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  1. Thanks Murrayec, Green or purple wires sound the easiest way . I will give that a try later. Thanks, Controller.
  2. I am lighting a Hornby 0-6-0 BR diesel shunter. I am using a Hornby Decoder, Code R8249 four function Decoder V1. I am trying to get all the marker lights to stay on all the time, whether in forward or reverse.Can anyone help me with the wiring plan to achieve this.
  3. Thanks Eoin, Appreciate your reply. As you say, F2 is for toot on the horn. I need to keep this, for sound decoders on my 071 and 201. I have the decoder wires soldered to the correct colour wires on the lighting unit. There is a red and white light for the front of the loco, and a red and white for the rear, and a white light for the cab. Is there a way to get these functioning correctly by changing CVs. I have been helped before to change CVs, by lads on this forum, but I need help with this one. Thanks Again, Controller.
  4. Hi, I bought a set of lights for my 08 0-6-0 diesel shunter, from expressmodels.uk. I wired them to a Hornby R8249 decoder. So far the white lights for forward and reverse work ok. One red light will turn on with F1, the other red will come on with F2, but does not remain on.I cannot get the light for the cab to come on at all. Does anyone know about these lights, and how to get them to work properly. I use a Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance controller. Thanks, Controller.
  5. Thanks Noel, The Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance is the control I use, and has a button ( DBL Head ) for double heading. I know this will set up double header running for two or more locos. I am not sure if it will equalize the speed on both locos or if I will have to play around with CV3, 4, 6. Can you explain what you mean by LokSound/LokPilot calibration procedure, I don't think I have come across that one yet. Thanks for the ton of information above. The user manual has a lot of instructions on how to set up double heading. I will sit down tomorrow and use all that information to try and get it right. Thanks again. Controller.
  6. Thanks IT, The sound chip is MM 0055 DCC Sound chip for CL071/111. The non sound chip is one I bought for 088 in Marks Models a number of years ago. Now that I have had time to think about it , these locos never ran as double headers. So I think I will leave them as they are. Best not to mess around with them. They are running just fine. Thanks Again, Controller.
  7. Thanks Dave, I will start with YouTube and get as much information as I can, before I undertake the job. I know a small bit about CV values, but not enough, to dive straight into the job. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks Again, Controller.
  8. Hi, I have fitted a MM 071 loco (088) with a sound decoder and all is working fine. I bought another 071, (086) and fitted this one with the decoder I took from 088, Non sound. This too is working fine. I would like to run these as a double header. Problem is, 088 takes off very fast, while 086 takes time to build up any speed. I remember reading, on this site , how to equalize both decoders, but cannot recall how this is done. Can any one of you gents refresh my memory, please. One more question please. I have 088 for a number of years now, and I think it may need a drop of lube oil. Can you tell my what parts need to be oiled, if any at all?. PS. I use a Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance. Thanks, Controller.
  9. Thanks Lads, I tried the chip in my 071 loco and success first time. Everything is working. So like you lads suggest, it may be a faulty speaker or loose wire in 201. I will take it in to Marks tomorrow, and let them have a look at it. Thanks Again, Controller.
  10. Thanks IT, The only other loco I have that has a speaker is a MM 071. I will give that a try. Thanks, Controller
  11. Hi Lads, I am not getting any sound at all. All I am getting is lights and fwd/rev. I have the loco since 2012. I never opened the loco, except to replace the chip to DCC. And that only means removing a small panel from the roof. I don't think I would be brave enough to take the loco apart, and do as you suggest. If I was to take it to Marks or Murphy Models, would they have a service/repair department?. I think it would be safer to leave it to the experts. After forking out 120e for the chip it would be nice to see it working properly. Thanks, Controller.
  12. Hi IT, Yes I did try the decoder after reset, but I am still only getting the same functions. Perhaps if I try to program the chip again, I might have some luck. Any tips would be very welcome. Controller.
  13. Thanks IT, I did what you suggested by resetting cv8 to value 8. I did this by programming loco on program track. When I read loco's decoder values on programme track, I get a reading CV8= 151. I know I am doing something wrong, but I don't know what. Controller
  14. Hi, I just purchased a Murphy Models sound chip for a 201 loco. I thought everything would work if I just placed it on the main track, but no. Reverse/forward ok, FO directional lights ok. No luck with F1, F2, F3. F4 headlight one end only. No luck with F5, F6, F7. F8 cab lights ok. Do I need to program this chip on the program track first?. I am using a Guagemaster Prodigy Advance. I am using factory default address # 3 at the moment. I will change it later, when I get it all set up. Thanks, Controller
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