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  1. Gentlemen, thank you for all your replies, how I missed the obvious in Glendergs Quiet Man post I don't know, maybe I do not have to worry so much about matching colour shades! But the coach I painted about four years ago looks much darker than one I did a month ago. It was how much Blue ink in the mix where the grey stuff failed.
  2. Many moons ago someone posted mixing ratio's for CIE Dark Green. I think the mix included blue ink? and the make and type of paint. I thought I had made a record of it but its in a very very safe place! I also thought I'd used every keyword reference on this "zb" system! Can someone repost the reciepe please? got some coached to paint!.
  3. I have done the Archers rivets route on a 4mm scale tender, looks good but my, was it boring to do and not as quick as you might think. Get it sealed and painted a.s.a.p. when finished retire with a stiff drink! But its horses for courses; I will use them again.
  4. Mike 84C


    Some years ago I went on a visit to the main Paris Metro Depot. Any graffiti was instantly removed quite easily, the whole carriage was covered in a sort of clear cling film wrap which was removed and replaced. Viola!! no signature and no graffiti. No idea what it cost though. Has Banksy got a lot to answer for? Maybe. JHB with you all the way.
  5. Whooo red and pink spaghetti !! thats far toooo clever for me David
  6. Much as I would love A J5, without having to scratch build it myself and I totally accept the smaller market i think that price resistance wold be felt at £600. The £300 for the 00 works 101 was heading towards the top of my expenditure platform with sound and DCC added. But a very nice long term plan. Regards Mick
  7. Thank you all very much for your replies. John M's drawings and minister for hardship's postings gave me just what I needed. Its the Ratio wagons that i have got.
  8. Thanks for the replies, I did know about the modern wagons for forestry products. But Galteemore that is good news I shall check my books on the MGWR.
  9. Did CIE or any of its standard gauge constituents run any 4 wheel bolster wagons for carrying timber tree trunks etc? The sort of thing that used to run in permanately coupled pairs on even threes for long loads. i ask because I just got hold of some nice built up models of that type of wagon and cannot recall seeing photos of them in Ireland. Maybe rule 1 applies here!
  10. Thanks for posting Jim, looks like I missed a good show. Johns buildings really look the part but your camera is so cruel, the baseboard joins are dreadful! must give them some thought before next year.
  11. Hey John, Mrs 84 C says top job! fabulous. But the goods shed looks better than I remember!!!!! Your building skills would grace any exhibition layout in the country,well done.
  12. For Kaydee's I use Caister Loco, Pete is usually competative and is local, to me!! For magnets I have just bought from Magnet Expert who are in Tuxford Notts a pack of 10; 50x19x5mm Ferrite magnts with a pull of 1.5kg for £4.64+ Vat and a pack of 2mm dia x 1mm thick Neodymium Magnets 0.11kg pull ,pack of 50 for £4.12 plus vat total invoice £10.51. Really helpful people and have a huge website and range. www.First4Magnets.com. No connection just a happy customer. Mick
  13. The backscene on the left is remarkable, for a couple of moments I thought it was a model. Still I'll keep my baseboard high up, get a stiff neck looking down with all this hellicoptor vision.
  14. Having lots of experience of the fertilizer traffic on this side of the Irish Sea, the polythene cover would be shrink wrapping which was applied to (A) keep the bags clean, also weather proof for outside storage and (B) hold the bags in stacks on the pallets. Because when the bags were being moved on belts, rollers and auto palletizers in the factories they got sprayed with a silicon lubricant. This meant that when the pallets of bags were moved any distance they promptly fell off the pallets. dont ask how I know but I have hauled 1000's of tons of fertilizer. In later years the bags were also glued together but thats another story! I cannot remember the bulk bags having any kind of shrink wrapping, the product was contained by an inner liner that the outer, think big builders bag, contained which took all the lifting strains. Here endeth!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I am going to stick my head above the parapet. Rule one its your railway, call it what you like and Blacksod Bay for me, is more evocative,punchy,interesting, makes me want to go and look than Belmullet. I thought a mullett was a fish or maybe a haircut from way back. I hate all this pc thing and I live in a county where the natives are collectively known as Yellow Bellies. No offence there .Tell your modelling friends to get real. 😡 Look forward to seeing Arigna Town reincarnated. 😎 Mick
  16. What sound file have you guys used in your saturated boiler J15's? All my steam locos with sound are quite "chuffy" with a sharp blast and I remember reading that the saturated boiler J15 had quite a soft blast. Be nice for a bit of variety.
  17. Just be wary if you buy an English one as lots are sold with the later Maunsell tender with the turned in top as fitted to the Schools class. Not much use for an Irish loco.
  18. Use the damaged one as a template to make a new one from brass or nickle silver. Use wire to solder in the pegs. Or make a plastic replacement and laminate a strengthening piece on top and bottom. Or contact Bachmann and see if its available as a spare part. FOC , that model is worth a lot of effort, that was a jammy sort of gift! Mick
  19. Leslie how right you are, I, cannot understand how Net Work Rail cant finish the GWR electrification as it was planned,no money ?, obviating the need for the weird electrics that carry their own power station. But HS 2 ploughs ahead with a rumoured final cost of 100 Billion which we can afford? And where is all that electricity going to come from? I see only power stations being closed or farmers being paid for growing electricity covering acres of land with solar panels or growing crops for biomas plants. I'm to old for all this but 2+2 does not seem too make 44 anymore. Rant over 😖
  20. Thanks for sharing Jim, I wanted to go but my lovely wife shared her vile cold which I have still got. Hope I can get to Doncaster. You got some excellent photos, the live steam is ace!
  21. That looks tragic. HEY! Whizz does this look like a project for P&G! Fresh fields and all that. Mick
  22. Richie, little that I could add to all the previous comments. Its just good to see progress with your layout and its a shame that it has to go on the back burner till next winter. Maybe thank the physio from all of us for getting you started again.
  23. Thanks for the heads up Fran. regards Mike
  24. Are others having a problem logging on to RM web? My machine cannot find the server even from the Google search list. I hope its not just me!
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