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  1. Jim Poots standard d

    Hi does anyone have an update on the Jim Poots standard d class
  2. the new corgi Aircoach due december
  3. off the rails

    Saw this in the alive magazine , And it reads as follows, 'More than a dozen male train drivers in stockholm have been wearing skirts to work,to help them keep cool in the summer heat. One of the swedish drivers said that temperatures in the cab can reach 35C but the dress code bans drivers from wearing shorts. The official uniform allows skirts so bosses have accepted the men's decision "to say anything else would be descrimination" said one. He explained that the regulations aimed to have staff look presentable and tidy,adding that shorts looked "more casual"than a skirt. e
  4. jim poots/cultra

    Hi does anyone know is jim poots releasing any models at cultra in april ofthis year,
  5. Caf dvt

    Hi just wondering was there ever any models made of the CAF DVT or indeed the Mark 4 coaches , Eamon.

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