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  1. RPSI B134

    Thank you...

    Today the last of the remaining B134 locomotives sold out. A huge thank you to all those who have supported the RPSI in this venture. This project has brought in vital income at a time when all our normal operations have come to a halt along with the associated income. This project would not have been possible without the generous assistance from Paddy Murphy of Murphy Models with the production and supply of the models. Also the team at IRM who volunteered their assistance with the hosting of sales, dealing with orders and dispatching the models to customers. We also had a number of Mk2 coach packs made available and these sold out in record time through the IRM site. a very small number of individual coaches remain. The success of these models along with the previously released Cravens gives plenty to consider regarding possible future releases. A number of options are under consideration and hopefully it wont be too long before we can announce the next project. The income raised from the sale of the models ensures that work can continue on the restoration of the real B134 in Inchicore Works along with other things like insurance etc which still have to be paid. On behalf of the RPSI- thank you. Gerry
  2. Thanks to the assistance of Paddy Murphy, a very limited amount of brand new RPSI MK2 coaches have been made available to the society. IRM yet again have come to the aid of the RPSI in the sale and distribution of these coaches. Only a small number are available but every sale counts. To secure your set or individual coaches visit https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/rpsi
  3. Sorry to burst your bubble John... not this time.
  4. Some little piggybanks should be worried...
  5. No promises have been made in relation to the production of more cravens. However, the idea of producing a second set is certainly one thing that is in the mix. There are also a number of other options that are currently getting looked at. The response to the RPSI cravens and B134 models certainly gives good reason to explore further production runs of our stock. It must be remembered that the RPSI has able to produce these models only with the huge assistance of Paddy Murphy when production of similar models is underway. Clearing the last few of the B134 models is another important step to keep some income coming in when everything in terms of operations has stopped. If you are thinking of purchasing one of these models please do so now because once these are gone that's it- no more.. https://irishrailwaymodels.com/products/b134-class-121-locomotive-rpsi-grey-yellow There will be some good news to report in the coming days so watch this space...
  6. It is great to report that the limited edition models of B134 produced for the RPSI by Murphy Models are down to the final few. The response to these models has been amazing and has provided a vital income stream for the society. It is now over a year since we last operated a train but bills like insurance still need to be paid. Thanks to all those who have supported this project and to those who would like to support us, please use the links and secure one of the last remaining models. Once they are gone thats it there will be no more! There are two pages to make it easier to purchase. One page for those inside the EU and one for those within the UK. EU link https://irishrailwaymodels.com/products/b134-class-121-locomotive-rpsi-grey-yellow UK link https://irishrailwaymodels.co.uk/collections/locomotives/products/b134-class-121-locomotive-rpsi-grey-yellow We have had a number of requests regarding suitable rolling stock from people who have purchased B134. A number of options are currently getting looked at to generate funds. Huge thanks are due to the team at IRM for facilitating the ordering and dispatch of these models at zero cost to the RPSI. -Gerry
  7. Fran Thanks for that, the most important thing for us at the minute is that we clear the remaining few locomotives in stock. The funds raised from these models has without doubt helped the RPSI in a huge way this year. Not one single passenger has travelled on our trains out of Dublin this year and as you say the bills still need to be paid. We have to keep the locomotives and stock in order for when the time comes that we are permitted to operate once again. At this time of the year we would normally be at our busiest with the Santa train operations which is the main income earner for the year. Instead, the locomotive boiler is cold and the stock empty in Inchicore works. Every single sale of the remaining models will help ensure that we will be ready to go. Again thanks to yourselves at IRM and Paddy Murphy for assisting us with this venture, without this help it would not be possible to make this venture a success. In regard to projects in the future. The priority is to clear these models first but there are a number of things that are being looked at. Another batch of blue cravens is one option, these would be three open carriages to supplement the existing models. The production of the bar and snack cars is prohibitive due to the cost of tooling. The green Mk2's is another option but again it would be down to the production of other models to coincide with their release. It is all down to cost and the demand for such models. A significant number need to be sold to make it all viable and make money for the society. There would not be plans for the heritage stock as the cost of tooling for production versus the number that would be sold simply wouldn’t work. You can all rest assured that options are under consideration and should the opportunity present itself and there is sufficient demand they will be produced. So, in the meantime let's get the last of these models sold and we can take it from there. Thank you to all those who have supported the RPSI with this venture, and for those who have yet to purchase one don't leave it too late because once they are gone- they are gone! Thanks Gerry
  8. Less than 20 B134 models remain available. If you are looking for that unique Christmas gift or fancy a treat for yourself, what better way to do it and support the RPSI at the same time. The last of our specially produced limited edition B134 models are left available for purchase. These highly detailed models have proven to be very popular with modellers,collectors and supporters of the RPSI. Only 300 of these models were produced and when these last few models are gone that will be it, no more! The proceeds from the sale of these models have directly helped the RPSI this year, thank you to all those who have contributed. This has greatly helped the finances in this challenging year and also allowed for the provison of material to all work to continue on the restoration of the real thing in Inchicore Works. The delay in work due to Covid will see the locomotive emerge from Inchicore in 2021, certainly something for us all to look forward to. To purchase your B134 model please follow the link https://irishrailwaymodels.com/products/b134-class-121-locomotive-rpsi-grey-yellow
  9. The limited edition models of B134 have started to arrive from the distribution centre with customers. The feedback is extremely positive and thanks to all who have so far supported this project. With mainline operations currently suspended, this is a vital stream of income for the society. Thanks again to Paddy Murphy of Murphy models and the team at IRM for making this whole project possible. To secure your model please follow https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/murphy-models-class-121-locomotive/products/b134-class-121-locomotive-rpsi-grey-yellow To see one of the model as in action see
  10. The team at IRM are not only handling the ordering and dispatch of the models for us but generously offered that any multiple purchases and savings on delivery would be passed to the RPSI.
  11. The first delivery is our B134 and also Murphy Models B121 and B135
  12. They are en route!! Flight QR17 due to arrive in Dublin airport from Doha https://fr24.com/QTR1AT/256ea117
  13. Just a quick update... The first shipment of 121 models from China have departed the factory and are now officially on their way. The shipment which is made up of our limited edition model of B134 alongside Murphy Models B121 and B135, is due to arrive in Dublin Airport on Monday lunchtime. The models will then go through Customs clearance before they are collected and immediately dispatched to the distribution centre for delivery to customers. Limited number of this one off model remain available for purchase but once they are gone they are gone! Thanks to all those who have supported this project. Also to Paddy Murphy of Murphy models who made production possible and to IRM for facilitating the ordering and distribution of the model on our behalf. To order your one please follow this link https://irishrailwaymodels.com/products/b134-class-121-locomotive-rpsi-grey-yellow
  14. Great news has reached us from China. The special limited edition of our 121 class locomotive B134 is now all packed and ready to go. The models along with the Murphy Models version of B121 and B135 will also be part of the first shipment. The shipment is due to leave China over the next day or so and depending on Customs clearance etc they will be heading straight to the distribution centre by the end of next week. These limited edition models of B134 are very popular with modellers and supporters of the RPSI. Thanks to all who have supported this project and in turn have supported the RPSI. The income to the society from our regular mainline operations has ceased this year so the support of this project is very much appreciated. If you have not already secured your model, please do so now because once they are gone they are gone. There will not be another run of these highly detailed and collectable models https://irishrailwaymodels.com/products/b134-class-121-locomotive-rpsi-grey-yellow
  15. Thanks to all who have placed orders for our model of B134. This is much appreciated by the RPSI as all the income generated from operating trains has disappeared so far this year. The recent pictures of the models have received a great response and have further reduced the number of models left available to purchase. The way things are going they will be sold out before they arrive. Thanks again to Paddy Murphy for facilitating this unique run for us and to IRM for facilitating orders and distribution. These models will be totally unique to all other 121’s produced and will feature a mix of original and more modern features that the real loco will have when it returns to traffic. To order yours please order here https://irishrailwaymodels.com/products/b134-class-121-locomotive-rpsi-grey-yellow
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