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buses for sale

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Leyland PD2/MCW orion U.T.A OM40903 £17

Daimler Utility Bus Belfast OM43908 £17

MCW Daimler Fleetline Belfast EFE18007 £17

Plaxton Premier/ Bus Eireann/ Eurolines OM43304 £19----------------SOLD

3 Axle Trolleybus(Belfast) BCT OM43701 £17

Volvo B7/TL/East Lancs Vyking Cork City Bus eireann OM42512 £20----SOLD

Wright Eclipse Fusion(Bendi Bus) Dublin Bus OM41305 £18 ----------- SOLD

Plaxton Mini Pointer Dennis Dart Bus Eireann UK Bus 3015 £17---------SOLD

Alexander ALX400 Dennis Trident UK1013 Dublin bus £20-------------SOLD

Leyland PD2 Highbridge CIE EFE16126 £18---------------------------SOLD

Leyland PD2 Lowbridge UTA EFE16009 £18

Wright Eclipse Gemini Demonstrator OM41201 £15

Leyland Olympian Alexander 'R' Double Deck Bus Bus Eireann Britbus 701 £25---SOLD

All buses are mint and boxed and will be £3.50 postage on each bus. PM me if anyone is interested.


Thanks:tumbsup: (See http://modelbuszone.co.uk/efe/operators/irelandidx.html)

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