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  1. Spot on, took 134 out of the box and compared it to the other two, much brighter. Controller.
  2. Thanks for your replies. I have locos 125,131 and 134. Maybe the lights were meant to be like that, best left alone. Controller.
  3. Hi, I am running the loco on DCC. I am afraid now that if I increase power to the bulb, I might blow it. It is a very small LED. Controller.
  4. Hi, Is there a way to increase the brightness of the headlight on the MM121 loco?. At the moment it is very dull. Thanks, Controller.
  5. Murphaph, Sorry about the confusion. I read the instructions again, that came with the van.(The PCB contains an eight-pin DCC decoder socket). When I bought the van from Marks, he told me they didn't have the right decoder, the only one he had was a wired one, and the wires would be seen hanging down in the compartment. That made me think that there was such a decoder without wires. Back to the drawing board. Thanks, Controller.
  6. Murphaph, I had a look at the decoder you suggested. I has everything I require, except that one is wired . The one I need is a eight pin direct connection. There is not much room in the van, and the wires would show. I will ask the lads in IRM if they have any, or maybe they can tell me where I can get the right one. Thanks, Controller.
  7. Murphaph, your a gentleman, thank you. Controller.
  8. Thanks NIR, Again, good advice. I would have come to grief before I even started. Can the proper decoders be purchased online, EBay perhaps?. I could take a look, if I knew which one to buy. Better safe than sorry. Controller.
  9. Thanks Murphaph, It's always good to seek advice from the experts. I don't want to blow all the lights before I get a chance to enjoy them. Maybe IRM might have some, or know where to get them. Thanks Again, Controller.
  10. Thanks NIR, I don't have anything like that at the moment. I was just trying to avoid online, postal charges, Brexit etc. Marks Models were sold out when I bought the plough van and ballast wagons just after Christmas. I have one or two old decoders that may have light functions, but they are wired. Thanks, Controller.
  11. Where can I buy a decoder for the IRM plough van?. Thanks, Controller.
  12. Thanks Wrenneire, Had a look at that, now to find a chip. Controller
  13. Can someone please tell me which decoder fits the IRM ballast plough van. I have removed the top part of the van without wrecking anything, but now I need help with where do I place the new decoder. Also where can I buy these decoders. Thanks, Controller
  14. Thanks BosKonay, The minute I asked this question, I remembered that most of the money I have is in the form of vouchers for Marks Models. So for 325 euro (including vouchers) I will get six wagons and two plough vans. I will be happy enough with that for now. Thanks again Controller.
  15. Hi. I have been looking at the IRM bundle pack nine wagons plus two plough vans for 375euro. Can someone tell me if these are authentic looking wagons and vans. They are from the era 1977-1987. I am planning to buy some plough vans and wagons. Is this bundle a good deal?. Thanks Controller.
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