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  1. joe123

    Road portal

    Hi would anyone know were I could buy a road tunnel portal? For 2 way traffic, 00 scale. As I am about to install the Magorail car system. Thanks for your help regards.
  2. joe123

    Air brush set

    Thanks Glenderg and Burnthebox. Great info. Really appreciate it. Cheers
  3. joe123

    Air brush set

    Hi just saw in Lidl there doing a Air brush set for 59.99 euro. It’s a park side 180w. With all the accessories, compresser, airbrush gun, 6 basic paints. Working pressure 3 bar. Though that some one might be interested? Is it any good ? Is it worth 60 euro. Thoughts anyone.
  4. joe123

    Magorail car system

    Great info lads. Thanks much appreciated .
  5. joe123

    8mm cork strips

    Thanks Broithe, just had what I was looking for. Perfect thanks for the heads up good man cheers
  6. joe123

    8mm cork strips

    Hi lads. Would anyone know were I could buy 8mm cork strips? There for filling for the sides of the Magorail car system. Thanks for your help cheers
  7. joe123

    Magorail car system

    Hi have anyone used the Magorail car system? And if yes how did you find it. Was it ok on a steep climb?
  8. joe123

    Platform sound.

    Thanks Noel. your were a great help. The railway sound great. I think i purchase the sound scene on the platform from Digitrain . its only 27 euro. So i cannot go badly wrong. Thanks again Noel , for your great help. cheers.
  9. joe123

    Platform sound.

    Hi All i need some help please, And have 2 questions for you. The Murphy model locos is there a front and a back to them ?. And the second question is have anyone tried the sound scene on the platform. And how was it? Thanks for your help.
  10. Hi would anyone know how to change the traction tyres on the Hornby class 40. I am trying to remove the boogie to get access But cannot do so? Ideas anyone?
  11. joe123

    What oil to use?

    Hi lads , Another question for you. What is the best oil to use on a locomotive ? And what and what not parts to oil? Where is the best place to buy oil? Sorry for asking 3 question together. But your all a great help.and thanks for that. Cheers
  12. joe123

    Traction tyres

    Thanks Spudfan .thats a great help especially the link. Cheers.
  13. joe123

    Traction tyres

    Hi lads. Were would be the best place to buy traction tyres for Hornby class 40 that the loco with tts sound. Thanks for your help regards.
  14. joe123

    Freight containers wagons

    Thanks warbonnet. They look fanstic I would need a least 8 wagons. It’s looking expensive. Cheers
  15. joe123

    Freight containers wagons

    Hi lads can anyone recommend the best freight wagons to buy. I have a lot of 20ft. And 40ft plastic containers and would like some freight wagons for the containers. Wagons that don’t derail easily. Thanks for your help.

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