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Steam and Diesel Locos for sale

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Below are all my locos which are for sale. All are boxed and run and are in excellent condition. Please feel free to pm me with an offer. I am located in Sutton on the north side of Dublin and would prefer if you can collect so you can inspect it the item yourself and test run it if so desired. Asking prices in Euro in (). I will list all my carriages, goods wagons and other items over the next couple of days.


Locomotives - Diesel


Heljan C 14 BR Green unopened (120E)

Heljan C 17 BR Green (100E)

31-339 Bachmann C 04 shunter BR Black (early emblem) weathered (40E)

32-028 Bach.C 20 BR Green D8134 indicator boxes ( 70E)

32-027 Bach.C 20 BR Green D8000 indicator discs (65E)

32-675Z Bach. C 45 BR Green Weath. “Royal Signals” (100E)

32-050 Bach. C 42 BR Maroon “Foxhound” (60E)

Hornby R2578A C101 3 car DMU BR Green (70E)

Hornby R2475 C 52 BR Maroon weathered “Western Invader” (55)





Hornby R2675 “Flying Scotsman” (42)

Hornby R2684 “Mallard” Ltd Edit presentation box (145)

Hornby R2344 C Q1 Weathered (75)

Hornby R2673 Morse Collieries 0-4-0 (15)

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