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Track, Rolling Stock and Loco for Sale

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Having a bit of a clear out, some of this is from a job lot I brought some of which I didn't want. Will add more later.


Though I would offer here before putting on adverts or eBay. May add some Irish stuff later too.


Open to haggling




  • Hornby R8072 Left Hand Points 3 pieces - €15.00
  • Hornby R8073 Right Hand Points 3 pieces - €15.00
  • 2 x PECO Streamline SL-E95 - Boxed as new, unused - €12.00 each




  • Hornby R4478 - Pullman 1st Class Parlour Car - "Leona" - (no box) missing tension lock couplers - €30.00
  • Hornby R4164 - Pullman 1st Class Kitchen "Argus" (no box) - €35.00




  • Hornby R2486 BR Class 50 Diesel, 50013 -'Agincourt' in BR Blue (no box) - €75.00
  • Hornby R.2235G Class 56 Diesel Electric Locomotive - Ellington Colliery (no box) - €60.00
  • Hornby R.2098E Class 61XX Prairie Locomotive (6199) (no box) - €60.00
  • Hornby R.2381 Class 14XX Locomotive (1419) (no box) - €35.00

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