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  1. Thanks Lads, I tried the chip in my 071 loco and success first time. Everything is working. So like you lads suggest, it may be a faulty speaker or loose wire in 201. I will take it in to Marks tomorrow, and let them have a look at it. Thanks Again, Controller.
  2. Thanks IT, The only other loco I have that has a speaker is a MM 071. I will give that a try. Thanks, Controller
  3. Hi Lads, I am not getting any sound at all. All I am getting is lights and fwd/rev. I have the loco since 2012. I never opened the loco, except to replace the chip to DCC. And that only means removing a small panel from the roof. I don't think I would be brave enough to take the loco apart, and do as you suggest. If I was to take it to Marks or Murphy Models, would they have a service/repair department?. I think it would be safer to leave it to the experts. After forking out 120e for the chip it would be nice to see it working properly. Thanks, Controller.
  4. Hi IT, Yes I did try the decoder after reset, but I am still only getting the same functions. Perhaps if I try to program the chip again, I might have some luck. Any tips would be very welcome. Controller.
  5. Thanks IT, I did what you suggested by resetting cv8 to value 8. I did this by programming loco on program track. When I read loco's decoder values on programme track, I get a reading CV8= 151. I know I am doing something wrong, but I don't know what. Controller
  6. Hi, I just purchased a Murphy Models sound chip for a 201 loco. I thought everything would work if I just placed it on the main track, but no. Reverse/forward ok, FO directional lights ok. No luck with F1, F2, F3. F4 headlight one end only. No luck with F5, F6, F7. F8 cab lights ok. Do I need to program this chip on the program track first?. I am using a Guagemaster Prodigy Advance. I am using factory default address # 3 at the moment. I will change it later, when I get it all set up. Thanks, Controller
  7. Thanks Noel, Warm white it is then. Controller.
  8. Should I go for Amber, or Warm white lights for Orient Express coaches?. Thanks, Controller.
  9. I think I am going to need a lot of paint for these roofs. Controller
  10. Silver paint it is then. Thanks for the tip. Controller.
  11. Hi Lads, I finally found what was holding the roof on. Not a screw to be found anywhere. As you can see from the photos, the glazing at the end of the coach, at the gangway window has a small lip, which when pushed in, enabled me to pull off the roof and glazing all in one. I can't remember where and when I got the coaches. I got a number of coaches from a work mate, many years ago, so these may be some of them. Now for lighting. Thank you all for all your advice and help. Thanks, Controller.
  12. Thanks DiveController. These are a couple of photos of one of the coaches. I have pulled on the roof, but I am afraid I will break it. As you can see in the chassis, there are three holes, but I can't figure out what the purpose of these are. Controller.
  13. I have three Lima Italy pullman coaches and one parcels van. I bought them for my sons many many years ago. I would like to put lights in to them, but I am having trouble taking them apart. It looks like I will have to take the roof off , but I do not want to force it, in case I cause any damage. There are no screws visible holding the roof on, just three holes in the chassis which don't appear to serve any purpose. Any tips?. Thanks, Controller.
  14. Thanks DiveController, I do like the look of the black 141 with the small marker lights and token catchers attached. If there were any of these available I would be prepared to swap these two, they are still in very good condition. If not, I would be happy just to add token catchers, if these were available. I have been told that WRENNEIRE may be able to help. I will contact him tomorrow. Thanks, Controller.
  15. Thanks Noel, Will contact Wrenneire. Controller.
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