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  1. Thanks for all your replies and help. Cheers lads.
  2. Thanks DJ, They would be perfect. The only problem would be the price. As I have 8 containers, so your talking about the bones of €400. For the wagons. Anyway thanks again.regards
  3. Hi lads, I have 20ft and 40ft containers 00 gauge. And I am looking for suitable flat wagons to accommodate same. Would anyone have any ideas what I could use? Thanks for your help regards.
  4. Hi what is the correct way to oil a 071 locomotive. Thanks for your help regards
  5. Hi Glenderg I bought them from Lighthouseleds.com Washington US. They came pre wired with resistors. And will run off 2v up to 14 v. 4.99 dollars for a pack of five. Flashing smds . 0402 or 0603 very small and delicate. Postage was 6 dollars. And I had them in 6 days. Well pleased with them , but you have to be very careful as they are so delicate. Cheers.
  6. Hi lads and thanks for your help. Got 3 vehicles done over the weekend. A small bit tricky, as the wires on the SMD were thinner than a piece of thread. Just 2 more vehicles to go. Another fire engine and a ambulance. And I will be ready to place them on the layout. Cheers. IMG_1495.MOV IMG_1494.MOV
  7. Thanks Enniscorthyman . They were out of 0402 flashing smd on eBay , So I had to buy them in the states. Hopefully they will not take to long to arrive. I am going to power them off my 12v layout. Thanks for your help cheers.
  8. Thanks lads for your reply’s . That’s exactly what I was thinking about. I am after buying very small smds from the states , and bought 4 light bars from eBay, 1.76 scale. Just waiting on the postman to get started. Thanks for your help regards.
  9. Hi I would like to know has anyone tried to put flashing lights on a 1.76 scale model fire engine? I would like to know how you got on. Cheers
  10. Thanks enniscorthyman. For your help.
  11. Hi lads. Could you please tell me how to remove the body from a 071 loco?. As I want to fit a driver into the cab. Thanks for your help regards.
  12. Hi How to remove the body from a 071 loco. So that I could fit a driver in the cab. Thanks for your help regards.
  13. Hi I will have a surplus of Polak 5453 ballast that I wish to sell. I don’t know the exact amount yet but should have at least 15 bags left over, But not 100 percent certain at the moment as I am still ballasting my track. If anyone is interested please let me know. There 240g bags and I will sell for €2.50 each plus postage. Here some photos of the product. Regards .
  14. Thanks lads great info, and a great site. Well done. Cheers.
  15. Thanks Eoin for the great info. What is a pinpoint Oiler? And am I correct in saying that sewing machines oil would be ok to use? Thanks again for your help regards.
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