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    Thank you.👍 Not that it's short notice, but travel from the Irish 'outback' is not easy. Living in the 'back of beyond' has it's disadvantages.😁
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    Hi all. Great to be here.! After a hiatus of over 55+ years, I've started a new layout. So, essentially I'm a newbie to this. Layout is 'ad hoc' but Hornby 00 Gauge, with several loops, with so many sets of points and power track. I bought 2 sets, one the Industrial Freight R1228, the other, The Flying Scotsman. R1167. I've also bought a rake of extra track to add to these sets. I was over rather over ambitious, so have about 20 - 3rd curves left over. I'm just in the process of wiring the power tracks, of which there are 7. I didn't want to solder odd bits of wire to the rails or fish plates......so it is what it is.......expensive.! Anyhow. As an old newbie I'll need lots of help and knowledge.👍
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