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  1. Thank you to all the traders & the public that attended the Collectables Toy Fair yesterday. Good to see some familiar faces & to catch up. The e-commerce part of http://www.briancollinsenterprises.ie is live with models from Oxford Diecast, Corgi & the commissioned bus models from Brian Collins Enterprises. The next show Brian Collins Enterprises will be attending is the Model Railway Exhibition in Wexford, Easter Sunday & Monday. Thank you
  2. The first of the 2017 Brian Collins Enterprises, Collectables Toy Fairs takes place this Sunday 19th March 2017. More details to follow later in the week. Thank you Brian Collins Enterprises http://www.briancollinsenterprises.ie
  3. Good Evening, you just never know what you might find at the Collectables Toy Fair next Sunday 9th October. Brian Collins Enterprises will have the SP111 Expressway model on sale, along with all the general release trucks, buses, car, van models etc Brian Collins Enterprises have in stock. Adrian Lemon & Derek Farrelly behind the one of a kind KD Class resin models will be in attendance. On the model railway front to mention a few, Sean Ryan with mainly N-Gauge, The Model Shop Portlaoise & Dave Bracken with Murphy models, you just never know what old Murphy models may turn up with Martin O' Hanlon & new to the show Martin Grey (Times Past Antiques and Collectables) with Backmann train sets. Peter Rochford & Gerry Murray with selection of various figures & Tony Gallagher, Dermot O' Toole, Kevin O' Leary & Noel Sharpe, with Old / Retro Toys. On the book front Irish Transport Books & Models - Diarmuid Byrne & Clifton Flewitt of various subjects & titles. A good selection of products on sale. Thank you Details of all traders scheduled for Sunday: Brian Collins Enterprises (Die-cast Models) Martin O' Hanlon (Die-cast & Railway Models) Irish Transport Books & Models - Dirmuid Byrne (Transport Books & Railway, Diecast Models) Tony Gallagher (Old / Retro Toys / Lego) Sean Ryan (Railway Models, mainly N-Gauge) Motorama Models (Die-cast Models) Peter Rochford (Star-Wars & other Figures) Noel Sharpe (Die-cast Models) M+M Models - Mark Tierney (WSI Die-cast Truck Models) David Jones (Die-cast Truck Models) Dave Bracken (Railway Models) Owen Kelly (Die-cast Car Models) Martin Grey - Times Past Antiques and Collectables (Backmann Train Sets & Figures) Pat O' Keefe (Handmade Soldier Figures) Dermot O' Toole (Old / Retro Toys) Kevin O' Leary (Old / Retro Toys) Derek Farrelly & Adrian Lemon (Bus Models, Resin KD Model) Gerry Murray (Figures, such as football players) The Model Shop - Seamus Graham (Railway & Diecast Models) Clifton Flewitt (Books of various interests)
  4. Thanks very much. It makes the countless hours put into the project worthwhile when it's well received by collectors.
  5. Thanks John, it was good to speak with you at the weekend.
  6. Good evening, SP111 model has being received. For those that have pre-ordered Brian Collins Enterprises will be attending the Model Railway Exhibition in Wexford this weekend. Thank you
  7. Good Evening All, details below of traders that will be attending the Collectables Toy Fair on Sunday 13th March @ the Carlton Hotel, near Dublin Airport. Hopefully I will have some news on SP111 model in the next few days. Brian Collins Enterprises (Die-cast Models) Collector Toys (Tekno Die-cast Truck Models) The Model Shop, Portlaoise (Railway & Diecast Models) Clifton Flewitt (Books & Railway Kits) Martin O' Hanlon (Die-cast & Railway Models) Irish Transport Books & Models / Diarmud Byrne (Transport Books & Railway Kit Models) Kev's Models (Die-cast Models) Myles O' Reilly (Diecast Models) Tony Gallagher (Old / Retro Toys / Lego) Sean Ryan (N Gauge Railway Models) Motorama Models (Die-cast Models) Declan O' Reilly (Dioramas) Noel Sharpe (Die-cast Models) Diecast Models 4 U (Die-cast Models) Woodcreations (Display Cases) Ken Mc Carroll (Die-cast Models / Memobrilla) Emerald Truck Models (WSI Die-cast Truck Models) Dave Bracken (Railway Models) John Timoney (Die-cast Models) M+M Models (WSI Die-cast Truck Models) Owen Kelly (Die-cast Car Models) Pat O' Keefe (Handmade Metal Soldiers) Dermot O' Toole (Old / Retro Toys) Kevin O' Leary (Old / Retro Toys) Frank Maguire (Car Memobrilla) Nigel Crofts-Green (Die-cast Models) Thank you
  8. Thank you BosKonay. Hopefully they will be delivered either later this week or the following week. So the wait it almost over :-)
  9. Good Evening, so next Sunday 13th March is the first of the 2016 Collectables Toy Fairs operated by Brian Collins Enterprises. A lot of work has being put into running these shows, from organising traders to attend, advertisements in Collectors Gazette, Irish Vintage Scene & the advert that I will be running in Friday's Herald paper. Good mix of products on sale, new & second hand locos, carriages etc, Die-cast models (Buses, Trucks, Cars etc) in various scales, figures, Car Memobrilla, books (new & second hand), old & retro toys, Lego & display cases. Thank you
  10. Thank you John-r, Weshty, craven1508, ttc0169 & horsetan for your comments. Weshty, I'm sure I have your on the pre-order list. They can of course be ordered from myself & will be available from selective other retailers. They have recently being shipped from the factory & once I have more information I will announce release date, retail price & details of the selective other retailers that the model will be available from also. A lot of work has gone into bring this model to the market. The livery is certainly very eye catching & great for Brian Collins Enterprises to have being granted permission from Bus Eireann to replicate the vehicle SP111 in model form in this livery.
  11. Attached are some pictures I received from Corgi of a produced model. I am awaiting an update on the shipping. Thank you, Brian
  12. Good Evening, progress on the pp sample is quite slow, but here's one of the images I recently received showing progress. Thank you
  13. Good evening, the packaging & limited edition pp samples together with the pp model sample, gives an idea of what to expect when released. Thank you
  14. Hello Horsetan. No stockist of my commissioned models outside of Ireland unfortunately. It will be available to pre-order from myself & selective other model stores in Ireland when released. More details will follow. Thank you
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