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  1. MERG - Model Electronic Railway Group This free book may of use, https://www.merg.org.uk/ebook.php
  2. Hi, Recently I was using some line drawing to try to create a 3D model with openSCAD. The drawing has some dimensions marked on it but many are not. So I created this simply and crude tool which will allow measurements to be taken on a line drawing. Basically you upload an image, usually a line drawing. Mark a known distance and input the value of that distance. Then you can mark any other distance on the image and find its dimension. A demo is running on github's gh-pages. Check it out, https://shanegibney.github.io/Scale-Canvas-Upload-Image-Dimensions/ If you're interested the full code is here, https://github.com/shanegibney/Scale-Canvas-Upload-Image-Dimensions Thanks,
  3. hi, a few people have asked me for this pdf. Here is a download link http://www.shanegibney.com/shanegibney/0_16076_0_01_000_00_TWO_PART_ELECTRIC_SUBURBAN_TRAIN.pdf Let me know if you have any problems downloading and I will email it to you.
  4. I can only upload images to this forum so I can't post the original pdf. The pdf was obtained from Iarnrod Eireann under the Freedom of Information act. Contact me and I will send the original pdf document.
  5. Hi, Thought I'd post these blueprints of the DART 8100 EMU in case they are useful to anyone. I would prefer to share the original pdf but seems I can only upload images here.
  6. Hi, I am looking for Blueprints or orthogonal views for CIE class 8100, DART. I have spent quick a while searching online, but not luck. Manufactured by Linke-Hofmann-Busch built in 1983, unfortunately the company doesn't exist and has amalgamated with Alstom. Therefore I can't ask the manufacturer for blueprints. Are there sources for locomotive blueprints in general apart from http://www.freetexturesblueprints.com/displayimage.php?pid=1837 ? The best I can do is the image on ECMtrains site https://ecmtrains.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/dart-new-train-01.jpg Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks,

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