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  1. Irishswissernie

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    If you missed out on the ballast wagons, they didn't always remember them on the real thing! https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/14731171042/in/album-72157646594210844/ Ernie
  2. Irishswissernie


    I'm not really a fan of mirrors for this purpose. One tends to get reflections of bits of the layout room or from the lights. When I'm 'playing' trains i.e. just letting them run around slowly I tend to sit down and get a much lower eye level view as per the prototype so the cut off nature of the buildings isn't evident. When I'm standing to shunt in the yard I'm concentrating on the yard action so the the layout in the background isn't so obvious. I am also partially sighted with some tunnel vision (one of its few or possibly only advantage's!) ERnie
  3. Irishswissernie

    Emerald Isle Explorer 2018

    Interesting although sad to see the station now from when I was there back in 2003 & 2005 but I see the tradition of having a dumped wagon is being carried on although I don't think the goods yard tracks are connected now! The Drone is a good way of finding out the roof details. Ernie
  4. Irishswissernie

    IRM Fert Wagon

    This photo on my flickr site I took at North Wall bears out the only one pallet in the centre 2 bays. I also video'd various mixed Liners with around 4 ferts in the consists https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/5739848398/in/album-72157626638886303/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/5739849932/in/album-72157626638886303/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/5768010571/in/album-72157626825629406/ ERnie or even just 1!
  5. Irishswissernie

    First Look at the IRM Tara!

    I've got that DVD if its the Markle Tara & Clara one; very interesting! Does anyone know how they re-assemble the wagons after unloading (I managed to video the train arriving at the unloader and the loco running round back in 1905) The video shows the last wagon being unloaded and taken back to the front of the train but for the rest does the loco push the train in and after each wagon is unloaded and traversed to the mt siding does the loco then run out onto Alexandra Road and then then pull the wagon off the traverser with the rest of the mts. Ernie
  6. Irishswissernie


    The station overall roof and goods shed complex are now basically done and painted today which is why they have the "wet look" Its about 10 years since I have done any serious modelling but putting it on here is a great incentive to get on with it. A bit like 30 years ago when if I promised to build a layout for a Show then I just had to stick in and get it built. This often meant getting up at 6am and doing an hours modelling before going off to work but at least it got me out of walking the dogs/feeding the kids etc. Ernie
  7. Irishswissernie


    Hurray! Half term is over and the Missus has returned to school therefore work has resumed on the station buildings etc. The Goods shed will be portrayed as having been modernised with a canopy over a widened entrance. Were these rebuilt to form garages for road vehicles does anyone know? Ernie
  8. Irishswissernie

    First post

    You could also include the original route of the Fishguard & Rosslare Railway (originally Wexford & Waterford railway I think) south of Wexford which was superseded by the direct route towards Waterford from Rosslare Strand and didn't see much use afterwards closing about 5 years later. My brain hurts! ERnie
  9. Irishswissernie

    First post

    The links from the Burma Road , the Sligo, Leitrim & Northern Counties and the M&GWR Sligo line at Collooney/Ballysodare also formed a triangle, although I doubt if they were ever used as such. Ernie
  10. Irishswissernie

    First post

    Charleville, Limerick City, Moyasta (West Clare), Greenisland and nowadays Belfast GVS. Ernie
  11. Irishswissernie


    Well er! actually the Sundeala boards are grey to start with! ERnie
  12. Irishswissernie


    Some progress has been made. The station area track, laid and ballasted and the track painted. There has been some adjustment to the track plan. The run round for the bubbles has been lengthened so that a long former cattle bank can be created but now utilised as a Guinness compound and siding, whilst still be long enough for releasing the 'bubbles ' loco and odd wagons. The passing loop at the station has been shortened with a new connection to the running line and the former 'off scene' point now will serve a loco siding/stabling point. Basic shell of the station train shed has been built so that I can check the aesthetics. The sky backdrop has also been cut and glued onto the back boards as this is an almost impossible job once one starts on the scenics in front of it. Its half term next week and the Missus is off from school so little chance of getting anything done for a few days! Ernie
  13. Irishswissernie


    Sorry, I gave up on Exhibiting back in the late 1980's although I continued attending Shows but working on various friend's Trade stands for many years thereafter and also looked after a local model shop when the owners were doing shows, having holidays etc. I have a flickr album in Ernie's Railway Archive of some of the layouts. Thankfully not many photos were taken and those that were are mostly of the same quality as the layouts! hhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/albums/72157690426038844/page1 I have now reached my '3 score + 10' and being retired have discovered that I don't have any free time any more. Apparently this is a common problem! Ernie
  14. Irishswissernie


    Glengarriff is now up and running or at least the fiddle yards and continous run are working. I have tested various trains/formations and so far so good! A single 141 will handle 21 'bubbles' easily. Work has now started on the station trackwork with some modification to the track plan to provide a locomotive siding. Trackwork here will take longer to lay as I need to incorporate Gaugemaster ballast roll and also Wire & Tube to work the points. The ballast has to be cut and shaped to fit the points. Ernie
  15. Irishswissernie

    GNR Signal Box

    This isn't a GNR box; the GNR didn't serve Ballymena. The old Company was the Belfast & Northern Counties Railway which became the Midland Railway, Northern Counties Committee (NCC) after purchase by the English Midland Railway and then part of the LMS. This is the same style of Box at Derry, Waterside. This is more like the standard GNR box, the main difference being that the roof does not overhang as much and isn't shaped the same. Ernie

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