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Mike 84C

850 Nearly there!

A couple of pictures of my progress, I think I am reasonably happy with my progress but how far to take it! when does one say enough! The chimney does not really please me and the camera has shown a few flaws, the gap above the cylinders is the main offender.

First time I have used my Iwatta airbrush,far to expensive but what a lovely tool to use.

Credit has to go to Weshty for the buffer beam decals they really are very good.And Narrow Planet for the etched No; plates which are also very good. He has the information on file so if anyone else wishes Great Southern No;plates I am sure he will help and the price is very reasonable. I have no connection with Narrow Planet other than a customer.[attachment=:name]

Mike 84C

Still in primer, but I think I shall keep it in grey. Had to paint the smokebox, wish I hadn't! But I needed to know what it would look like. Details next :-) but I don't think I shall take it much further, apart from DCC.,,[attachment=:name]

Mike 84C

She"s coming on I posted the pictures before undercoating so its obvious what additions and what bits I removed. The complete front running plate and the belpair firebox top and the cab roof are from a Dapol Prairie tank any white parts are made from plasticard. I did think it would be easier than it has been to do this conversion. but thats always the way!!

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