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  1. GNR Signal Box

    This isn't a GNR box; the GNR didn't serve Ballymena. The old Company was the Belfast & Northern Counties Railway which became the Midland Railway, Northern Counties Committee (NCC) after purchase by the English Midland Railway and then part of the LMS. This is the same style of Box at Derry, Waterside. This is more like the standard GNR box, the main difference being that the roof does not overhang as much and isn't shaped the same. Ernie
  2. Dundalk (?) Goods Yard Drawings

    18 May1963 A38 Railtour Barrack St Ernie

    Its throwing it down and there's only me and the dogs at home tonight so I have done a bit more 'feasibility studying' plus adding the back boards to the station section. I can't make the back drop boards full height as if something derails in the back storage loops I need to reach over to get it. A mirror mounted on the wall will help me check that nothing is blocking the loops such as uncoupled wagon, dead mouse or secreted chocolate (All confirmed past causes!) The 2 x 1 stretchers will screw the 2 boards together like a box when interchanged thereby protecting the layout. First photo shows station boards removed . Layout can still be operated as a continous run for testing or just playing trains. Second photo shows 16 bubbles in the 'storage part' of the silo siding. Third photo. Checking out train lengths etc. Fourth photo. The passenger section is at the far end and will feature an Overall roof to disguise the exit. Only the platform ends will be modelled as I don't think anyone has replicated passengers alighting and boarding so basically nothing appears to happen when the train comes in.
  4. 4 wheel timber wagons?

    A fair number of 4 wheel timber wagon photos in my Flickr albums including Limerick Junction & Waterford https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/5768509244/in/album-72157626825629406/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/15390361633/in/album-72157626825629406/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/5883304063/in/album-72157627074623032/ ERnie

    The station area has 4 goods sidings plus a second loop (apart from the passing loop), the loop is to recess the local passenger as at Claremorris where the Ballina set used to wait between connections at Manulla. The cement silo siding is a loop; it is the curved innner siding leading back to the main fiddle yard and can take 20 wagons. Whilst the bubbles worked mainly as block trains on the prototype, when they reached the terminals they were often split and wagons shunted and re-arranged. At Waterford I videoe-d a set during the day having wagons removed/ and or shunted by 3 different 071 class which in the interim visited the fuelling point. The other sidings in the station are for Guinness, fertiliser or bagged cement. One operation I noticed is that 4 wheel wagons were always worked behind bogie wagons on a train ; noted especially on a mix of Guinness wagons at Claremorris and Waterford and on Containers/Guinness at Limerick Junction. At Claremorris the Ballina branch set and loco shunted Guinness wagons at times with the coaches on one end of the loco and wagons on the other. This was probably to cut down on shunting moves and noise in the middle of the night when the fulls arrived from Dublin. The theme behind the model is that back in the 19th century ore was discovered west of Macroom in County Cork and a port was built between Glengarriff and Castletown Bearhaven on Bantry Bay by the company for exporting the mineral. At the same time the Mining company wanted better transportation by rail to the rest of Ireland and to overcome the problems caused by the Cork & Macroom Company and the CB&SC not being on speaking terms which had resulted in the connection between the 2 companies at Cork being taken out (It was re-instated in WW1 for troop movements at the insistence of the government) Plus of course at the time the Cork City railway had not been built so there was no connection at the time to the rest of the country. The GS&WR wanted a piece of the action so it financed a connection from Kilbarry south west via the cattle markets and Cork North station and then westwards to Ballincolling on the CM&DR. From their terminus at Macroom the line returned to the valley of the River Lee as far as the mine at Ballingeary and then via a tunnel under the Pass of Keimaneigh down to the shores of Bantry Bay , thence via Glengarriff to Castletown Bearhaven. All rather implausible given the gradients involved but I have amended the topography, geology, industry and population where needed to make the line a busy freight network ca2000. The 'Tara' wagons when they come will cover the ore trains from the mine to the port at Seal. Closure of the CB&SC system in the early 1960's resulted in an increase in freight via Glengarriff for the Bantry area and points south plus freight for the Oil industry installations in Bantry Bay. OOPs! Forgot your query Noel. Baseboards and legs etc are 2" x 1" (my usual size used for over 30 years with no problems) and the baseboard tops are Sundeala board. This is relatively soft and can be cut with a sharp carpet Knife. It is braced underneath every 12" The station boards are 1/8th inch lower than the others as they will be ballasted with Gaugemaster ballast (one or two of the points in the photos have this attached still. They are from a previous layout. Well that's enough of tonight's bed-time reading. Lights out everybody!

    In late 2016 my wife er sorry I mean my wife and I decided to move house from Haltwhistle (Centre of Britain) to be nearer to our 5 children and their families. As they live in Didcot, Nottingham, Southport, Brandon, Co Durham & Salt Lake City I am still not sure how she plans to achieve this, however this meant the immediate demise of my Model Railway with everything packed away back up in the loft room. 16 months further down the line we have had 2 people view the house and I am not hopeful that this rate of potential buyers will improve. I have accordingly decided to build a new layout but capable of being dismantled and at 10' by 5ft- 3ins easily installed (famous last words) in a new property. I have built numerous layouts over the years and back in the 1980's;90's exhibited 15 different ones at North East England Shows. I also have several different prototype interests Irish, North Eastern Steam, Scottish steam, Swiss and USA short line. I want a layout with shunting interest, fairly long trains (20 wagons) and continous running. The layout would also need extensive storage sidings to hold approx 7-8 complete trains. Storage sidings can be used with any of the particular area/company/country being modelled so only the actual station/yard will need to be inter-changeable. The baseboards are built and I have been checking that the trackwork actually fits the space available.
  7. Yes that looks correct; I have also identified 3 of the others as Thurles and Waterford; thanks. Ernie
  8. I have added another 7 unknown locations to Flickr. This is the link to the Photostream https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/? I have another 50 odd Irish negatives from the 1960's already identified to add in due course with more on the way(fingers crossed)
  9. IRM’s first loco announcement!

    Release date I understand is 29th February 2019! Ernie
  10. These appear to be the same location.3106 appears in the Brake Van view. I looked at Youghal but couldn't find a view with the church. Ernie
  11. Great that checks out, many thanks, here is another one. Ernie
  12. I have just acquired a batch of Irish negatives with more on the way. A fair number need the location identified. ex GN 333 . I will add more to Flickr in the next few days. Any ideas? Ernie

    3 Packs ordered! All I need now is somewhere to run them plus the ballasts and bubbles already to hand and the Taras' on order! Oh and the 24t hoppers! ERnie
  14. OOn3 layout ideas

    I have 80 odd photos of the C&L plus a few Tralee & Dingle in tnis Flickr Album to assist in catching the atmosphere! ERnie
  15. Creating an On-Line photographic Museum

    Ernie's Railway Archive is a Flickr site with at present some 12000+ photos and over 21 million hits. I have had in the past some problems with copying but always protect the images (especially those I have uploaded with the permission of copyright holders such as the Armstrong Railway Photographic Trust) with copyright holders overlayers. It is easy to copy images useing a snipping tool; I use one myself, but only for images for my own use. You can't stop copying but also if you are going to upload images etc then you should also have the copyright or permission to use the images on an internet site. Ernie

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