Model craven coaches. Each one has two white stripes running along the length of the coach, one on top of the windows, and the other one below the windows. I purchased Ist. class coach 1149 to finish off the set. This coach has only one stripe on top of the windows. Is this the way it should be for the period when these coaches ran as Ist. class or should I paint on an extra stripe to match the other coaches?. Thanks, Controller.

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