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    Ex BR loco fireman at 84C Banbury also at Bescot.
    Ex HGV driver
    Ex Transport Manager(poacher turned gamekeeper)!
    Ex full time staff at Boston Lodge and volunteer driver on Festiniog Rly
    Just gone semi retired hgv driver with Moy Park Foods.


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    Digby Lincolnshire


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    Turn of century American RR Colorado Midland and Irish railways!


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    Semi retired poultry food distribution executive aka. HGV driver and its a big un!!!

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  1. Mike 84C


    Just look at the paintwork, maybe freshly applied? Even gives a look of pride in the place.
  2. That looks very good John. Makes me wish I was 15yrs younger so I could get some worth out of all these lovely kits that are becoming available to modellers of Irish railways.
  3. Andy, if we all pester Mike Edge perhaps he would do a Bandon Baldwin kit. Hopefully whilst I still have steady hands to solder it!
  4. What a lovely sequence of photo's The red and white lining on the J15 looks rather fine and very different. I wonder when we shall see Belmullet in the flesh? Begone!! dull covid!
  5. Application of Rule 1 for running No 22 on any layout. So far I have resisted the temptation. I did give Mike Edge a copy of the only drawing for a Bandon Baldwin 0-6-2, "a new one on me" or words to that effect were said. I thought it fitted in rather well with his range of obscure and rather different loco kits. And I should love one or maybe two!
  6. That looks rather tasty! The Blue Pullman livery always looked very attractive.
  7. Westcorkrailway, thank you for posting the photos of No 90 that looks as if it could have potential. Robert, you have confirmed what I thought I had remembered viz; the Kaydees. 22 road? sounds like you were working at Waterloo or simla!
  8. Ballybeg viaduct is rather good! I did notice the different scenes under each arch. Really sets the whole thing up, excellent.
  9. Hi Westcorkrailway, understand your idea both being 4-6-0's but the B12 is by comparison with a Bandon tank quite a large loco. Full marks for lateral thinking! The large wheels and longer wheelbase will be the problem. The chassis is the hardest part but the SSM kit goes together very well; hand on heart I struggled to work out how to make the brake hangers removeable, when I sussed it I kicked myself! What you need is a Poppys Loco Builder Box to help put the chassis together. Its an adjustable jig that comes flat pack in the post, dead easy to assemble, will help you with any futu
  10. Somebody said there is a 3d printed model of No 90, I trawled 48 pages of Shapeways but maybe missed it? Or is on another printers site? Also somebody posted which Kaydee's they used on the MM 121, which are they please? Thanks for any pointers.
  11. Well, this old git fired Brittania's and Black 5's along there in the last gasps of GC steam. I seem to remember Catesby as being a very wet/ muddy tunnel.
  12. Driven over that bridge many, many times! Is that the York-Bournemouth or a Nottingham-Marylebone? The memories Charwelton brings to mind for me. Wonderful layout.
  13. I have just read Glovers thread from start to finish. The modelling is so good as all the likes and praise show but what shines through for me is his sense of humour, a willingness to take a joke at himself, a warm and friendly man. I never met him, I wish I had. Always Glover, Rest in Peace.
  14. What are the dimensions of the fertilizer pallets in mm please? The yd reminds me of one or two fert; depots I have been in. Really most of them!
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