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    Many hobbies and interests, But my love of railway history, steam and modelling provides me with peace of mind. Particularly interested in the history of Irelands railways during the 19th and early 20th century. Kept a 00 layout when i was younger and now would like to return and gradually build something more prototypical


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    All things creative, History, Film, Language, Socialising and of course Railways.


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    Design intern, Illustrator, http://ianosheagi.blogspot.ie
  1. That blue must have looked spectacular on a full train when new. Managed to source Ernie Shepherds book at the library, plenty of great photos. Would still love to see more photos of Broadstone in MGWR days. Working on concepts and sketching away will post when time is right. Still battling the gauge question though. Keep saying to myself maybe it's worth getting the broad gauge look.
  2. Just returned from work to find a wealth of information, thank you very much JHB You pretty much described my reasons for choosing that prototype I was actually stuck between modelling the Achill or Clifden line,both quite similar in their origin and short lived lives. I guess as a general question i've been debating about modelling in 21mm. purely because thats a new area for me. But mabey it's worth giving a try because it would be nice get the broad gauge look. I just wouldn't know where to start, i presume rails have to be bought and sleepers and points made. Is it costly? Modelling locos and rolling stock i'm looking forward to. We're using 3d printers where i work so this would be a great and fun experiment on pushing my skills in that area. But again, building driving wheels and all the functioning parts seems a bit daunting. But i guess never say never. Also while ive been sketching and working from photographs the plan is to hopefully take a holiday to that area during the summer, The Greenway itself i've heard is a good enough reason to visit.
  3. Thanks garfieldsghost i was kind of suspecting colour pictures to be a big ask, but b/w photographs should at least help give an idea of the style of lining and paintwork.
  4. Hello People I'm new to this forum but looking forward to some interesting chat and discussion. I'm currently working on a layout based on Mulranny/Malaranny on the MGWR line From Westport to Achill circa 1900-1914. Rails to Achill by Jonathan Beaumont has proved an excellent resource so far. Does anyone know where i could possibly source photographs of MGWR carriages during that period. Im aware the livery has been described as a mid brown with yellow lining but a visual reference showing how it looked would be useful. Also out of curiosity. Do any photographs exist of Broadstone terminus in MGWR days, Ive seen images of the works and exterior but never any of the platform area and train shed, would be great to see what it was like. Any help would be greatly appreciated Ian
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