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    Ex BR loco fireman at 84C Banbury also at Bescot.
    Ex HGV driver
    Ex Transport Manager(poacher turned gamekeeper)!
    Ex full time staff at Boston Lodge and volunteer driver on Festiniog Rly
    Just gone semi retired hgv driver with Moy Park Foods.


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    Turn of century American RR Colorado Midland and Irish railways!


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    Semi retired poultry food distribution executive aka. HGV driver and its a big un!!!

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  1. I almost wish I had'nt asked the question. Again I thank everyone who has so generously and freely helped in my quest. Yes ,lets get back to West Cork and what a wonderful place to be. Mick
  2. Seek and ye shall find. Thank you so much to all who took the time to reply to my request. The scanned timetables will be of great help, now for lots of printer fun or not! 🥵
  3. Is there any WTT information out there for the West Cork Lines? I'm particularly interested in trains to and from Bantry '50's until closure. From what I read the service was quite sparse but two trains a day is not going to keep the public interested ! and we need to build an operating sequence for the layout. Hope you quys can help and thanks in advance. Mick
  4. Looks like you have rediscovered Floquil Grimy Black with your grey mix. I will forward the email I had from Richard when I have worked out how to move from outlook to this site.
  5. Ingenious thinking outside of the box or even the bus! It looks brilliant
  6. But still plenty of z--------wits on the A50 going home on Saturday. When I was there on Sat there were were quite a few Hands of God appearing I hope running was better by Sunday.
  7. Total model envy! Shame to just keep it in a glass case.
  8. Spot on David, the brickwork is brilliant.
  9. Mike 84C


    Thanks Guys. Sit on my hands and be patient.
  10. Mike 84C


    Anybody heard from Wheshty lately? Is he on a cruise? pm,ed him a few days ago and no reply which is not like him.
  11. Did you not like the model George? Although its a good starting point to make a much more CIE looking loco.
  12. I hope all you guys at IRM had a wonderful Christmas, have a Happy and prosperous New Year. Thank you for my Christmas card, the subject was excellent and the card unexpected.
  13. I also have a set and totally agree with DiveController. Mine did come with a 220v transformer. They are to 4 mm scale = 00.
  14. When I was into US Narrow gauge I have bought Thinfilm and Champ decals that were very old! I found that one or two coats of gloss varnish over the whole sheet helped retain the integrity of the bits I wanted. I also found SSM decals to be very delicate and I try to float them onto a model then wick any excess fluid off the model with a tissue. Then the Micro Sol/Set treatment. Base preparation is Johnsons Kleer in the area where I want the decal.
  15. HI Dave, if you are at an exhibition where the MERG group have a stand , look at their handsets; very neat but you do have to build it. That puts me into the not enough lifetime slot.
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