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  1. dieselnut

    Truck Cabs

    Hello Sean, Keil kraft do a Mercedes 2238 1/72 kit( very similar to the 1827) they also do a foden haul master not the 106 though I might have a Mercedes kit available if your interested send a pm.
  2. dieselnut

    Bus Eireann - Scania Irizar Model - Commissioned by Brian Collins Enterprises

    Hello Brian well done and best of look with the "like the car only better" bus ,Will be taking some when there done Eamon.
  3. dieselnut

    Jim Poots standard d

    Yes sorted thanks
  4. dieselnut

    Jim Poots standard d

    Hi does anyone have an update on the Jim Poots standard d class
  5. Hi Jonny,Thanks for that,Yes i see hattons now are taking pre orders for the Oxford D R Mcleod liveried one not a bad price either , white cab good idea would be a good option . I was also checking out the stobart one , but there postage seems to have changed a lot ,the last time i ordered i was charged £3.95 for two items , now they are looking for £22, and there seems to be only one postage option . i know royal mail prices went up but not by 500% . The few stobart ones ive seen on ebay previous went for mad money up to £102 plus postage. Regards, Eamon.
  6. Does anyone know will oxford ever reissue the stobart rail scania flatbed with HIAB (kimberly kate) in other liveries or plain white as they have done with others ,ive seen a few of these flatbed scanias with HIAB lately on roads here in ireland i think they would look great on a irish layout
  7. dieselnut

    corgi origional omnibus caetano CT650 Air Coach

    No price given just the 2014 listing
  8. dieselnut

    corgi origional omnibus caetano CT650 Air Coach

    Ops sorry about pic will be available with two Destinations Dublin express(om46409A) and Cork express(Om46409B)
  9. the new corgi Aircoach due december
  10. dieselnut

    Me Mate Paul's Layout

    hi just wondering is the foot bridge a dapol kit
  11. dieselnut

    Grange Castle's Vehicles

    They certainly look the business and the size is spot on
  12. dieselnut

    Grange Castle's Vehicles

    Hi grange,is this ambulance you are using , a corgi "toy" model
  13. dieselnut

    NIR/IE locos & coaches

    Hi PM SENT
  14. dieselnut

    Exclusive Bus Model - Only from Brian Collins Enterprises

    hi Brien, Glad to meet you too Brien ,the models are brilliant and are a credit to you ,Well done

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