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Cheap Hornby and Triang locos for sale

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Hi all,

I have have 5 British Railways Diesel locos for sale. None are boxed but all run. All have all their buffers and couplings.

Each loco is 20 euros, 2 for 38euros, 3 for 51euros, 4 for 64euros or all 5 for 80 euros.


The first loco is a hornby Class 47. It has been repainted, not too well, in the 2-tone green livery, and renumbered to D1849.


There are 2 Hornby Triang Hymek locos. Again, both repainted in green livery, running number on 1 is D7053, the other is D7048.


Finally, there are the 2 Triang Locos. These ae both numbered D5572. One has a grey roof, the other has a blue roof. Neither of these have been repainted, not even the roof.


Please let me know if i can supply any other details. I am trying to put the pictures up on the end of this. Thanks2012-12-31 10.36.58.jpg

2012-12-31 10.36.47.jpg

2012-12-31 10.36.38.jpg

2012-12-31 10.36.31.jpg

2012-12-31 10.36.10.jpg

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