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  1. Thanks for all this - I'll check the back to back distance next time I'm home. I'm also going to try re-soldering the wiring with thinner, more flexible wires as that might be a reason for the derailing. Thanks for your help, will report back!
  2. Thanks very much for this advice! My mistake - I meant wheel rim not flange. I'm finding the wheel rims aren't making contact with the rails consistently - is the solution to that to widen the wheels slightly? i.e. pull them slightly apart from one another Best, David P.s. would you mind explaining how to use these magnets, where to put them in a model etc? Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone - I've followed the photos in this post and installed a second motor, but I'm really struggling to get it to run properly. I'd prefer to have traction tyres, as I've got a steep gradient on my layout, but can't get current to flow - how did others get this to work? I can see how the current does run through the wheel flanges - but my Peco track is wider than the axles on my wheels so the flanges do not touch the track properly. So I've put all metal wheels on it but am finding that it's still not working properly. They are both wired up as above and work fine when tested with leads to the controller, but not on my layout when connected to the layout (keeps derailing on the bends, and doesn't have enough traction) Any further tips?? Many thanks, David
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