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Assorted coaches for sale

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All prices in brackets. I prefer collection so you can check that you are satisfied with the item. Feel free to PM me with an offer. Thanks


Coaches BR MK 1 Chocolate/Cream

Bachman 39-263 restaurant miniature buffet (18)

Bachman 39-029c corridor (15)

Bachman 39-229 brake/corridor composite (18)

Hornby corridor (w15861) unboxed (12)

Hornby corridor (w15771) unboxed (12)

Hornby brake/composite (w34154) unboxed slightly marked (10)



1/3 corridor 22357 x 2 unboxed (10 each)

brake/1/3 corridor 4237 x 2 unboxed (10 each)

brake/1/3 corridor 4236 unboxed (10)

R430 sleeping car 1237 (10)

R4173B buffet car 24080 (45)


Coaches Hornby BR Maroon all unboxed

Brake/corridor M5750 (10)

corridor M4316 (10)

Working Royal Mail M30250M incl. all accessories (18)


Coaches Hornby Crimson/cream all boxed

R4178 Brake/corridor E10092E (20)

R4181 Buffet car E9133E (22)

R4180 3rd class corridor E12506E (20)

R4189 Composite E18236E (14)

R4190 Brake/1st E10102E (14)

R4191 Sleeper E1209E (14)

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