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  1. Brilliant photos JHB, your father has done us proud with those photos. Fresh angles on a well known subject. All the Swilly locos were attractive and distinctive. I like the human element and little things like the shovel leaning against a coal pile. Thanks for posting.
  2. Rather moody and atmospheric JHB you should take a bow the applause is loud !
  3. I was looking at the J27 during our club meet last Wednesday. I doubt you will be disappointed, a very nice "nice to have". How do you find the 00 Works Bandon tank? mine is a little "grumbly" still a nice model. And has yours got the large brass washers behind the wheels? Mick
  4. What a transformation Eoin, lots of words could be used but for me only one is necessary; brilliant! It is a showcase for your skills.
  5. Looks like the one I returned with missing handrails is for sale . They came close too getting another one back with a u/s speaker. But its repaired now. The q c does mot seem to be very good, Have others had similar problems?
  6. I wonder if Roger could be persuaded to do the F 6 in 4mm scale? You are doing a lovely job with the kit, just as we would expect!
  7. Just looked through my 2013 edition of Alphagraphix catalogue and it says the 7mm range of Irish rolling stock kits is available in 4mm scale by adding 400 to the kit reference e.g. kit cc9 becomes kit cc409. I have several from them to use as plans. They do quote an email add; sirberkley@tiscali.co.uk. Hope this helps and I am just a happy customer no connection!.
  8. I had not seen that Chris Tarrant film before, I met Jacky Wheelan 10yrs ago he looks exactly the same as then! Probably the same Cap! Very proud of his crushed glass ballast!
  9. Mike 84C

    Mike 84C

  10. Looks like the old marketing acronym FOMO is working a treat! And good luck to the lads at Irish railway models. I hope their success is repeated with the Accurascale models.
  11. I thought I read somewhere that the 400 class 4-6-0 rebuilds could only be turned at certain depots using extension rails? So you may be in good company! Lead, I have a roll of 3mm thick flashing leftover from a building project. PM me if you want some and I'll despatch some. Mic
  12. Over 0n RM Web just recently, I believe on the Wright Writes thread, there have been conversations about photography and ways to clean up old photos to a standard I did'nt believe. It was'nt just photoshopimg them either. I'll have a look because that photo is not beyond recovery.
  13. I did stick at my job till age 69 but last three yrs part time but I had a reason; small wife and large mortgage!! Often the result of second marriages! Also the EU have made the HGV drivers hours regulations so complicated its B----y ridiculous.
  14. My happiness factor is very high! In the hand said green 0-6-0t looks much better than photographs and it weighs enough to pull more wagons than I will ever need. My only puzzlement is what is the small hole in the front top of the saddle tank? Its an odd place for a washout plug. I shall contact 00works.
  15. The hard to manage and unable to find stuff again is why I am not on facebook. One of us in our house constantly trawling through the pages looking for something they found is quite enough. The device may land on the front lawn if that were me!
  16. Pauline is to be thanked for sharing these photos, 100 % excellent photos.
  17. I was tempted, summoned all my strengths but failed. Should arrive next week, I will report my happiness factor. PSSSST there seems to be only 1 green one left and 2 grey ones. Mind the stampede!!!!! Just to say I have no connection with 00 Works except as a customer Mick
  18. Agreed but has the potential to become a bit of a subject for discord! We all have to realize that people see colour in different ways which affects their view/how they relate to it. Take Hornby BR loco green which many modelers rave over. For me its not quite right, too dark but not much. I polished quite a lot of that green but is my memory of near 60yrs ago correct? So I accept we could all be right or wrong. You guys keep posting these images and I'll keep enjoying them as your all much cleverer than me with this computery thingy.
  19. Ahha!, I pick up your case! The man with the brown coat could have a trim on his sleeves of a red materiel maybe leather? He does look a bit flash! But the colourization does make the guard look a bit Indian/North African/ around the Med sort of person? My eye can happily accept the nondescript footbridge as colour does tend to fade into the background with distance but a coach in the foreground which should be green shown as brown and grey? you got me there! Did we ever meet on a WP. on a well known NG railway! PS. Colour has the potential too become a long running thread, like on another group I'm on
  20. ShaneC that's a rather good colourization you have posted. I like it very much thank you but it poses a question, how did men keep their hats on? I wore a cap for much of my working life mainly crammed on my head to keep it on. Look at the position of the gentleman's top hat and cap on the guards head, both look precarious/ very uncomfortable. Or maybe I just have a strange shaped head?
  21. Hi JHB, I took the red/oxide colour from the tender description on page 126 of Shepherd's Cork Bandon & South Coast rly. The tender does state lead paint and I took that to mean red lead as white lead didn't make much sense. I also accept that in 1903/4 most external paint subject to heavy use would have lead in it. There's a photo on page 125. My wagon stays brown!! I apologise; it is the North Kerry Limerick to Tralee volume I was refering to (always check before posting!) I bought it from Parrott Books on line. I think they are in Hemel Hempstead
  22. Is it face to Face or zoom?
  23. Hi JHB, I thought the CBSC green was a sage green? I believe the Bandon also had some of those "tilt" opens with a bar to support the sheet that were painted an oxide red/brown. If I'm wrong mines the wrong colour! I'm sure you are right about the black for some wagons and wheshty is the man for transfers. It was Maunsell who introduced the dark olive green on the SR. PS. i am very happy now I have Rails in Cork and Kerry. Very enjoyable reading.
  24. A very lucky purchase! from the photo its a tasty looking model!
  25. If you look at posts on RmW and read in magazines its pretty obvious why 7mm/ 0 gauge is on the upswing. Many modelers reach a certain age and failing eyesight plus manual dexterity means you cannot see those small parts let alone make or fit them. Also we oldies look at 2mm/N and compare what you get for your £/Euro and the larger scale makes a lot of sense. We are more content with a smaller layout and maybe do not need the lots of trains whizzing around. And with oldies there is often the empty nest syndrome where kids are gone and space is available for a couple to indulge in the hobbies that they always wanted too. That's how it works in this house!
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