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  1. This layout has now sold and found a new home Thank you.
  2. Hi All, I’m selling an N gauge layout on behalf of my father who is going OO. It was professionally made by a guy in the trade, it has working lights signals and points on two levels and possibility of running 3 trains at once plus shunting. It is set up for DCC operation, but points and lights are controlled via switch button. It’s based on continental German, Swiss or Austrian, it comes complete with wires and transformer for lights. It is 5.5 foot by 3 foot Im looking for 1150 euro ono.
  3. Hi all, I have a box of 12 cobalt digital motors for sale, never used on a layout and all still in original packaging. 220.00 euro.
  4. This model is now sold, thanks all for your interest.
  5. Hi train model, No defo not getting out in for the long haul.. Its at its best now I think, thanks to a Mr Murphy. I have Dave building me a layout It will be in 3 sections for easy set up and storage as I do not have a place to do a full layout, So hoping to get that soon, hint hint Dave if reading lol.... so looking forward to actually running a few trains at last! but no just sorting out bits and bobs I do not need anymore..
  6. The imp type buses never went near Heuston or Connolly stations unless on a special or overtime too small for the volume of traffic, I could be wrong however, can't speak for other depots. but I know they did service Bray and Greystones train stations on the 184 and 185 and 145 when it was only local route, but where a different livery localink, until the full imp livery took hold. I do remember a imp hotel shuttle from Connelly and busaras it only lasted a couple of months it was servicing the airport express busses from and too the airport. hope that helps a little.
  7. Hi All I have a Sliverfox A class for sale no 001 in great condition and running fine. I would be looking for 140 euro please.
  8. Hi Guys, I just wanted to say a big Thank you for your help specially nirclass80 for photo's and video, big help. I like your layout too. Thanks Guys!
  9. Hi Guys, I have a little bit of kato Ho/oo track for sale, as Dave is doing a baseboard for me with track I no longer need this track, I have as follows, 1 left point with under track point motor. 1 right point with under track point motor A full circle..which is 16 tracks. 8 double length straight 12 length straights 2 power feed length straight tracks The track is perfect for quick set up and has a underlay built in so trains will not pick up any dirt from where you set it up. It just clicks together in a few minutes. when made up it can be about 4.5 foot by 10 to 14 foot long with a siding.. It is used but very well looked after and I never had any trouble running my Irish trains on it! I would be looking for 125 ono for this lot.. Thanks a mill Dave
  10. Yes you guys are right I saw somewhere that the nem pockets are suppose to be a pacific height from rail to pockets for every manufacture..And whats the chances of them actually doing it! And the kadee under shank and over shank is only when your fitting boxes under the body or too the bogie and do not have a nem plug ending(if said right) . I think, but if I am wrong please tell me as it would fix everything...... Thanks guys
  11. Hi All, First up Happy New Year, And thanks for your help with the Kadee's info... But if I could another question? Is it possible to start a new topic and list which Kadee's fits into each of the Irish lima, Bachmann and Murphy's own Brand stock? maybe even some pictures of how to do it for the novice like me! So far with your help I put Kadee no20 in the Cravens and works very well. I was getting a little buffer lock, but I took the spring out of the buffers and works very well and there is no daylight between coaches.. So my Question is on the Murphy models mk2's, I use the Hornby close coupling and find it works great noR8220 if any body wants them. but all my locos are fitted with Kadee's no 18 or 19 depends on the rolling stock. So at each end of my mk2 rake I fitted kadee's but the height difference is very big they will not even connect to the loco's. So has anybody come up with a quick fix, as they are fitted with Nem pockets? Is there a different type of Kadee to fit which is lower? Thanks a mill......
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