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  1. The limited edition models of B134 have started to arrive from the distribution centre with customers. The feedback is extremely positive and thanks to all who have so far supported this project. With mainline operations currently suspended, this is a vital stream of income for the society. Thanks again to Paddy Murphy of Murphy models and the team at IRM for making this whole project possible. To secure your model please follow https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/murphy-models-class-121-locomotive/products/b134-class-121-locomotive-rpsi-grey-yellow
  2. The team at IRM are not only handling the ordering and dispatch of the models for us but generously offered that any multiple purchases and savings on delivery would be passed to the RPSI.
  3. The first delivery is our B134 and also Murphy Models B121 and B135
  4. They are en route!! Flight QR17 due to arrive in Dublin airport from Doha https://fr24.com/QTR1AT/256ea117
  5. Just a quick update... The first shipment of 121 models from China have departed the factory and are now officially on their way. The shipment which is made up of our limited edition model of B134 alongside Murphy Models B121 and B135, is due to arrive in Dublin Airport on Monday lunchtime. The models will then go through Customs clearance before they are collected and immediately dispatched to the distribution centre for delivery to customers. Limited number of this one off model remain available for purchase but once they are gone they are gone! Thanks to all those who ha
  6. Great news has reached us from China. The special limited edition of our 121 class locomotive B134 is now all packed and ready to go. The models along with the Murphy Models version of B121 and B135 will also be part of the first shipment. The shipment is due to leave China over the next day or so and depending on Customs clearance etc they will be heading straight to the distribution centre by the end of next week. These limited edition models of B134 are very popular with modellers and supporters of the RPSI. Thanks to all who have supported this project and in turn have supported
  7. Thanks to all who have placed orders for our model of B134. This is much appreciated by the RPSI as all the income generated from operating trains has disappeared so far this year. The recent pictures of the models have received a great response and have further reduced the number of models left available to purchase. The way things are going they will be sold out before they arrive. Thanks again to Paddy Murphy for facilitating this unique run for us and to IRM for facilitating orders and distribution. These models will be totally unique to all other 121’s produced and will fe
  8. Ahead of the main delivery of B134 models, one complete loco has made its way to us in advance. The model looks absolutely stunning and is well worth all the effort and patience to get to this stage. Paddy Murphy of Murphy models is also understandably proud of this latest arrival. These models are selling fast and less than one hundred are left. The main batch of models are due to follow imminently and once they clear customs etc they will make their way to the IRM distribution centre for delivery to customers. Once they are gone that's it there will be no more.
  9. In response to your questions- the 121 class certainly did run with this wording on the cab door when introduced to service. The removal of the sandbox filler was an early modification to the locomotive rather than the filler just falling off! The model of B134 will certainly have the current LED lights, the model will represent the real thing as it will emerge from Inchicore works so this will also include full length handrails along the side of the locomotive which it did not have as new. The retro fitting of the windows over the bonnet will also feature as this has been completed on th
  10. When new the doors had the words Hand Brake Inside on them. This disappeared after a while along with the sandbox filler pipe on the bonnet end.
  11. We have received a basic sample for review from the factory in China. This sample show the basic colour of the locomotive and is far from a complete sample of a finished model. We are very happy with how the locomotive looks and the finished product will be even better. Sales of the model continue to come in and less than a third of the stock remains available. To secure your model follow the link https://irishrailwaymodels.com/products/b134-class-121-locomotive-rpsi-grey-yellow There will be just one production run of these locomotives so don’t miss out and at the same time you wil
  12. As many will know from other 121 topics on the forum, the arrival of B134 has been delayed. We were informed today from Paddy Murphy that this is due to a backlog of production in China and also the high demand for air freight at the minute. They could of course go by ship but it would be a lot longer before we see them. Paddy hopes they will depart China mid to late August so all going well with customs etc, the models will be dispatched to customers in early September. Thanks to all those who have purchased the locomotives in support of the RPSI. The total sold is approaching the t
  13. Certainly will be possible to give some updates on the progress on the real one during the next week or so. With the current restrictions work had eased off but is getting back on track again with the final delivery of body panels currently in production with the fabrication company. It has passed the point a good time ago where bits stopped coming off and it’s only new and refurbished items going back on.
  14. Not cheeky at all- which one to refer to, the real one or the model? They are both in progress
  15. RPSI limited edition B134 model update Following the launch of the online sales for our limited edition model last Monday, the model of B134 has certainly proven extremely popular. In less than a week 50% of the models have been sold. This is great news for the RPSI as the income from the operation of our trains is gone due to the suspension of our operations. Thanks to all who have purchased these models, not only are you getting a limited edition model but at the same time supporting the RPSI. The specially commissioned model will be unique to the other 121 models and wi
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