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  1. Marks has at least one yesterday. (I got the RPSI' S last one 😂)

    As a matter of interest springs are being organised which sort out the wobble - Marks should have them in due course 

    1. Geoff Johnston

      Geoff Johnston

      Many thanks for the reply😎🎨👍

  2. Hi all Thanks for the reaction to my last post! As there seems to be an interest I'll update this thread with my layout as and when I get to it. In (very) brief: The layout runs throughout the upper floor of our house, a dormer bungalow. We built new a few years ago and I was lucky enough to persuade my good lady wife it would be something nice :-) It utilises the "dead space" of dormer construction - that small triangular space under the eves. It has advantages and disadvantages - easy to run scale length trains but v difficult to accurately model as I'm leaning in to a difficul
  3. Hi guys Yes It's a lifting bridge allowing access to the balcony. The deck is 6mm ply so it is a genuine suspension bridge - relying on proper cable tension to function.
  4. Hi all been modelling years, new here, though I know some of you from photographing the scale of 1:1. I will be partaking more in the future, just thought I'd post a (pretty poor quality in fairness) clip of my intermodal Cheers all Finnie
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