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  1. Good Evening to all I recently bought a couple of these models and I was given a shell of these models as well. I am wondering whether anybody can tell me if there is a suitable chassis with motor that I could buy so that I can use this locomotive , preferably without modification A search of Yahoo/Google seems to indicate that a Hornby Class 66 chassis would fit but I cannot be definite. Any help would be much appreciated Kind regards to all Gerard16
  2. Hi Wrenneire Many thanks for the advice. I had found a chart that gave the equivalent of track pieces for Hornby, Bachmann and Peco but for some reason, Lima is never mentioned. I did some more digging following your advice and it seems that Lima is not flavour of month for any month. Indeed one commentator suggested that all Lima track should be binned. So, I have taken that advice - on this occasion I am using Hornby as I had plenty of that available. Thanks again for the advice. Sincerely, Gerry
  3. Good Afternoon All After 40 years I have finally started on building my long promised model railway in my retirement. They say you are never too old to start something and I am really enjoying it. I have a problem! IS there such a beast around as a Lima track conversion chart or can anybody point me in the direction of same? If I try Miss Google anymore I shall go insane. I know- it all depends on what you type as a question!!! All help shall be most gratefully received. My thanks to all who can help Gerry
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