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New Belfast Bedford bus

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Looks like a very nice model and is a very welcome addition to the Oxford range. Nice to see a diecast model of an older Irish bus. One of these was restored by Ulsterbus some years ago and appears occasional at the Cultra rally. This model will sit very well with the forthcoming Sunrise Models resin kit of a GNR(I) Gardner and Jim Poots UTA models. Lough Swilly also used some ex NIRTB examples so there is the potential to convert this into a Swilly example. It would be a fairly easy repaint. The model is very easily dismantled for painting. All that is then needed are some of George Heaneys "Lough Swilly" transfers and a roof rack and ladder added. Incidently it is a bit misleading to refer to this model as a "Belfast" bus. They operated throughout Northern Ireland , mostly on rural routes. Belfast services were provided by Belfast Corporation buses most of which would have been much more comfortable than these utility examples. After a long quiet period we are doing quite well for diecast buses at the moment. As well as the forthcoming City Imp and the Corgi Bus Eireann model, Oxford appear to have an Ulsterbus Irizar PB on the cards, at least according to britishmodelbuses.com

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