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  1. Hi would anyone know how to change the traction tyres on the Hornby class 40. I am trying to remove the boogie to get access But cannot do so? Ideas anyone?
  2. joe123

    What oil to use?

    Hi lads , Another question for you. What is the best oil to use on a locomotive ? And what and what not parts to oil? Where is the best place to buy oil? Sorry for asking 3 question together. But your all a great help.and thanks for that. Cheers
  3. joe123

    Traction tyres

    Thanks Spudfan .thats a great help especially the link. Cheers.
  4. joe123

    Traction tyres

    Hi lads. Were would be the best place to buy traction tyres for Hornby class 40 that the loco with tts sound. Thanks for your help regards.
  5. joe123

    Freight containers wagons

    Thanks warbonnet. They look fanstic I would need a least 8 wagons. It’s looking expensive. Cheers
  6. joe123

    Freight containers wagons

    Hi lads can anyone recommend the best freight wagons to buy. I have a lot of 20ft. And 40ft plastic containers and would like some freight wagons for the containers. Wagons that don’t derail easily. Thanks for your help.
  7. joe123

    Track cleaning. Wagon

    Thanks Noel for the great information you give me there . It a bit expensive but as you said if it works that well it would be worth to buy it cheers
  8. joe123

    Track cleaning. Wagon

    Hi all. Could anyone recommend what would the best cleaning wagon coach to buy for 00 gauge 1.76 scale peco tracks cheers
  9. Thanks lads for the reply. Jhb171, I don’t have any gradients as such and Leslie your right about the Murphy models I stuck a Murphy 181 on the freight rake and it pulled it no problem. I had the Hornby class 40. Pulling the rake but it was just a piece of junk wouldn’t pull the skin off a banana. I will have to buy a Murphy model for pulling power and reliablety. Cheers
  10. Hi all. Could I have your opinions on what would the best diesel locomotives for pulling freight. We say a rake of 15 to 20 wagons. 00 gauge. 1.76 scale . Diesel loco. I heard the Bachmann class 38. Have good pulling power? Or would I be better off sticking to the Murphy models. Opinions please. Cheers
  11. joe123

    Hornby diesel class 40

    Oh yes, and the patience of a saint.
  12. joe123

    Hornby diesel class 40

    I’ll think I will go back to being a pilot. Flying is a way easier.
  13. joe123

    Hornby diesel class 40

    Thanks Broithe It going to take some time for me to find the fault. I will keep all you informed if I do find anything cheers.
  14. joe123

    Hornby diesel class 40

    Thanks lads getting some great advice here. And Irishthump, they derailed on curves, and even on the straight. With a small rake of 15 wagons it could be a small problem with one wagon. It trying to pinpoint it that’s were the fun starts.
  15. joe123

    Hornby diesel class 40

    Hi Garfield very slow speed between 3 and 5 using the nce power cab.

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