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  1. Would I be right in saying, that the EDM567 sound decoder would be the right decoder for the 121 grey+yellow RPSI loco?. Controller.
  2. Thanks for that tip. As you know, the numbers on both ends of the MM 141 are very small, so that may be a good method to remove them. A trip to Woodies is on the cards. A quick question, both locos are CIE black B141(preserved). Were all these class of loco models ( black and white) numbered 141, or did they all have different numbers?. I would hate to change the numbers, just to find out that I should have left them as they are. Controller.
  3. Hi Noel, I had a look at the YouTube video from Chadwick Model Railway decal removal. He used T-cut, IPA, and Decalfix. The results were disastrous. It removed a hell of a lot of paint from the loco. I was watching another one where the guy used Micro Sol and Micro Set. The results were much better . Have you ever used these products, and what do you think?. Controller.
  4. Thanks Murphaph, I will look up YouTube and anywhere else I can get advice,before I try to do anything. Controller
  5. Thanks Murrayec,wise words. I have two 121 locos ordered from Marks, and two MM 121 sound decoders already payed for, so that's that sorted. Can T-Cut, and SSM decals be bought in Marks, or do I need to go online?. Controller
  6. Thanks all for all the info. Did MM ever bring out a sound decoder for the 141/181 loco?, or just the standard one?. Also I have two 141, both numbered 141. How do I remove the number from one of them, and replace it with another number?. Controller.
  7. Thanks Mayner, I don't have any information on the decoder, it has been in the train for a long time now. The train never really ran well, even though I thoroughly cleaned the motor and wheels. I don't think the decoder is up to much. Perhaps if I was to buy one of better quality, it may help. Thanks, Controller.
  8. Would I be wasting my time attaching this stay alive to this decoder to give a little boost to a ringfield motor. It runs well,but needs a little help every now and again. Can anyone tell me please, where to connect the black and blue wires to the decoder?. Thanks, Controller.
  9. I have this decoder connected to a ringfield motor on a hst 125. The wheels are as clean as I can get them, the motor has been taken apart and cleaned, and runs well. Problem is, when I try to run the train it stops and starts, I have to give it a little nudge to get it going again. If I connect the stay alive to the decoder, would it help. If so ,where do I solder the blue and black wires?. Or would it make any difference at all?. Thanks, Controller.
  10. Thanks Noel. I am glad I asked first before I went buying a LokProgammer. I have two 121 sound decoders ordered and payed for from Marks. I also have an A class ordered from IRM.I have two 071 and a 201 which are fitted with sound decoders. I have a couple of other small locos. Not a huge collection. I don't even have a permanent layout. When funds allow, I will look into wheeltappers for decoders for my two 141s. Like you say , I may be able to adjust some CV settings using my DCC controller. No doubt when all locos are delivered, I will be back to look for your help again. Thanks, Controller.
  11. Thanks Lads, Thanks for all the info. Just a couple of questions, can the ESU Lokprogrammer adjust settings on all decoders, or just ESU decoders?. If so where is the best place to order them from, and around how much are they?. Thanks, Controller.
  12. Thank you gentlemen, EMD 567 are the ones I will order. Thank you for all that information. I think I will buy two and tinker around with the CVs and see what happens. Lots to look forward to. Thanks again gentlemen. Controller.
  13. I have two 121 locos on order, black with white stripes. Which sound decoders do I need for these locos, EDM645 or EDM567?,or is there any difference?. Thanks, Controller.
  14. Thanks Murrayec, Green or purple wires sound the easiest way . I will give that a try later. Thanks, Controller.
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