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  1. Hi I will have a surplus of Polak 5453 ballast that I wish to sell. I don’t know the exact amount yet but should have at least 15 bags left over, But not 100 percent certain at the moment as I am still ballasting my track. If anyone is interested please let me know. There 240g bags and I will sell for €2.50 each plus postage. Here some photos of the product. Regards .
  2. Thanks lads great info, and a great site. Well done. Cheers.
  3. Thanks Eoin for the great info. What is a pinpoint Oiler? And am I correct in saying that sewing machines oil would be ok to use? Thanks again for your help regards.
  4. Hi lads I have a few Murphy models 071. And would like to know apart from cleaning the wheels is there any other mantance that should be done to the locomotive? Thanks for your help regards.
  5. Yes I see what you mean. That makes perfect sense. Could hide the loop with a building or something similar cheers
  6. I know what you mean Eoin. I will give it one more try and if that do not work. I will have to relay the track again , minus the curves. Thanks a million for your help regards.
  7. Hi Eoin. The chain runs but then pops out of the rail. It’s one rail with 2 return loops at each end. I had all the chain connected up with a temporary road bed on top. No cars. But it keeps popping out of the track. Using 2 motors at the moment
  8. Sorry Eoin forget to mention the full length of the rail is 610 cm. And I am using the two 12v motors . I tried to measure the radius of the rail, using the 18 inch tracksetta . See attached photo. Thanks.
  9. Hi Eoin Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I have the rail fully laid. And had the chain in place, with a temporary road bed laid on top. But I cannot get the right tension on the chain. Here are some photos. Thanks for your help. Regards Joe
  10. Thanks Eoin for your reply. I am away from the lay out at the moment but I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks mate.
  11. Hi Is there anyone on the site that put the Magorail car system together? If yes would love to hear from you. Having a big problem with the chain tension. Cheers
  12. Hi would anyone know were I could buy a road tunnel portal? For 2 way traffic, 00 scale. As I am about to install the Magorail car system. Thanks for your help regards.
  13. joe123

    Air brush set

    Thanks Glenderg and Burnthebox. Great info. Really appreciate it. Cheers
  14. joe123

    Air brush set

    Hi just saw in Lidl there doing a Air brush set for 59.99 euro. It’s a park side 180w. With all the accessories, compresser, airbrush gun, 6 basic paints. Working pressure 3 bar. Though that some one might be interested? Is it any good ? Is it worth 60 euro. Thoughts anyone.
  15. Great info lads. Thanks much appreciated .
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