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    Digby Lincolnshire


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    Ex BR loco fireman at 84C Banbury also at Bescot.
    Ex HGV driver
    Ex Transport Manager(poacher turned gamekeeper)!
    Ex full time staff at Boston Lodge and volunteer driver on Festiniog Rly
    Just gone semi retired hgv driver with Moy Park Foods.


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    Turn of century American RR Colorado Midland and Irish railways!


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    Semi retired poultry food distribution executive aka. HGV driver and its a big un!!!

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  1. Here's mine, I believe I've posted it before. Those vac; formed windows are awful but at distance are just tolerable. .
  2. Why not just buy a Silver fox "C" instead? saves all that sawing and mess on the workbench.
  3. All I can say is wow! pity NZ is so far away!
  4. Carpentry on the dining room table, that's brave! more than my life is worth ! I also have the house to myself, plus the guinea pigs! Swimbo has gone to Wales to see her Mother. Now what can I be doing between now and Monday?
  5. Mike Beckett; I do not understand the politics of Irish preservation. If its not too contentious, please explain the joy over the collapse of Moyasta and from where?
  6. I dont do FB but my wife does so where can she find the comments please. To me the tourist versus heritage line is rubbish. No tourists then there is no point for a heritage line, in fact no case for any line. I worked for the Festiniog as an employee and volunteer for best part of 35 years and I never saw a single load of commercial slate come down the line to be put in the hold of a ship; ever. Only tourists going up and down spending their money. We used to watch the trains going around Boston Lodge curve and estimate wether the number of passengers had paid the fuel bill. Maybe get no5 over from Blennervile and start restoration? I'm sure Patrick Keefe would love to restore it.
  7. I wonder if all the non ferrous parts were put under lock and key? If bearings and injectors have been stolen then restoration just gets harder and vastly more expensive. Trajic No 5 is in that condition.
  8. Are you a cyclist? 'cos I love the gravity defying bicycle. Seriously, that is a brilliant cameo. makes me want to sit on a platform seat and enjoy the trains. I look forward to more from yourself.
  9. I did not realise Union Mills had stopped trading, the models will now become much sought after.
  10. That is very good news, rather a nice little engine. I'm sure it will be in good hands. Another excuse to visit the Emerald Isle.
  11. Would the reduction in loading gauge be due to modern tamping machines require deep ballast under/around the sleepers to do their job properly? Better ask my track expert she works for Network Rail.
  12. My wife and I were there about 2010, Jackie opened up the shed but I could not get a decent photo of the loco. I thought the railway had potential to be successful and what a character Jackie is! What has happened o the ex CIE that were stored there? They were rusty enough back then and I can imagine that if they are still stored outside under sheeting they must be in a pretty dire state. Alan Keefe engineering from Ross on Wye restored the steam loco, be a shame if it went the same way.
  13. Hits on the head selling stuff in another country! Could model smuggling become a new cross border business?
  14. Agree with all of the above advise. I have built several of the SSM kits, the Bandon tank is not so difficult if you insist on starting with a loco! and the 30t brake van makes a rather nice model. Take your time and ask on this forum if you have a problem. We have all done it!!
  15. I used the Blue Point point control, on our club layout Bantry, to avoid having a central control panel with lots of wiring and to keep things simple. They are hand worked with bicycle spokes and we are very happy with them. So far no failures, that is a rather fatal statement to make!
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