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  1. ciarang85

    eBay Watch

    Nice little model here https://www.ebay.ie/itm/irish-cie-k-class-locomotive/233092612565?hash=item36456701d5:g:2vsAAOSwHglcOzXs:rk:1:pf:0
  2. ciarang85

    141 Black

    Jim pm sent, thanks ciaran
  3. ciarang85

    eBay Watch

  4. ciarang85

    Murphy Models 201

    Model now sold, Thanks again to everyone who was interested CiarĂ¡n
  5. ciarang85

    Murphy Models 201

    Murphy Models 201 No. 220 River Blackwater Previously bought from a member on this site, never ran by myself or the previous owner. 120 euro including postage to anywhere in the Republic of Ireland. Any questions please ask Thanks!
  6. i'm going to try give the 181 drawing a go in my spare time at work, is the original drawing A1 size? as i would have to try print it to scale first!
  7. excellent drawings ye have put up there, would love to give a few of them a go in cad but the dimensions are very hard to read on some:(
  8. ciarang85

    First attempt - Dapol C34 Tanker

    Thanks very much for the reply:banana:
  9. ciarang85

    First attempt - Dapol C34 Tanker

    Hi Aramand, Can i ask you where did you get the IR transfers? Thanks

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