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    Ex BR loco fireman at 84C Banbury also at Bescot.
    Ex HGV driver
    Ex Transport Manager(poacher turned gamekeeper)!
    Ex full time staff at Boston Lodge and volunteer driver on Festiniog Rly
    Just gone semi retired hgv driver with Moy Park Foods.


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    Turn of century American RR Colorado Midland and Irish railways!


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    Semi retired poultry food distribution executive aka. HGV driver and its a big un!!!

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  1. Thanks for that DiveController , love the little video. Unfortunatelly I'm old enough to have driven one, for profit.
  2. A few questions! in the 1950/60's were the local fuel distributors owned by the multi national companys or by by local companys running in the majors colours?. Would a tanker operating in County Cork say in Esso colours be registered in Cork or Dublin? Are transfers available to do either option? And were S type Bedfords as popular in Ireland as in GB in that time frame? Over here everybody used them but would they have been used for hauling oil products in Ireland?
  3. That looks really good David, makes me want to walk down the shed sign the 'book' and go somewhere! maybe on a J5? You are raising the bar pretty high and mines a pint!
  4. Hand coaling may also explain why in photographs, Irish tenders are not rammed full of coal unlike their British counterparts. Which often was like rubbish when you needed to burn it.
  5. Mike 84C

    KMCE's Workbench

    Fantastic job of a rather brutish looking loco, not one that I would have picked to model! I also like the cylinder heads.
  6. Looks good David but , heck thats a lot of extra work t get a kit of bits to function. Rotating clockwise sounds familiar!
  7. NIce work it has a" presence", from your photos the feel of the loco looks good. I started with an old Mainline B1 and it just did'nt have the mass of yours. The King Arthur is a much better starting point. Just a thought, I cut a piece out of the firebox down to where the inward curve starts th en spliced in a piece which I had put the curves in with a piece of metal rod and the boiling water treatment. Just a couple of shots to illustrate my point. The loco is no more! it got dropped onto a hard floor. And the chassis got the dreaded split gear disease.
  8. David, if you would like to try wood ash, pm me and I''ll send you a bag, 'cos I got the fire lit!
  9. Gentlemen, thank you for all your replies, how I missed the obvious in Glendergs Quiet Man post I don't know, maybe I do not have to worry so much about matching colour shades! But the coach I painted about four years ago looks much darker than one I did a month ago. It was how much Blue ink in the mix where the grey stuff failed.
  10. Many moons ago someone posted mixing ratio's for CIE Dark Green. I think the mix included blue ink? and the make and type of paint. I thought I had made a record of it but its in a very very safe place! I also thought I'd used every keyword reference on this "zb" system! Can someone repost the reciepe please? got some coached to paint!.
  11. I have done the Archers rivets route on a 4mm scale tender, looks good but my, was it boring to do and not as quick as you might think. Get it sealed and painted a.s.a.p. when finished retire with a stiff drink! But its horses for courses; I will use them again.
  12. Mike 84C


    Some years ago I went on a visit to the main Paris Metro Depot. Any graffiti was instantly removed quite easily, the whole carriage was covered in a sort of clear cling film wrap which was removed and replaced. Viola!! no signature and no graffiti. No idea what it cost though. Has Banksy got a lot to answer for? Maybe. JHB with you all the way.
  13. Whooo red and pink spaghetti !! thats far toooo clever for me David
  14. Much as I would love A J5, without having to scratch build it myself and I totally accept the smaller market i think that price resistance wold be felt at £600. The £300 for the 00 works 101 was heading towards the top of my expenditure platform with sound and DCC added. But a very nice long term plan. Regards Mick
  15. Thank you all very much for your replies. John M's drawings and minister for hardship's postings gave me just what I needed. Its the Ratio wagons that i have got.
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